Tata Docomo Is Shutting Down 🤕: Everything You Should Know 2017

Tata Docomo Is Shutting Down 🤕: Everything You Should Know 2017

Finally, we got the first victim 🤕 in networking area who is shutting the shutter of its shop permanently and the one and only reason behind it is none other than Jio sir. Understood? No? Okay, let me come to the straight point. Tata Docomo is shutting down for permanently. Yes, you read it right, want to know more about it, TechkyUniverse is a perfect place for it.

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Tata Docomo News (Shutting Down  ☠)

I have seriously a bad news for all of my Tata Docomo users, I got some flying news 🗞 that Tata Docomo is shutting its services for permanently. Tata Docomo can shut down their mobile services at the end of this year. Now, its October, so within 2 or 3 months tata docomo is going to die.

Tata Docomo Shutting Down Reason 🤔

Tata docomo is a part of our life since 2008 (9 years) and suddenly we are hearing that it is shutting down permanently. So, what’s the real reason behind it? Who is behind it? What made Tata docomo to shut down their business? Guys, the answer to these 3 question is that Docomo was facing losses since 2013 and after the launch of JIO it get some boost. Actually, since when Jio has been launched 🚀, rest of networking companies have come in trouble, they are losing their customers and Tata Docomo is one of them. (If you think that I’m in favor of Tata docomo and against Jio, then my friends please don’t think this, I’m just trying to tell what’s happening in Tech world that exist on Earth and today I made a recharge of Rs. 509 for 2 GB per day for 56 days in Jio).

Jio Effect 😯

Let’s see the reason that made tata docomo to shut down its shutter for forever.

  • After launching of Jio, every telecom company started losing their customers including Tata docomo, the main difference is they have customers in millions but docomo hasn’t.
  • They are paying the same amount of money in spreading spectrum but continuously failing to earn revenue that’s why they are still giving 3G services ⚙.
  • They had 42.09 million users in July month that is continuously decreasing.
  • They had a loss of 4, 617 crores in this financial year.

Tata Docomo Shutting Down, 5000 Employees To Lose Their Jobs

Tata docomo is shutting down as all we know that but the question arises what about tata docomo employees? Sources are saying that if Tata docomo closes then it will affect more than 5101 employees (as per annual report) of Tata docomo. There is a danger of losing their jobs. Kris Lakshmikanth (chairman of search firm Headhunters India) told that we are giving a time till 31st March to their employees that if they want to leave now, they can, we will give salary for the remaining months of this financial year.

Tata Docomo Shutting Down Solution ✅

Now, what to do if you are a Tata docomo user, don’t worry friends, I have a solution for it. See mainly you might be using its number and its broadband service. So the best solution of it is Porting. Yes, simply port your number to another telecom companies 🏭 like Aitel, Vodafone, Jio, Idea, BSNL or others. But personally saying as being your friend, give a try to Jio, they are still cheapest 4G network in India.

Airtel Will Buy Tata Docomo

Finally, a relief 😌 come to all Tata Docomo users, Airtel is going to buy Tata Docomo teleservices, if Airtel buys Tata Docomo then it will add 30 million customers to its team. Now it would be interesting to see:

  • Would our balance be deducted or not
  • What about numbers
  • or many more things
  • As I will get something more about it, I’ll update it here.

Now a smile is a must on Tata Docomo users.

Simply choose next best telecom company and get information on how you can port in or our from it. All the best.

R.I.P Tata Docomo ❤️

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45 thoughts on “Tata Docomo Is Shutting Down 🤕: Everything You Should Know 2017

  1. But I love tata docomo I really miss u always because I m using docomo from my first phone…I have no any choice to use another company sim but this tym jio is a need now I m start using jio but I dont lyk reliance or jio……..love u Tata Be Indian

  2. Sir I am also user of Tata DoCoMo since 2007. It is a best service provider . But sorry to know that it is going to close there service. There is problem with walky connection (landline) phone there should be landline porting facility also. Only Tata and bsnl is landline provider. TRI should look out for the same.

    1. Good afternoon buddy, don’t call me sir, I”m just 21. Brother, I’m surprised to know that you are using it since 2007 (more than 10 years). Buddy, there are also many landline providers, try them. I know no one can replace Tata Docomo but we have to move on.
      Always take care of yourself and keep smiling ❤️️

  3. Am using Tata Docomo Last Five Years .But got the news yesterday is shutting down ,really fill very bad. Thousand of employee would be loss their Job. I knew what is the pain if you have lost ur job. Miss u Docomo Docomo..

