2017 Reliance Jio 📡DTH: Everything You Need To Know 🤔 (Set Top Box), Launching Date 📅, Price 💰, Plans 🕶, Welcome Offer 🎁

2017 Reliance Jio 📡DTH: Everything You Need To Know 🤔 (Set Top Box), Launching Date 📅, Price 💰, Plans 🕶, Welcome Offer 🎁

R.I.P Airtel Dish, Videocon d2h, Tata Sky, Dish Tv . Jio is coming with its new product to rule on Dish world. Why the hell I’m saying like that ? If you are thinking 💭 like this, have some patience I’m going to clear all your doubts. We all are the living proof of that Jio sim scenario that happened recently. All the rival telecom companies got almost cry because of Jio step. That’s why I said R.I.P all DTH (Direct to Home) companies because Jio is launching its own Dish 📡 this year. Curious ? and want to know more about that? Don’t worry my buddies I’ll give you a brief and all information regarding Jio dish service ⚙.

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Today in this post I’ll tell you about Reliance Jio DTH 📡 (Set Top Box), Launching Date 📅, Price, Plans, Welcome Offer.

2017 Everything You Need To Know 🤔 About Reliance Jio DTH 📡 (Set Top Box), Launching Date, Price, Plans, Welcome Offer

So lets start start our post to know everything we need to know about Reliance Jio DTH without wasting a single seconds of yours.

First Thing First:

Almost all of my friends would be thinking right now that when it will launch and for how much time I will get it for free ? So let me clear guys:

Launch Date 📅 of Reliance Jio DTH:

According to sources and new leaks Jio can launch its set up box or DTH in month of July 2017 but its still does not show any sign to launch its set up box. Let see when It will launch this.

What About Pricing 💰:

Jio can follow the same strategy of Jio sim in launching of Jio DTH 📡, I mean to say, they can launch their DTH service absolutely free for 3 month (90 days) under Welcome offer as they had done with Jio sim. So be ready to enjoy the free services of Jio DTH but they can charge for set up box and dish for installation charge too.

Photos 🌅 of Jio DTH:

Jio dish service is now under testing period, employees are testing 🔧 it so some photos came put in public, wait I’m showing you, now make a space for it in your living room or anywhere in your home 🤣. Its Free!!!


Stuffs 🎒 You Get In a Box:

Now I’ll tell give you the list 📃 of following stuffs that you will get when you buy Jio DTH.

  • Jio DTH set up box (Main Box)
  • One Remote Control
  • One Dish 📡
  • Wires for connecting them all to each other
  • And User manual (boring 😴)

About  Reliance Jio DTH Channels 📺:

Jio set up box will provide more than 400 channels that will contain 350+ normal channels, 50+ HD and UHD or 4K channels. Finally I saved bunches of money !!!

Specifications ⚙ of Reliance Jio DTH:

Jio DTH SpecificationsDetails
HDMI supportYes
4K Recording UHDYes
Operating systemAndroid Tv
Google Chrome castingYes
TechnologyLive TV
DC adapterYes (12v/1.5 A)
LAN cableAbove CAT 5E
HDMI cableYes
Remote ControlIt will comes with infrared and Bluetooth technology
Audio outputS/PDIF Optical audio output

Monthly Pricing 💰 or Plans of Reliance Jio DTH:

According to sources and leaks Jio can offer their services as cheap as possible to their customers and the pricing revealed is around Rs. 180-200 per month if we compare to rest of DTH companies then they charge us normally Rs. 300 per month (the basic plan). Let me give you an example, I use Videocon D2H service and I pay Rs. 280 per month for a basic pack without any ads on channels. Bye Bye Videocon DTH

Good News 🗞:

Here coming a very good news for English show lovers!️ Jio is planning to bring Netflix and other other popular US channels to Jio Set Up Box. I swear if Jio did this, it would be just AWESOME. Few shows like Flash, Game of Royal Position and many more. Hurraaayyyyy!!!!! 

