What Is 5G Network? 🗼 5G Mobile! 5G India? Joke Of The Century

Let’s have 2 minutes of silence 😞 for those who are paying a huge amount of money but not getting true internet speed (including me). It happened with 3G, happening with 4G and I can bet it will happen with 5G too. Did you know the real 4G speed? it’s 150-300 Mbps and we are getting…..(we already know how much “high” speed we are getting now) and they are talking about 5G network, 5G mobile, 5G India and more and more and more. Let’s understand this joke of the century together 🤝.

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So, basically, today in this article 📃 we will discuss what is 5G, what is 5G network, 5G mobile 5G WiFi, 5G India, what is 5G technology, when will 5g be available, 5g launch date in India, 5g speed, 5g news and many of things are going to clear today I promise.

What Is 5G Network? 5⃣🇬

Let’s understand 5G network this way if you are a 90’s kid then Pokemon 🎱 must be your favorite cartoon. Let’s take Pichu. Pichu has 3 evolutions Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu. Pichu is small in size has low electric power and can’t do Thunderbolt but Pikachu can do it very easily and is stronger than Pichu but Raichu is way stronger, bigger, powerful than both of them in every perspective. Now replace Pichu to 3G, Pikachu to 4G and Raichu to 5G. I mean to say as things/human upgrades/evolves their capacity of doing works also increases and they even can do works in a better way. This is what 5G network. If I describe 5G network in one line then I’ll say it would be way faster, wider, and stronger 💪 network than the 4G network.

5G Specifications aka 5G Features ⚙

I really don’t want to talk about 5G specifications because whatever they say to us that never happens. That Airtel girl was saying “now you can download a full movie in few minutes, download the full album in few seconds with Airtel 4G and blah blah blah 😒” and see that didn’t happen. But it’s my duty that my friends have all information regarding latest technology. So, here we are we will discuss some 5G specifications that will come with 5G

  • Faster Internet Connection: We all know that whenever a new G comes it brings fast internet connection as compared to last G.
  • 100 Times Faster Downloading And Uploading Speed: 5G would bring  100 times faster speed than 4G. Rumors and some tests are saying that it will bring 20GBps speed along itself.
  • Higher Quality Video and Voice Calls: 5G network must have a high-frequency spectrum and stronger signal than 4G so you must feel a difference when you call someone.
  • More Stronger Signal: After 5G launch, I hope when I visit my village I won’t lose my signal.
  • Internet Of Things: As I said in my previous article about IoT that in future everything would be connected to the Internet. At current scenario, at a speed of 1 Mbps, it’s almost impossible to create an ecosystem that responds fast or do its work fast so we have to wait for 5G to enjoy a seamless experience Intenet Of Things.
  • Smart City: Smart cities need fast internet because at that time everything would be connected to the internet so we can image a smart city without 5G.

5G Speed In India 🚤

We live in India so we will talk about 5G India. In the US they are getting above 300-400mbps speed in the 4G spectrum. As I said above 5G highest speed would around 20 Gbps but we will get an average speed of 100 Mbps. Yeah, 100 Mbps that means you will see a number “100 Mbps” in UC browser or IDM or somewhere else where you download your stuff.

When Will 5G Be Available aka 5G Launch Date In India 🚀

My secret agents have reported to me that 5G could launch in the world next year (in last month of 2019) or in 2020. But for every normal customer like me, it could be available around 2025, don’t laugh let me explain:

  • We need new towers all over the world
  • We need that kind of devices that support 5G seamlessly
  • and other government stuff
  • This takes time and I’m sure it will take 3 to 4 years to reach our device. I could be wrong (don’t take me seriously)

5G Phones Or 5G WiFi 📡

Now, the biggest question arises, would our current phones/devices support 5G band. And the million question answer is (drum rolls please 🥁) NO. Your device will not support 5G band but before becoming sad, let’s think like this:

  • The 5G network still has time (like 2, 3 years)
  • And an average person changes their device in 2 or 3 years.
  • So, don’t worry you and relax.
  • This applies for our wifi too, maybe your provider offers any exchange offer.

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