    1. Good evening buddy, yeah it’s a very heartbreaking news for us. I still remember their funny ads that I used to see in childhood. More than 5000 employees will lose their jobs but I’m sure they will get money from Tata and also searching for job in another company.
      R.I.P Tata Docomo ❤️️

  4. Its not jio effect. Tata is in trouble since 2013. Docomo left the joint venture after continuous losses. No company is interested to buy tata bcz it has 30000 crore of debts.

    1. Good evening brother, thank you so much for sharing your precious information with us, I didn’t know that they are in trouble since 2013. Buddy, I don’t mean that Jio is one and only reason for shutting down docomo, I mean that because of Jio, Docomo also starts losing its customers like other companies.
      Always take care of yourself and keep smiling ❤️️

  5. I started using docomo from 2008 . It was too good , i always felt proud using as the name tata .and also used tata cdma too from 2006. Feels bad its closing now.love u tata docomo

    1. Good morning, like you I also feel sad for Tata Docomo, after all, it was one of the best network for Indians but in this competitive world if you don’t fight you will lose that’s what Docomo did.
      R.I.P Tata Docomo ❤️️

  6. Which is the Last Date.i mean closing Date.one of my family member is in other state nd he will come by November month.so for him porting can be done in November month only.
    Plz give us official Date of closing Sir

    1. Good evening buddy, thanks for sharing your query with us. Buddy, actually, the date of shutting down of Tata Docomo is not confirmed but it will be no more between us until December. Brother, if he is another state then he can follow the port method, he doesn’t need to come hometown. SImply say him that “porting is a 2 minute of stuff, and he can do from there too”. You can also read porting articles, it will help you a lot.
      Always take care of yourself and keep smiling and if you still having any problem don’t forget to contact us, we are available 24/7 ❤️️

  7. I didnt pay the bill of Docomo since last 3 months,I’m planning to pay the bill and to take that same number for me ?
    Will that be possible ???
    In case if noo !
    What’s the option to get the same number for me from any other network ???

  8. I didnt pay the bill of Docomo since last 3 months,I’m planning to pay the bill and to take that same number for me ? Will that be possible ??? In case if noo ! What’s the option to get the same number for me from any other network ???

    1. Good evening Naveen, my friend name is Naveen too (he is quite healthy). Actually, brother, it is possible, simply pay your entire bill to them and get your number as soon as possible because docomo is going off air for forever. Just do it and get your number back and port it in another number, there are plenty of options.
      Always take care of yourself and keep smiling, we will miss Docomo ❤️️

  9. Have been using Docomo since 8 years . I had best network coverage and tariff plans were also better compared to other services, it’s sad that Docomo is shutting down its services.
    Never had any inconvenience/ issues with this service thank you Docomo for that.
    Hope that Tata comes up with better plan and be back with telecom services in the future and will be waiting for that…

    1. Good morning Chetan bhai, yes you are right, many Docomo users affected by this and feeling sad. I also want that any company buys this and Docomo keeps making their customer happy.
      R.I.P Tata Docomo ❤️️

  10. How they can shut it. They promise us for lifetime validity. It should be hand over to other company. Any body can file a case for shut it.

    1. Good morning Amit, they are continuously going in loss that’s why they are shutting down for forever. let’s see what we are going to see in future. It will be great if any company buy docomo.
      R.I.P Tata Docomo ❤️️

  11. Its so sad. Will miss docomo… am with docomo since 2008… at that time they revolutionised telecom by bringing second pulse… all other companies charging heavily on both call rate and data pack but later entry of beloved docomo game totally changed. Anyway now jio doing some nasty game, am saying so because they have pure hidden agenda. For sure shutting of small subscriber companies like docomo is one of them. I am okay if this so great said jio give you these offers later when big or other offer giving competitors quit the market, but no, they just want somewhere monopoly, only few heavy companies like airtel may stay in field, but all those big companies are useless because all will start to charge heavily once jio start to charge more- to mitigate loss revenue during these period and for sure jio will start to rise price after specific monopolic target… whatever the point is…i will miss my docomo…its very very sad 🙁

    1. Good morning buddy, I totally agree with your words and somewhere I’ll also miss docomo, I’m not a docomo user but I used to see its funny ads when I was in 8th,9th standard. We can’t do anything in this expect being sad, buddy if you are using this network please port into another network before the rush start. All the best.
      Always take care of yourself and R.I.P Tata Docomo ❤️️

