2018 🕵 (Telenor USSD Codes): 📃How to Check 3G & 4G (Main) Balance🌏, Data Net Usage | Packs, Plans, Offers

2018 🕵 (Telenor USSD Codes): 📃How to Check 3G & 4G (Main) Balance🌏, Data Net Usage | Packs, Plans, Offers

According to my experience (which was, is and will be full of problems 🤣 and 80:20 ratio of sadness and happiness ) but I’m still smiling and you all my friends also try to be happy in any situation. Now where were we? Let me read 📖 from starting, yes! I got it. I was saying that Telenor (first known as Uninor) is the cheapest network ever I have ever seen or listen but its not too much popular in India. It is famous in U.P. and Bihar state.

So its obvious that it has few users 👥 too and one of them is now reading now my article. So buddy if you are looking for some ussd codes of Telenor/Uninor to check talktime or data balance then you are at right place. Be with me to know more about it.

With the help of Telenor ussd codes, you can able to Telenor Balance Check, Telenor net balance Check, Telenor Internet Data offers check, Telenor loan number ussd codes, Telenor recharge codes and much more.

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Just search 🔎 your desire ussd codes in the whole list and enjoy the cool services of Telenor. I update these ussd codes almost every week by contacting to Telenor customer care directly so you can bookmark this page to stay updated. Just like if you want to check the main Balance of internet then you don’t need to go to nearest retailer shop . With the help of these Telenor USSD Codes you can able to check Telenor Balance check. You can even check Telenor Net balance check also. You don’t have to worry about it.

Just bookmark 📑 this post because with the help of bookmark you can able to use this page instantly and get your most working ussd codes of Telenor. Isn’t cool is that? I know you might get bore and think Why I am giving this long lecture to you. Well because I am telling the ways to save your time and the time 🕛 is the very important thing in this world. That’s why you should know before bookmarking it. Now, there are many New users out there. Who don’t about What USSD Codes is?

What are USSD Codes?

I will tell you this in simple language, Let me tell you its full form first USSD:- “Unstructured Supplementary Service Data”. It is just a full form if don’t understand it then ignore it. A USSD Codes will help you to get information about your phone’s balance, with the help of USSD codes you can able to use lots of services that are provided by your Network Operator 🗼. Isn’t that hard to get? It is very easy to understand.

Need of Telenor USSD Codes 📃:

With the help of these USSD Codes, you can easily find 🔎 all the balance related information without calling to customer care. Now, Telenor is increasing the list of its own USSD Codes to provide more cool offers and you can subscribe those offers without calling to customer care.

List of ALL Telenor USSD Codes 📃 (Telenor Main Balance 📞 Check)

Each USSD Codes of Telenor are different from each other and they work differently. So, I had categorized them with a specific use 🎮. At last, all you need to do is just search your desired section and find your USSD codes. Because there are more than 50 USSD Codes. so I ‘ve just categorized them in such manner so it will save your time to find 🔎 out your desired USSD Codes.

(In 30 Sec.) Simplest Way 👌 to Telenor Balance Check:

We are family 👥 and we always want good for our family at any cost or any situation because we love ❤ and care for each other! We also a family now so I have to think good for you any cost, that’s why I’m adding this segment here because I want to see you satisfied 😊 for what you are looking. Without stretching too much I’m going to tell you the easiest way to know 😉:

I’m helping you, right? So I also deserve some credits 😅! Download this app and enter “2ZNQZGUM” in the referal code option to give both of us (yes! you and me both will get Rs. 10 as talktime) a tip of Rs. 10… (That’s  little bit I deserve! Isn’t it?)

  • Your Number
  • Your Talktime and Data Balance
  • You will get balance of Rs. 10 instantly
  • Just install this app to know your number, balance and much more secrets are waiting for you.
  • Just Open True Balance App (On Home screen you will see your Internet and talktime balance)
  • Now click on 3 horizontal lines that are on upper left side and click on your network name
  • Next step is, go to SIM Settings option
  • Final step is to click on first option called “Phone number” to know your number.

Telenor Balance Check ✨ Tricks:

Before going to main post, Dominic Toretto has some cool tricks that will help you to save your priceless time ⏳ because “Time is Money”. This topic will help you to know few basic facilities of Telenor like:

  • Last Data usage
  • Data Balance with Validity
  • Main Account Balance
  • Any Active Service Notification
  • Cool Telenor Offers

Just open your Telenor Data 🌏 for a very short time period (only for 3 seconds) and close the data immediately or Call anyone for a very short time period, um.. (only for 3 seconds) and cut the call immediately to know all these facilities.


Download Telenor android app to know:

  • My number
  • Best offers for you
  • Data balance
  • Voice call balance and much more….

