How to Genuinely Fix 🛠 “There Was A Problem Resetting Your PC” Error ⚠ In Your PC 🖥, Laptop FEB | 2019

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“If there is a will there is a way” I hope all of the mine friends will have heard about this rhymes 🎶 in childhood. So why suddenly I’m saying like that? The reason why I’m saying is In our life we always face problems, it may be Personal or Professional. My proper intention is that we always have a way 😃 to solve our problem but the smallest thing we need it just a guidance. So that’s why I’m again here to give you guidance on a problem related to your PC 🖥. So stay connected with me to know more about it.

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So today we will fix 🛠 a major and most common problem we face mostly and that is “There was a problem resetting your PC 🖥”. Let’s solve this problem together.

Why 🤔 do We see This Error In Our PC?

So why we see this error on our PC 🖥! I’ll tell you in the simplest way. This is related to booting. Generally, booting issue is resolved by Windows using its automatic repairing tool. It’s a tool so sometimes it gets misbehave and doesn’t work properly, that’s why sometimes it get fail the work it does . I will not tell you in details because this isn’t what we are here for, we are here because we want to solve this problem.

How Can We Fix 🛠 This Error in PC?

So basically there are two methods to solve this problem. I’ll tell you both methods here, so choose and implement carefully according to your convenience.

  • By Command Prompt
  • By Win-Recovery Method

Computer tricks

Before going to the main post, Dominic Toretto has some cool tricks that will help you to give some extra help 🤝 regarding this post, I mean let’s have some information regarding this post like more cool kinds of stuff for PC users, so if you love to use PC and the internet then you must read these post to some extra fun having your PC:

So just implement these method segment to enjoy a seamless experience of PC. All the Best 😊

(2 methods) How to Genuinely Fix 🛠 “There Was A Problem Resetting Your PC” Error ⚠ In Your PC, Laptop 2017

Now, let’s start the journey 🛩 to fix this error without wasting too much time 🕡 of yours. I will tell about these methods one by one.

Fix This Error by Using Command Prompt Method:

First, we will discuss the most popular method, now let’s solve this error by command prompt. The smallest thing you have to do 😉 is just simply follow my instructions and get rid out of this problem.

  • The first step is going to PC Settings App 👉 Update and Recovery 👉 Recovery option and then select Restart option to boot into the Advanced startup.
  • Next step is to click on Troubleshoot 👉 Advanced options.
  • Now open 🔓 Command Prompt as shown in picture

  • Now select your account or Administrator 👤 account
  • Next, you have to fill credential as per asked in this process
  •  Now type these following commands in the command prompt, I am providing to you below and press ENTER key 🎹

cd %windir%\system32\config

ren system system.001

ren software software.001

  • Now close the command prompt window, it will redirect you to “Windows recovery environment screen”. Now select Continue option after that you will see operating system (OS)
  • Final step 👣 is just to restart your PC and you will see the magic that that error has gone permanently.
  • Enjoy guys

Fix This Error ⚠️ by Win-Recovery Method:

Now we will discuss this method, you can also use this method to remove that error from your PC, the thing you have to do is just follow carefully these methods and see the magic.

Requirements for this Method:

  • You will need an ISO image of your current window because we will create 🖊 custom recovery image
  • That’s it 😉

Let’s Go:

  • First of all open My Computer 👉 Local Disk (C:) and create a new folder and name it as Win-Recovery.
  • Now open ISO file and search for install.wim named file and copy it
  • Paste the file 📁 in Win-Recovery folder which you have created now
  • Now open command prompt and type REAGENTC /INFO. You will see that recovery location is missing.

  • Now type 🎹 this command in command prompt to set your own custom recovery path

reagentc /SetOSImage /Path C:\WIN-Recovery\install.wim /Index 1

  • Now you have to recheck the updated location by using “REAGENTC /INFO.” command.
  • Now if it shows new updated location then restart your PC 🖥
  • That’s it guys, finally, you have successfully solved this problem permanently 😃

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