How to 🤔 Upload/Set DP or Any Other Photo 🖼 (Full Size) on Facebook Without Cropping JAN | 2019

I clicked an awesome pic 🖼 or any other pic I want to upload on Facebook to impress few girls 😉 and make some cool swag in front of my friends 😎. But I feel very sad when some portion of that pic gets cut while passing it from Facebook crop process. Can I get any magic ✨ trick from which I can bypass this cropping method and directly post on Facebook (I was thinking like this before knowing this method? So stay with me without going anywhere to know more about this.

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So let’s start our journey 🛩 to know more deeply about how to upload or set your photo on Facebook without cropping.

Why 🤔 We Need This Method?

As I said if we want to set a picture 🖼 on Facebook but according to the Facebook policy we need to crop our picture first to a fixed resolution given by Facebook. If our picture is of more resolution then sometimes our hands ✋ or head or beautiful scenery that’s why we need this method badly.

How to 😲 Rid of from this Problem?

A few days back while searching on Internet 🌏 I come to know about a software which helps us to upload full-size picture on Facebook. So let’s discuss this software below.

Mobile Phone ✨ Tricks:

Before going to the main post, Dominic Toretto has some cool 😎 tricks that will help you to give some extra help 🤝 regarding this post, I mean let’s have some information regarding this post like how to get higher internet speed and other Facebook tricks:

So just implement these method segment to enjoy a seamless experience of Facebook 🌏. All the Best 😊

How to Upload/Set DP or Any Other Photo 🖼 (Full Size) on Facebook Without Cropping 2017

So let’s jump to the main post 📃 without wasting too much time of yours.

Procedure to do:

  • First of all download and install SquareDroid App from given button 🔲

  • Now open the app, after opening the SquareDroid app, you will see 👀 four options like:


  • Now choose your desired option in app like “Square Profile Photo” to customize your photo 🖼
  • After picking your desired photo, you will see 👀 options like:

  • Do according to your interest 😊 like choose Colour option to add some color in your photo or choose Blur option to add blur graphics in your photo 🖼. I like Blur option so I have chosen blur option to set my photo.
  • After setting ⚙ your desired option, you will see a Done option on right corner of the app. Click on it.

As I said I’m a huge fan of Fast and Furious ❤️ Franchise and my nick name is Dominic Toretto

  • After that you will see Save option on down side at 5th place

  • Next step is something like this as shown in figure 🖼, if you want to change something here then you can do or just directly click on “Save Photo” option to save

  •  That’s it guys! Now you set it on Facebook without cutting your photo. All the best

An Example 😃 Without Using SqaureDroid App

Original Picture 😍:

After Cropping 😰: 

After Using SquareDroid App 😍:

TechkyUniverse Words 💬:

So guys, I successfully made a post on “How to Upload/Set DP or Any Other Photo on Facebook Without Cropping”. I have first searched 🔎 on the web about it and finally, the result is front of yours. I don’t think you will face any problem regarding this post while understanding or implementing BUT if you are facing any problem regarding this post just feel free to comment in comment box 📮. I’ll be back to you as soon as possible with working and satisfying answer 😊. ALWAYS REMEMBER FRIENDS 😃

We Are One Big Happy Family ❤️

Goodbye, Take Care Guys 😊!

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