New Xiaomi Mi TV 4 65-Inch Features Leaks CONFIRMED

According to our secret agent, Xiaomi is currently working on a new TV named as Xiaomi Mi TV 4. They are so busy making of this smartphone that they didn’t notice some Xiaomi Mi TV 4 specification has been leaked like Xiaomi Mi TV 4 screen size or Xiaomi Mi TV 4 leaks. Be with TechkyUniverse to know some Xiaomi Mi TV 4 leaks.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4 Features Leaks CONFIRMED

Xiaomi Mi TV 4 Screen Size Leaks

According to few Xiaomi Mi TV 4 leaks given by our secret agent, the 4th generation of this tv can have a screen size of 65-inches.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4 Price Leaks

Xiaomi is planning to launch their brand new tv in China market at a price of 5,999 yuan (in Indian rupees it would be around Rs. 63,000). 63,000 is quite high for Xiaomi, they might launch it under 60,000 by considering their Indian customers.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4 Leaked Pictures

Here are few leaked pictures of Xiaomi Mi TV 4. We are not sure that the final product will look like these pictures but we can guess what this tv look like:

xiaomi mi tv 4 leaks

xiaomi mi tv 4 leaks

xiaomi mi tv 4 leaks

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