Telenor Net Balance Check Number: Internet Data Usage 3G 4G

According to my experience (which was, is and will be full of problems 🤣 and 80:20 ratio of sadness and happiness 😜) but I’m still smiling and you all my friends also try to be happy in any situation. Now where were we? Let me read from starting, yes! I got it. I was saying that Telenor (first known as Uninor) is the cheapest network ever I have ever seen 👀 or listen 👂 but its not too much popular in India. It is famous in U.P. and Bihar state. So its obvious that it has few users too and one of them is now reading now my article. So buddy if you are looking for some ussd codes of Telenor/Uninor to check talktime or data balance then you are at right place. Be with me to know more about it.

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So today I’ll tell you the following methods through which you can find 🔎 your talktime and data balance exists now in your network. Telenor balance check ussd codes, will help you services like Telenor net balance check, Telenor talk time balance check, Telenor sms balance check, Telenor data usage, Telenor 3g balance check, Telenor 4g balance check and much more.

Telenor ✨ Tricks:

Before going to main post, Dominic Toretto has some cool tricks that will help you to save your priceless time ⏳ because “Time is Money”. This topic will help you to know few basic facilities of Telenor/Uninor like:

Just implement all these links 🔗 while using Telenor service to enjoy a seamless experience of Telenor/Uninor. All the Best 😊. 

2017 Telenor Balance Check Ussd Codes (Know Main Talktime 📞 & Data Net Balance)

So lets start to know how can you know talktime and data balance in Telenor without wasting a single second 🕙 of yours.

Method 1 👆 to Know (Check) Talktime and Data Balance in Telenor/Uninor:

We are family 👥 and we always want good for our family at any cost or any situation because we love ❤️ and care for each other! We also a family now so I have to think good for you any cost, that’s why I’m adding this segment here because I want to see you satisfied with what you are looking. Without stretching too much I’m going to tell you the easiest way to know:

I’m helping you, right? So I also deserve some credits! Download this app and enter “2ZNQZGUM” in the referral code option to give me a tip of Rs. 10… (That’s  little bit I deserve! Isn’t it?)

  • Your Number
  • Your Talktime and Data Balance
  • You will get balance of Rs. 10 instantly
  • Just install this app to know your number, balance and much more secrets are waiting for you.
  • Just Open True Balance App (On Home screen you will see your Internet and talktime balance)
  • Now click on 3 horizontal lines that are on upper left side and click on your network name
  • Next step is, go to SIM Settings option
  • Final step is to click 🖱 on first option called “Phone number” to know your number.

Method 2 to Know (Check 📝) Talktime and Data 🌏 Balance in Telenor/Uninor:

Download My Telenor android app to know your talktime and data balance instantly but you will not get Rs. 10 in this app after installing it like True balance is giving above but you can definitely get to know your talktime and data balance. Click on blue 🔵 button is given below to download My Telenor App.

Method 3 to Know (Check) Talktime and Data Balance in Telenor/Uninor:

The creator of this method is Dominic Toretto 🕶, so if you want to appreciate that, you can say some good lines in comment box 📮, believe me my dearest friends appreciation from your side is almost everything ❤️ for us (Me and Dhruvhat). So lets discuss this method to know how can you get to know about your talktime and data balance in your network without being worried too much. Just follow my instructions carefully to implement it.

Just open your Telenor Data for a very short time period (only for 3 seconds 🕛) and close the data immediately or Call anyone for a very short time period ⏳, um.. (only for 3 seconds) and cut the call immediately to know all these facilities.

Method 4 to Know (Check) Talktime 📞 and Data 🌏 Balance in Telenor/Uninor:

Now we will discuss the most and commonly used methods to find out talktime and data balance in Telenor. The smallest and most easiest thing you have to do is for us (You + Dhruvhat + Dominic Toretto 👥👤) is that just dial these ussd codes in your mobile phone dial pad to know your talktime and data balance. (Now few of my friends would be thinking 💭 that why I’m mentioning this method at last which is too easy to implement ? Because my dearest friends I want you to spend time with us 😄 (Dhruvhat + Dominic Toretto) and try different things too like True Balance and learn something new.)

To Know Telenor Talktime Balance Check:

Just dial *121*1*1# from your mobile phone to know Talktime balance in Telenor

I just checked this ussd code 📃 to know that it’s working or not and guess what! What I got? You will be amazed to know that Admin of TechkyUniverse has soooo much amount of balance 😜. See this picture below to know. (Privacy buddies Privacy 😂)

To Know Telenor Data 🌏 Balance Check:

Just dial *222*2# or *121*1*1# from your mobile phone to know Data balance in Telenor

I again checked to ensure that this ussd code 📃 is running or not and guess what? My data balance is also null. How could this possible 😜.

I hope you got what, you are looking 👀 for! But please don’t do like me, you must have few talktime and data balance on your mobile phone because my friends, we don’t know our future that’s why I made this post today and if you don’t have enough balance then you don’t need to be worried because you are a family member 👥 of Techkyuniverse so if you ran out of your balance then simply go my How to Take Talktime and Data Loan in all networks post.

TechkyUniverse Words 💬:

So those were the Telenor ussd codes and methods to find out talktime and data balance. Look 👀 guys nowadays competition are very high between these telecom companies  (you know what I mean?) that’s why these companies are adding or removing ussd codes services very quickly 🏃 to keep their customers to them! If you are not getting your desired ussd codes or if any ussd code is not working then please immediately comment in comment box so that I can update it as soon as possible or if you got your desired ussd code and its working then please appreciate that, It will make us happy and we will do more hard work to keep you guys satisfied. ALWAYS REMEMBER FRIENDS 😃

We Are One Big Happy Family ❤️

Good bye, Take Care Guys 😊!

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