Jio Caller Tune Number🎶: Listen Whatever You Want

Jio Caller Tune Number🎶: Listen Whatever You Want

Today I am goind to tell you how you can use Jio caller Tune for free on your Smartphone. Jio! These 3 words just changed my life completely and I hope it would have given an impact on your life too. Are you still using Jio or already switched to your old network , if you are still using Jio then please tell me in comment box 📮 that “How is the service of Jio in your area”, “what’s the speed you are receiving in downloading” and “which plan you are using currently now ?” If you ask  me then my answer will be “it’s okay with me, its voice  service is worst in my area but data is quite good and I’m using 2GB per day plan”.

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So, basically, today in this post, we will discuss Jio caller tune, jio ringtone, jio caller tune song list, best song for caller tune, jio caller tune number, jio caller tune apps, jio caller tune deactivate and much more things.

Jio Ringtone

You can almost set any bollywood song for jio ringtone, all your favorite songs can be set for jio ringtone.

For (Jio Caller Tune) We Need Stuffs 🎒

We need to do some preparations before implementing this method. I personally tested on my device 📱 and I would like to share with my besties. Let’s check out the kinds of stuff we need.

  • A big smile 😃 on your face
  •  Your song 🎶 name in your mind
  • A prime member-owned and recharged Jio sim
  • That’s it.

Set Jio Caller Tune (Jio Caller Tune Song List)

To set jio caller tune you have to follow a pattern to select jio caller tune song list from millions of songs. Didn’t understand? That’s why I’m here to clear your each and every doubt regarding to jio caller tune. Just follow my instructions given below.

  • If you want to make a song 🎶 as a jio caller tune from a Movie then follow this step:

SMS MOVIE <movie name> and send it to 56789

  • If you want to make a song as a jio caller tune from an Album 📀 then follow this step:

SMS ALBUM <album name > and send it to 56789

  • If you want to make a song as a jio caller tune of a specific Singer 🎤 then follow this step:

SMS SINGER <singer name> and send it to 56789

(Jio Caller Tune) 🎶: Listen Whatever You Want

So let’s start our journey 🛩 to know how to set or activate caller tune in Jio without wasting a single second 🕗 of yours.

(Jio Ringtone) Method 1 For Jio Caller Tune:

  • First of all, open your message ✉ app.
  • Now type an SMS like MOVIE HATE STORY 3 and send it to 56789

  • After that choose your favorite song like I chosen 5 option Kaise kahu Wajah Tum Ho song 🎶 and send it.

  • Now reply with 1 All callers and send it again.

  • Now you will receive a new message ✉️ from Jio.

  • Open it and reply with Y  and you will receive a mail and message of confirmation.

  • That’s it guys, now enjoy caller tune 🎶 service on your Jio for 30 days without paying a single penny 💰.

(Jio Ringtone) Method 2 to Activate Jio Caller Tune:

You can add any your favorite ⭐ song as Jio caller tune by using the second method, want to know how its work? Read the following methods and make any song  your Jio caller tune.

  • First step 👣 is you have to download Jio Music app from the given link.
  • Now sign in to the music app.
  • Next step is just open your favorite ⭐ music and you will see an option called “Set as JioTune”.

  • Just click on it and you are done.

(Jio Caller Tune Deactivate) ❌

Now after activating jio caller tune, you are feeling that its alloying 😤 for some reasons and I can’t tolerate it anymore than just follow these steps to jio caller tune deactivate in your mobile phone.

  • Open your message ✉️ app.
  • Now send an SMS STOP to 56789

  • Finally, for Jio caller tune deactivate confirm your deactivation by replying with 1.

  • You are done now, guys. Now you know well, how to set jio caller tune, Enjoy 😉.

Now, at least smile, guys, a small one will be awesome for us. We spent some time 🕝 for this article. If this article is helpful for you, you can share with your friends so that they can also read this article in future when they need it and believe me helping our loved friend is one of the best feeling in world. You are lucky if your childhood friend is still your friend like me. You already have met him.

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