Why No One Can Lift Thor’s Hammer? 🔨 Avengers Infinity War Special ❤

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A long journey 🚶 of 10 years is now ready to meet its destination on 27 April 2018. It’s all started when A Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist suit up a red golden armor to kill few 10 rings members in Gulmira in 2008. He said right in Iron man 3 We Create Our Own Demons and see the MCU biggest demon is coming on 27 April. By the way, today’s article is on Why no one can lift Thor’s hammer. Be with TechkyUniverse to know why?

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So, basically, today in this article 📃 we will discuss Why no one can lift Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, Avengers Infinity war, where is Soul stone and much more things are going to clear today I swear.

Before We Go On “Why No One Can Lift Thor’s Hammer?” 😉

Before heading to the main topic, today I want to clarify, this is the not same person who writes articles daily, this is not a so-called engineer, this is not the admin of TechkyUniverse. This is only a Marvel fanboy who is dying to watch Avengers Infinity war 😍 from the moment when he saw a 2: 25-minute clip called Avengers Infinity War Official Trailer.

Why No One Can Lift Thor’s Hammer? 🔨

Avengers Infinity War is coming so this is the best time to reveal one of the greatest secrets 🤫 about Marvel’s Thor’s Hammer (Mjolnir). Have you ever thought why no can lift Thor’s Hammer expect Thor and Odin? You might say “because they aren’t worthy that’s why”! It’s absolutely right no doubt but what about Physics. Physics needs solid evidence let’s see what Physics thinks about Mjolnir.

Physics Says: 📢

If your school bag or office bag is of 4 to 5 Newton just because of Pradeep’s book or R.D Sharma or R.S. Aggarwal or H.C. Verma’s book 📕 then you need to apply pulling force more than 5 to lift that bag if you apply less pulling force like 2 or 3 or maybe 5N then you will not able to lift it. Now let’s know the main thing.

But Why?  🤔

Mjolnir has Gravitons particles. Now you will ask me What are Gravitons? Guys, Gravitons is actually a subatomic elementary particle which allows transferring force of gravity through it. Understood? No? Here comes with an example, we all know about Photons, Electrons, and Neutrons so like Photons carry and transfer electromagnetic radiation through it exactly same Gravitons does.

So, Mjolnir is basically a Gravitons emitter device who emits gravitons through it and change its weight according to the environment.

So, What Happened When Hulk 💪 tried to Lift Thor’s Hammer In The Avengers | Hawkeye 🏹, Tony Stark, War machine and Steve Rogers 🇺🇸 In Age Of Ultron and Loki in Thor movie?

So, when all of these superheroes applied lifting force (upward force) to lift Thor’s hammer then Mjolnir emits gravitons and produce the same amount of downward force to counter that upward force this is the reason our most powerful superhero Hulk and Hawkeye couldn’t lift it because it produced the same amount of gravitons to counter the upward force.

So, How Mjolnir Detect Anyone Worthiness? 🎓

Now, one question came to my mind how Mjolnir detect who is worthy and who is not? I think his handle works some kind of biometric sensor to scan anyone worthiness exactly same as our phone 📱 has Iris scanner and Fingerprint scanner. So when anyone tries to hold its handle it detects its worthiness by reading his/her brain waves, biometric genetic code or even his/her consciousness. Anything could happen after all it is made in Asgard.

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