2017 🕵 Reliance Jio USSD Codes (4G Prime) 📃: How to Check Balance🌏, Data Net Usage | Packs, Plans, Offers

2017 🕵 Reliance Jio USSD Codes (4G Prime) 📃: How to Check Balance🌏, Data Net Usage | Packs, Plans, Offers

Reliance Jio Ussd codes Net Balance Check Prime Membership Plans (2017)

Jio! These 3 words(✌️+☝️)  just changed my life completely and I hope it would have given an impact on your life too. Are you still using Jio or already switched to your old network 🗼, if you are still using Jio then please tell me in comment box 📮 that “How is the service of Jio in your area”, “what’s the speed you are receiving in downloading” and “which plan you are using currently now ?” If you ask 🗣 me then my answer will be “it’s okay with me, its voice 📞 service is worst in my area but data is quite good and I’m using 2GB per day plan”. 

With the help of Reliance Jio Ussd Codes, you can able to get lots of Jio account details like Jio Balance Check, Jio Net balance check, Jio Packs, Jio Plans, Jio Main Balance Check Code and Much more.

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Now, everyone has 1 Jio SIM and everyone is enjoying this free service by Reliance Jio. Due to its free usage, many people started downloading lots of things and it overloads the internet tower so that internet speed gradually slow down in your smartphone. The main question arises what will be the ussd codes for reliance jio? Well, I have some of the Reliance Jio Ussd codes, with the help of these ussd codes you can able to check internet balance.

(In 30 Sec.) Simplest Way 👌 to Check Jio Balance (Internet):

We are family 👥 and we always want good for our family at any cost or any situation because we love ❤️️ and care for each other! We also a family now so I have to think good for you any cost, that’s why I’m adding this segment here because I want to see you satisfied 😊 for what you are looking. Without stretching too much I’m going to tell you the easiest way to know 😉:

I’m helping you, right? So I also deserve some credits 😅! Download this app and enter “2ZNQZGUM” in the referal code option to give me a tip of Rs. 10… (Itna toh hakk bandta hai yaaro 😁)

  • Your Number
  • Your Talktime and Data Balance
  • You will get balance of Rs. 10 instantly
  • Just install this app to know your number, balance and much more secrets are waiting for you.
  • Just Open True Balance App (On Home screen you will see your Internet and talktime balance)
  • Now click on 3 horizontal lines that are on upper left side and click on your network name
  • Next step is, go to SIM Settings option
  • Final step is to click on first option called “Phone number” to know your number.

Reliance Jio USSD Codes (4G) (Net Balance Check) (2017)

Download MyJio App to Know Everything without Jio Ussd Codes:


Reliance Jio Balance Check Ussd codes*333#
Reliance Jio 4G Data usage ussd codesSms MBAL to 55333
Reliance Jio Number Check Ussd codes*1# or Check in Myjio App
Reliance Jio Prepaid balance Check Ussd codesSms BAL to 199
Reliance Jio Bill Check Ussd codesSms Bill to 199
Reliance Jio 4G Activation Ussd codesCall 1925 or SMS START 1925
Reliance Jio internet balance checkmyJio App or track from built-in tracker.
Reliance Jio Current Tariff Plan Check ussd codesSms MY PLAN to 199
Reliance Jio Main Balance Check*333*1*1*1#
Reliance Jio internet balance check*333*1*3#
Reliance Jio SMS balance check*367*2#
Reliance Jio local Call Minutes check*367*2#
Reliance Jio VAS service check*333*1*4*1#
Reliance Missed Call Alert*333*3*2*1#
Reliance Jio Caller Tune Ussd Code*333*3*1*1#
Reliance Jio Deactivate Caller Tune*333*3*1*2#
Reliance Special Recharge ussd code*789#

How to Check Reliance Jio 4G Internet Balance (Reliance Jio Ussd Codes)

  • There is special ussd code to check balance in Reliance Jio 4G. Make sure your smartphone supports Volte. Dial this Ussd Code: *333#
  • As Reliance Jio internet is free so it doesn’t have ussd code to check data or internet balance. By the way, you can keep the track record with myJio app or built in android tracker.
  • Reliance Jio Check your main balance by sending SMS: MBAL to 55333

(Reliance Jio Ussd codes) How to Check or Know Own Mobile (Phone) Number in Reliance Jio (2017)

If your phone doesn’t support volte then you can also able to find out your phone number. However, some of the users have volte and they still get the error like connection problem or invalid MMI code.

