Vodafone Net Balance Check 2018: Vodafone USSD Codes {4G Data Offer}

If you were searching for a method regarding Vodafone net balance check but couldn’t find out then welcome to our blog, here we will tell you how you can know about Vodafone net balance check by just dialing few Vodafone ussd codes.

Vodafone Net Balance Check Code Number 🌏 (2G/3G/4G)

Here in this article, we will tell you, how to check Vodafone balance by dialing Vodafone ussd codes, you can also know how to do Vodafone balance check and for that the only thing you have to do is just be with us.

Vodafone USSD Codes FunctionVodafone Ussd Codes
Vodafone Net Balance Check Code Number*199*2# and dial 2 to know Vodafone 3G/4G balance check or *111*2#
Vodafone Balance Check Number*199*2# or *111*2#
Vodafone 3G Balance Check Ussd Code*199*2# and dial 2 to know vodafone 3G balance check or *111*2#
Vodafone 2G Balance Check Ussd Code*199*2# and dial 2 to know vodafone 2G balance check
Vodafone 4G Internet Balance Check*199*2# and dial 2 to know vodafone 4G balance check or *111*2#
Vodafone Call Balance Check*145# or *199*2# or *111*2#
Vodafone Number Check Code*111*2# or *8888# or 164
Vodafone Net Offers Code*111*1#
Vodafone Balance Transfer Code*111*3#
Vodafone Loan Number Code*111*10# or 1241
Vodafone Customer Care Number India Toll Free111 or 9400024365
Vodafone Complaint Number198
Vodafone Night Pack Balance Check*123*8#
Vodafone SMS Balance Check Code*142# or *123*1#
Vodafone DNDCall  1909 for Vodafone dnd service number
Vodafone Best Offers Ussd Code*111*1#
Vodafone Value Added Services Check*121*4#
Vodafone Last 3 Call Details*111*2*3#
Vodafone Minute Check Code*199*2#
Vodafone Night Minutes Balance Check Code*123*8# or *147# or *111*2*5*2#
Vodafone Free Minutes Balance Check*199*2# or *148#
Vodafone 3G Activation Ussd CodeSend SMS ACT 3G to 144 (for prepaid) and Send SMS ACT 3G to 111 (for prepaid)
Vodafone Live Services*199#
Vodafone Free Facebook Access*199#
Vodafone apn Settings IndiaSMS VL to 52586
Vodafone Caller Tune Number Toll Free5525 or 54206090 or *111*3#
Vodafone Missed Call Alert Activation CodeSMS ACT MCI and send it to 111 (for prepaid)  SMS ACT MCI to 144 (for postpaid)
Vodafone SMS Pack Code*142# or *123*1#
Vodafone Port Number smsSMS PORT <space><your current mobile number> to 1900
Vodafone Night Balance Check*123*8#
Vodafone Special Offer Code*145#
Vodafone Alerts*123#

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