What Is The Internet Of Things How It Works (IoT): Skynet Is Coming 💀

What Is The Internet Of Things How It Works (IoT): Skynet Is Coming 💀

I have a verrrrrry good news for you it’s so good that if I came in front of yours you will start hugging me 🤗 and give me a treat. That good news is you can finally say a happy goodbye to your “housemaid”. You can finally save yourself for his/her tantrums and can save lots of money or if you don’t have any housemaid in your home then it’s a perfect time to make your mother (including me) free from housework. Want to know how it possible? It would happen with the help of Internet of Things (IoT). Be with TechkyUniverse to know what is Internet Of Things.

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So, basically, today in this article 📃 we will discuss what is the internet of things, what is the internet of things how it works, IoT, how does internet of things works, internet of things example and much things are going to clear, I promise.

What Is The Internet Of Things (IoT)? 🤖 

Let’s understand what is the internet of things this way to understand it more easily, first, we will break this sentence into parts. “Internet” “Of” “Things”. Internet means Internet we use (for more information you can click on the link given above 👆) Of means you all know (it’s a grammar word) and Things means stuff/objects, you call objects near you ‘things’, right?. This thing is exactly same as of Internet of Things. So, it won’t be wrong if we describe what is the internet of things in one line as an independent communication between your Things with the help of internet to provide you a better life.

How Does Internet Of Things Works? 🔨

So, let’s start our journey to know how does Internet of things works without wasting a single second of yours. But before going to discuss it in deep, let me tell you that this technology hasn’t develope too well for normal people to give us seamless experience, we can barely see the Internet of Things working around us.  So, let’s imagine how it would work to give you a better life.

Without Internet Of Things in Your Life 

Let’s imagine a normal scene without IoT in your life:

  • Imagine you are going back home to home after your job 💼.
  • As you enter the home, you would turn on fan/A.C first.
  • Then you might heat up your food in the microwave and then you might turn on Television to watch your favorite thing daily on fix time let assume 9 O’clock.
  • Yould might clean your room too.
  • After eating, you might go for a walk on your bike.
  • It’s normal in daily routine, isn’t it? So, it was without IoT. Let’s see the what’s difference come in the same situation if you are surrounded by IoT.

With Internet Of Things in Your Life

Let’s imagine a normal scene with IoT in your life:

  • Imagine you have full access to Internet of Things and you are coming back to home after your job.
  • As you would be on your doorstep or just entering your house, your AC/fan would automatically get turn on.
  • Previously, you had to press microwave button to heat up your food but with the help of IoT, it will automatically heat your food and automatically shutdown itself.
  • At exactly 9 O’clock, your T.V would automatically turn on.
  • If you are rich and have a cleaning robot then without giving it any command 🗣, it will automatically clean your room.

How Does Internet Of Things Works? Ft. Secret Behind It

And so on and on but don’t worry it’s not a ghost, it’s Internet Of Things and this is how it works to give you a seamless experience and many you super doper Lazy. But these things wouldn’t work like that, they need a medium (a device) through which they can share their data with other things in your home with the help of internet. In a simple way, they will talk to each other.

Internet Of Things Example 😮

In current time, there are some gadgets which are a perfect example of Internet Of Things, here they are.

  • Google Homepod speakers and Amazon Echo speakers: If you have seen its unboxing and reviews on Youtube or if you use it then you must know that how it works. Just give a command to it and it will play music for you, shop for you, finds your phone and list goes on. That speaker is a device (thing), it is connected to the internet.
  • Fitbit and Apple Watch ⌚: They also come in the Internet of Things example, it tracks your footsteps and monitor your health and share this data with your phone (if you have the app installed in your phone) to monitor/track all your activity. I have also heard that if you are not feeling well Apple watch will send a message to your doctor/ambulance.
  • Automatic Lights: In some offices, these lights adjust its brightness according to the outdoor. They might use the internet and other sources to track outside brightness. There is plenty of Internet of Things examples in India as well as in the foreign country.

Just wait and watch, friends, we are not too far away from Skynet attack. 

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