You might lose your reliance jio card where the phone number is written. Then how can you able to find out your reliance Jio phone number? Well, do not worry about it, I have some technique to find out your reliance Jio phone number. All you need to do is just follow my technique, which is pretty simple.

  • If you don’t have myJio app then install it.
  • Open it, After that
  • Manage your Account, it will automatically sign in.
  • At the top of Myjio you will get your reliance jio phone number.

(Reliance Jio Ussd codes) How to Activate or Deactivate Caller Tune in Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio is offering Free 30 Days caller tune for your smartphone. It is very cool if you want to surprise your friends with an amazing song.

Sms MOVIE to 56789. After that, you have to select songs and then follow the instruction which is in the message.

However, it will then charge you money after 30 days, so it’s better to send SMS to STOP to 56789.

(Official Jio Prime Plans) of Reliance Jio 2017

Everyone was worried thinking about💭 .what will be the next step of Jio after Happy New Year Offer. Would this service be free of cost or I have to pay some amount of cash to use its service if I pay for the service then how much it cos? That’s why Mr. Mukesh Ambani made a big announcement yesterday📢 Bit and fixed all the queries.

What Mr. Mukesh Ambani announced:

After having 100 million of happy and satisfied (almost😅😂) Jio users 👥 Mr. Mukesh Ambani announced “Jio Prime” service that will apply from 1st of April 2017.

What is Prime Membership Plans service?

Jio Prime service is the next step taken by Reliance industry for Reliance Jio after the Happy New Year Offer But here is the catch this service is not free at all. You have to pay for it! Shocked 😲 ? Me too!!😂. It will apply after the end of Happy New Year Offer and that is 31st March 2017. That means it will apply from 1st of April 20117.

How To Apply for Jio Prime Membership Plans Service?

After hearing about this news every single jio user might start thinking 💭 “how I can apply for it”. Calm down guys that’s what I am telling you right now.

  • You can apply/enroll for Jio Prime service from next month i.e. 1st March to 31st March 2017, by going to your nearest Reliance Digital Store 🏪, jio.com or myJio app.
  • The users have to pay a registration fee of Rs. 99 (one time) only to become a Jio Prime service member.
  • After that user has to pay an amount of Rs. 303 per month (for 12 months) to use this service.
  • Jio Prime Membership service is valid upto 1 year (from 1st April 2017 to 31 March 2018).

What or How Much I Will Get from Reliance Jio Prime Membership Plans?

According to yesterday’s event:

  • Voice calls 📞 will be free all over India until 31st March 2018. (Yesssss!!!!!)😄
  • Messaging will also be free for 12 months. (Good!)😃
  • Most important how much data I will get, according to sources you will get 1GB 4G data per day. (Not Bad)😀
  • After the usage of 1GB 4G data speed will be deducted to 128 kbps.

It looks like Jio Prime service is almost same as Happy New Year Offer.

So this is what Reliance Jio Prime Service. Now the main point arises, Should I take this service or throw this Jio Sim after 31st March.

Here I am giving my genuine point to this Jio Prime Membership Plans:

Overall it’s not too bad plan for paying Rs. 303 per month for being Jio user. I’m not promoting Jio Prime service.😅😂 I have my own reasons behind it and that is I’m going to tell you.

  • I will get unlimited voice calls 📞.
  • I will get unlimited Messaging service.
  • I will get 1GB of 4G data.
  • After 1GB, I can still use Jio data service at speed of 128 kbps.
  • I will be a member of all its Jio apps.

Have a Nice Day!

Now, you have got what you were looking for. It’s time to share it with every jio users in India as it will help them to get Reliance Jio ussd codes.

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