What Is Chrome Incognito Mode? 🕵 More Than Just A Black Theme

Boring, not interested, useless topic, already know about it! 😒 You guys might think like that after reading the title but what if I say It’s not. I can understand your feelings because first I used to ignore it like our crush ignore us 😣. But when I studied about it (mistakenly), I stopped ignoring it and started using it and you might know everything about it or maybe you know more than me so if I do mistake anywhere or forget to mention anything, please correct it, it’s your blog, not mine by the way, today I’ll tell you why I thought I should tell you about what is chrome incognito mode and other browsers private mode. Being a little bit smarter than Sharma uncle’s Son is always good, isn’t it? 🕶 Stay with TechkyUniverse.

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So, basically, today in this article 📃 we will discuss, incognito mode, private mode, what is chrome incognito, google incognito mode, privacy mode, incognito mode android, incognito mode shortcut, incognito mode android history, incognito mode meaning and much more things are going to clear, I promise.

What Is Chrome Incognito Mode? 🕵

Let’s understand it like this. Everyone has two faces in this world including Google Chrome. We all know its first ‘white’ face because we widely use it so will talk about its ‘dark’ face known as chrome incognito mode. It’s all feature is almost same as white one. The only difference between them is Incognito mode doesn’t store your data in chrome when you close Google Chrome.

Incognito Mode Meaning 🤨

As I said in above paragraph that it doesn’t store your data when you close your Google Chome. Incognito Mode doesn’t record your data like:

  • Your search history
  • Website cookies
  • Protect you from unsecured sites by stopping tracking cookies
  • And give you a new dark theme.

Now, every single browser for every single device has this feature, Google calls it Incognito mode, Mozilla, Opera Mini, Safari and other browsers call it Privacy mode/ Private mode.

Private Mode Misconceptions 😯

If you are an old Incognito mode/private mode user then you must know that it just doesn’t store your data as I said above, it doesn’t keep your privacy safe like if you think you can search anything using privacy mode and no one can track you then you need to wake up, your ISP (your Internet Service Provider) can easily see what are you searching on Internet. I’ll say again, it doesn’t protect you online, Incognito mode is like your housemaid who cleans your stuff when you leave your room.

Incognito Mode: 👍 or 👎 ? 

If you ask me, I’ll say as a friend you should use incognito mode when you are searching for some important/serious things on the internet like:

  • You are shopping
  • You are using a Cybercafe
  • You are using a public Wi-Fi
  • You are doing online transactions
  • You are sharing a computer with your family
  • You are not sure about a website whether its safe or danger
  • and many more!!!

I’ll also recommend you to use a VPN (a good one). It will keep you safe online and your privacy too. Now you are smarter than Sharma Uncle’s son, believe me, and just be with TechkyUniverse, it will make you the smarter person.

Incognito Mode Shortcut 🏃

If you want to know incognito mode shortcut and want to open it as fast as possible then just press these keyboard buttons.

PlatformsIncognito Mode Shortcut
Windows, ChromeOS, LinuxPress Ctrl + Shift + N buttons to open
MacOSPress ⌘ + Shift + N buttons to open

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