    1. 😱Hey, from where did you get too much balance? Buddy, hey, you have to utilize it before December or after that, it will be no worth. They are still in loss and do you think they will pay to refund their customers. So, as soon as possible utilize it. Just call anyone or make data recharges from your main balance. Best of luck.
      Always take care of yourself and keep smiling ❤️️

    1. Good morning buddy, Tata Docomo is leaving now so you must be prepared for it. You must try another network like Telenor, Reliance BSNL or Idea because they are best for villages. Start their trial as soon as possible and if you are on docomo then please port it to another network. Best of luck.
      Always take care of yourself and keep smiling ❤️️

  12. Ye likhne vala jio ka aadmi hai aur aisa bolke ye tata docomo ke aur grahak kam karna chah raha hai… jab band hoga company tab dekhenge samja na…

    1. 😂😂😂 Good morning buddy, thank you so much for sharing your feelings with us. Actually, I’m not a jio guy, I’m a jio user and my intention it to make my friends aware of latest tech news happening in India. I just said that Docomo is shutting down so port your number to another network. Thanks for commenting us.
      Always take care of yourself and keep smiling brother and this movie was a hit or flop? ❤️️

    1. Good morning Ravi, actually you can’t transfer one operator balance to another operator, you can only transfer your balance in the same operator so as soon as possible use that balance like you can talk to anyone or make data recharges from main balance. All the best.
      Always take care of yourself and keep smiling, R.I.P Tata Docomo ❤️️

    1. Good Afternoon brother, I’m sorry for not replying you instantly. Buddy, I exactly don’t know the last date but nearly in December, Docomo will be no more between us. So if you are a Tata Docomo user and you have no problem in going to Airtel then be in this network or you can also port it to another network.
      Always take care of yourself and keep smiling ❤️️

  13. Since the launch of Tata docomo we have the connection until now 4 sim,Data packs where affordable,But now they are providing 1gb for 153 suddenly rate hike and reduced GB Also now *123# no not showing offers They are in a huge crisis than we assume still service mail I’d is active Now it’s time to choose a network and port if we get a declaration soon we can port Thanks to Tata teleservices will miss.

    1. Good afternoon buddy thank you so much for sharing your feelings with us, yes you are right, Tata Docomo is in trouble since 2013 this is the reason they increase their charges, if you want to be in Airtel then be in same network or if you want to choose different network then please port your number before it get rush.
      Always take care of yourself and keep smiling ❤️️

  14. Hello Sir, do we anticipate the existing mobile number to change if Airtel is taking over tata’s customer or the number will remain same.


    1. Good afternoon dear, thanks for sharing your queries with us. See we all know that Tata Docomo is shutting down till December and Airtel is going to buy Tata Docomo so if you are a Tata Docomo user (of course you are) then you will be a part of Airtel when it buys Docomo. If you don’t want to be a part of Airtel or you want another network operator then port your number before it gets too late.
      Always take care of yourself and keep smiling ❤️️

    1. Good afternoon brother, there is a confusion now, we all know that Tata Docomo is going to shutting down but we all also know that Airtel is going to buy it so the question arises now, will Airtel allow us to use our talktime and data balance after going to Airtel? Buddy, if you want to go to Airtel then you need to wait for some time till any official announcement took place or if you want to go another network then use all your talktime balance by doing too much talk or by recharging your data through main balance, if you still have some doubts please comment us.
      Stay with TechkyUniverse to know more genuine Tata Docomo news R.I.P Tata Docomo ❤️️

    1. Good evening brother, It’s official that Airtel is going to get all Docomo customers in few months, so if you don’t want to be a part of Airtel you can port to any other network but you should do it quickly before the rush.
      All the best, take care ❤️️

  15. Tata docomo going to merge with airtel. If i want airtel network after closed down, should i ineed to proceed the MNP?? Or the network will automatically convert in airtel?

    1. Good evening buddy, actually there is not an official announcement from Airtel and Docomo about porting but if we assume, you might port to Airtel but we should wait for official announcement. Brother, please wait till I get any information about it as I will get I’ll update here.
      Always take care of yourself and keep smiling ❤️️

  16. Tata Docomo has a good Recharge plan and Top up plan as well as full talktime. A good service Tata Docomo was. we will miss it.

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