(Without PC) How to Root All YU Smartphones (Yureka, Yunique, Yunicorn Series)

(Without PC) How to Root All YU Smartphones (Yureka, Yunique, Yunicorn Series)

Are you planning to root your YU smartphone? “think again”! Why i am saying like that because rooting your smartphone has its own pros and cons. If you still want to root your smartphone then i am providing you whole tutorial about rooting. In this post i will help you to let under all consequences about rooting. Just stay with me.

What is Rooting?

Before we begin, we should know what rooting is? Actually rooting is a process of  that allows you to access deeply your smartphone function. Like any software isn’t installing in your smartphone but you need that software badly in this case if your smartphone is rooted , you can easily install that software in your smartphone. Its like a jail breaker for your smartphone. Now lets talk about pros and cons of rooting.

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Pros of rooting your smartphone:

  • You can unlock hidden features of your smartphone and able to install Incompatible apps
  • You can uninstall pre-installed apps easily
  • You can block ads in any free running apps or games
  • You can increase or boost your smartphone battery life
  • You can easily update your android version (Lollipop to Nougat)
  • You can also boost your smartphone performance (no more lagging or hanging)

Cons of rooting your smartphone:

  • Your smartphone can be dead permanently (highly chances)
  • No more warranty for your smartphone even if your smartphone is under warranty
  • Viruses or harmful malware can easily harm your smartphone

Here is the list of the YU Smartphones that can be root:

These are the list of YU smartphones that an be rooted by KingoRoot app, if your handset name is not listed in this list then it doesn’t mean that your YU handset can’t be rooted, I am  updating this post daily and few smartphones are getting add in my list daily, so you don’t need to worry just follow these steps to check it out whether your handset can be root or not just give it a try because it is totally free of cost.

  • Yu Yunique Plus
  • Yu Yureka S
  • Yu Yunicorn
  • Yu Yureka Note
  • Yu Yutopia
  • Yu Yunique
  • Yu Yuphoria
  • Yu  Yureka Plus
  • Yu Yureka

(Without PC) How to Root All YU Smartphones (Yureka, Yunique, Yunicorn Series)

Rooting your smartphone can be done by two methods:

  • With the help of apps (like kingoRoot apk)
  • With manual method

Method 1: Root your smartphone with the help of KingoRoot (without PC)

KingoRoot is one of the best root maker app using nowadays. Its user interface is very neat and clean and easily under stable. i highly recommend you to use this app for rooting your smartphone.

Requirements before starting root your smartphone:

  • Battery level should be above 50%
  • Internet connection must be ON
  • KingoRoot must be installed in your smartphone

Here we go:

  • First download KingoRoot on your Android

  • Install and launch KingoRoot.
  • Press “One Click Root” on the main interface.

  • Wait a few seconds until the result appear.

  • Try a few more times for different rooting methods if failed.
  • That’s it, You are done.

Just install this software in your YU smartphone and follow my steps if you like my work then share it with friends who also want to root their smartphones but they don’t know how to do it or if you are facing any problem regarding to this post or any other post of TU then please write down it in comment box, i shall be back to you soon with appropriate answer.

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