Daily Use of Telenor USSD Codes (Telenor Balance Check) 📃

So, why we are here or why this topic is so important? Actually this post I mean ” List of Telenor USSD” is a lengthy post, it has thousands of words and hundred of Telenor USSD codes, if you start searching your desired Telenor codes then you would waste your priceless time that’s why I thought 💭 lets make a separate topic mainly focused on Daily use or mostly ussd codes in our life. So here is the list of mainly or mostly used Telenor ussd codes. Enjoy

Telenor USSD Codes FunctionTelenor USSD Codes
Telenor Balance Check Ussd codes (Talktime Balance)*121*1*1#
Telenor balance and validity check ussd codes*222*2#
Telenor best offer check ussd codes*234#
Telenor Number Check (Own Number) ussd codes*222*4#
Telenor customer care number121
Telenor customer care complaint number198
Telenor VAS service activate number777

Officially Verified 🕵 Telenor/Uninor USSD Codes 📃 2G, 3G & 4G Net 🌏 Balance Check 📝| Packs, Plans, Data

 Telenor USSD Codes Function Telenor USSD Codes
 Telenor Balance Check Ussd codes (Talktime Balance) *121*1*1#
 Telenor balance and validity check ussd codes *222*2#
 Telenor Number Check (Own Number) ussd codes *222*4#
 Telenor best offer check ussd codes *234#
 Telenor voucher recharge ussd codes *123*<16 digit voucher no.>#
 Telenor caller tune activation number Dial on 777 or 121 (toll free)
 Telenor caller tune deactivation number Dial on 777 or 121 (toll free)
 Telenor Do not Disturb activation number SMS START to 1909
 Telenor Do not Disturb deactivation number SMS STOP to 1909
Telenor internet balance, traffic plans check ussd code Dial 50001 or 121 (toll free)
 Telenor talktime  balance check ussd codes *121*1*1# or *121#
 Telenor VAS deactivate services ussd code  Dial 155223 (toll free) or SMS STOP to 155223
 Telenor VAS activate services ussd codeDial 777
 Telenor customer care number Dial 121
 Telenor customer care complaint number 198
 Telenor talktime loan ussd codes *141#
 For the Best offers specially for you 
 Telenor activate missed call alert ussd code *505#
 Telenor deactivate missed call alert ussd code *506#
Telenor Do not Disturb activation numberSMS START to 1909

TechkyUniverse Words 💬:

So those were the Telenor ussd codes for almost every operation you want to do or I mean you want to know 🤔the services of Telenor. Look 👀 guys nowadays competition are very high 🔺 between these telecom companies  (you know what I mean?) that’s why these companies are adding or removing ussd codes services very quickly 🏃 to keep their customers to them! If you are not getting your desired ussd codes or if any ussd code is not working then please immediately comment in comment box so that I can update it as soon as possible or if you got your desired ussd code and its working then please appreciate that, It will make us happy and we will do more hard work to keep you guys satisfied. ALWAYS REMEMBER FRIENDS 😃

We Are One Big Happy Family ❤

Good Bye, Take Care Guys 😊!

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  1. To Whomsoever Concerned,
    Yesterday between 7-30pm ad 8pm ,I got my Telenor balance of Rs349 recharged and got a 4G SIM.
    To my surprise today when I checked the balance info,i could see that the balance was only Rs17-50.
    I need help from the Telenor Service Providing Company,for which I shall be grateful.
    I had recharged the balance of of Rs450,at TELENOR STORE,KAMISETTY ARCADE NEAR WOODLANDS KURNOOL.
    Thanks and Regards,
    N.MUBEEN ALI. (8886264757)

    1. Good evening, dear. Thanks for visiting TechkyUniverse’s telenor ussd codes article. Buddy, we are not real telenor customer care officers, if you want to talk to them then please call telenor customer care on “121” (from Telenor number) or “9059090590” and follow internet settings option to talk to them and ask solution regarding to your problem.
      I hope it will help, take care

  2. Sim Card name nanda avinash barje telenor number 7058732107 i was last telenor date is 11 may 2018 and 2G data pack 115 rs charge daily 1 GB internet use of 28 days but last two days data service display pramotional data and no internet working and daily massage today data expire please recharge and most important talktime my amount balance evry internet serffing what is this u r product process work this i am shock telenor is good for 2G supporter but i think u r show u r begger view i complent telecom brodcasting also airtel service is u r problem speed or other cusumer want service not process i was charge 28 days and u r say 18 days to expire and no view internet

    1. Good evening, dear. Thanks for visiting TechkyUniverse’s telenor ussd codes article. Buddy, we are not real telenor customer care officers, if you want to talk to them then please call telenor customer care on “121” (from Telenor number) or “9059090590” and follow internet settings option to talk to them and ask solution regarding to your problem.
      I hope it will help, take care

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