How Will Reliance Jio DTH Work 🤔?

Jio DTH is coming with Fiber wire (rumors) so it might work little bit different from the rest of DTH operators or your currently DTH operator. So lets see 👀 how will it work! According to sources and leaks (AGAIN), we must be using JioTv on our mobile phone with Jio SIM (that means you must have a Jio sim card). We can also be able to use Jio DTH using an Android setup box or Apple setup box to steam any v show on our TV. The setup box is containing a port for Jio broadband connection that means you can watch any 4K videos without a single seconds of buffering with a speed of 1 GBPS. WOW!!!

Few Reliance Jio DTH 📡 Information:

Jio DTH Related InformationDetails (Rumors)
Jio DTH launch dateJuly 2017 (Let see when they announce)
Jio DTH monthly pack (Basic)Stating from Rs. 180
Jio DTH whole Setup pricingAlmost  Rs. 1800 or less than it
Jio DTH starting priceIt may come free for 90 days as a trial like Jio sim

Reliance Jio DTH Plans Information 📃:

Jio might come with few different plans for according to customer needs, few I’m mentioning below.

  • Jio DTH my plans (Customers can choose channels according to their taste)
  • Jio DTH Basic Home Pack
  • Jio DTH Platinum Pack
  • Jio DTH Gold Pack
  • Jio DTH Silver Pack

Reliance Jio DTH Plans 📃:

I’m hearing few plans that are going very viral nowadays so I thought it might be real so I’m giving you a list of them below.

Jio DTH Pack NamePrice (Rumors)
Jio Normal packRs. 49- Rs. 55
Jio all Sports channels (in HD)Rs. 60- Rs. 69
Jio Value Prime channelsRs. 120- Rs. 150
Jio Kids channelsRs. 188- Rs. 190
Jio My family packRs. 200- Rs. 250
Jio My planRs. 50 –  Rs. 54
Jio My sportsRs. 159 – Rs. 169
Jio Big Ultra packRs. 199 – Rs. 220
Jio Metro packRs. 199 – Rs. 250
Jio DhoomRs. 99 – Rs. 109

Reliance Jio DTH South Indian 🏋 Plans:

Jio DTH Pack NamePrice (Rumors)
Jio South Indian value packRs. 120 – Rs. 130
Jio South Maximum packRs. 134 – Rs. 145
Jio My Sports packRs. 145 – Rs.150
Jio Mega packRs. 199 – Rs. 299
Jio South Ultra packRs. 199 – Rs. 250

Dominic Toretto Opinion:

If Jio is providing it for free for 3 months as a trial like they did with Jio sim then buddies 👥 don’t think twice and just wait 🕛 for it as Mr. Mukesh Ambani will announce 📢 the release date for Jio DTH, just jump and grab it and don’t forget to carry food and energy booster drinks because they will help you to stand in queue  for countless hours 🤣.

Dominic Toretto and Dhruvhat are ready to grab it, are you ? If yes then tell us in comment box 📮. It would be a great fun to know that how much of my friends are excited about it..

Last But not The Least:

Now if you are interested in Jio DTH 📡 and waiting for the launch date then buddy be connected with TechkyUniverse because as something new comes in action I’ll tell you about it here in this post 📃.

TechkyUniverse Words 💬:

So guys, I successfully made a post on “Everything You Need To Know About Reliance Jio DTH 📡 (Set Top Box), Launching Date , Price , Plans 🕶, Welcome Offer  “. I have first searched 🔎 on the web about it and finally, the result is front of yours. I don’t think  you will face any problem regarding this post while understanding or implementing BUT if you are facing any problem regarding this post just feel free to comment in comment box. I’ll be back to you as soon as possible with working and satisfying answer . ALWAYS REMEMBER FRIENDS

We Are One Big Happy Family ❤️

Goodbye, Take Care Guys 😊!

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