(Think🤔 Again) Going to Buy Jio Mobile Phone: Features, Pros✅ and Cons❌ of Jio Phone FEB | 2019

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Hiii 👋 friends as you all know that Jio has launched its lowest or should I say India’s lowest 4G mobile phone. You would be all agree with me that unlike Jio sim this Jio mobile phone is getting mix reviews, someone wants that mobile phone 📱 by knowing it will be free after 3 years (but we know what’s the real reason behind it). Stay connected with me to know the more interesting thing about Jio mobile phone.

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So today I’ll tell 🗣 you few things if you are going to buy jio 4G mobile phone like its pros and cons (good thing and bad things).

Few Fresh News 🗞 Regarding To Jio Phone :

Jio just announced few important things if you are going to buy jio phone, the interested person read this segment carefully and non- interested person 👤 can directly go to Pros and cons of Jio mobile phone.

  • You can book jio phone from its official website and and apps and for that you can go directly by clicking below 👇 blue buttons.


  • You need to submit your phone number if you are placing order.
  • No aadhar card 💳 is needed for booking Jio mobile phone.
  • You have to give Rs. 500 while booking as security money and when you go to receive jio phone next month then you need to give rest of Rs. 1000.
  • Jio mobile phone booking is going to open on 24 August 2017 at 5:30 p.m 🕠.

Jio 4G Mobile Phone Features 👀:

After getting knowledge regarding jio phone time to discuss its features (officially announced). Have a look at this friends.

Jio Phone Features:

  • Compact Design
  • Display Size – 6.09 cm (2.4 inches)
  • Battery and Charger
  • SD card slot
  • Alphanumeric Keypad
  • 4 Way Navigation
  • Headphone Jack
  • Torchlight
  • FM Radio
  • Ringtones
  • Camera (Rear and back)
  • Microphone and Speaker
  • Call History
  • Phone Contact

Some Extra (WOW 😲) Features:

Jio Assistant

Right heard or read. Jio mobile phone has also an assistant like Google Assistant, Apple Siri or Microsoft Cortana. You can do some work by just speaking here are few options below you can do with the help of Jio mobile phone assistant.

  • You can call 📞 anyone by just saying Call “name of that person”.
  • You can also send an SMS to anyone, just say SMS “name of that person”.
  • Play your favorite songs without touching your phone simply say Play “name of the song”.
  • Watching movie online is simpler now just order to Jio assistant Show “name of the movie”.
  • Forget to search 🔎 anything on the internet by typing, you can search anything on the web just say “your question”.

Not bad! A phone that comes is totally free (hehehe) now follow your orders.

Choose Your Regional Language

This feature is not new but its quite shocking that in Jio 4G mobile phone you have an option to choose your regional language from a long variety of more than 22 languages including English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bangla and much more.

List 📃 of Pre Loaded Jio Apps:

As the heading suggested, Jio 4G mobile phone will come with many preloaded apps few will be of Jio and few of will be from other sources. Look at the list.

  • MyJio app- To monitor your jio accounts like data, SMS and calls.
  • JioMusic app- Listen to thousands of music on your mobile phone without downloading
  • JioCinema app- What is the need of a TV to watch your favorite movies use Jio Cinema app and watch anywhere and anytime your favorite shows.
  • JioTV app- Again what is the need of a TV to watch your favorite ❤️ series or shows use Jio TV app and watch anywhere and anytime your favorite shows.
  • JioXpressNews app- Save paper save the world save the earth and save money! You can do that if you use JioXpressNews app. This app has almost every news 🗞 and magazine content.

Watch Your Shows On Big Screen 🖥 

Problem solved ! If you ignoring this phone by just thinking that it has only 6 cm of screen then don’t worry guys Jio will do anything to attract more customers. That’s why Jio has this feature according to this features you can show anything on your TV. Jio will provide a cable 🔌 through which you can connect your phone to tv and can enjoy your shows on TV and the amazing fact is that it will support all type of TV (Plasma, LED, LCD and Box one too).

Pros ✅ of Jio 4G Mobile Phone:

Now let’s talk about its pros that are making a lot of buzz now.

  • Jio 4G phone is almost free
  • This mobile phone is VoLTE enabled and NFC.
  • Unlimited calling (no roaming), SMS and data.
  • You can watch shows on TV by connecting your jio mobile phone to TV.

Cons ❌ of Jio 4G Mobile Phone:

Now its time to share few but major cons of mobile phone that could give you a second thought to buy it or not.

  • Jio is saying that its free but if you think deeply it is 50-50. If you successfully used this mobile phone without making any damage to it then your money 💰 would be refundable but if it gets even scratch on the screen then friends forget your money.
  • You can exchange jio mobile phone after 3 years. Imagine you didn’t like this phone then keep it in your home for 3 years. It’s a very lonnnnnnnnnng time 😪.
  • Jio 4G phone has only 1 sim slot. You can’t use 2 sim in this phone.
  • It will only accept Jio sim (it is also not confirmed that you can use your current sim or not because they are providing a separate jio sim)
  • According to sources, it has not Hotspot facility.
  • Again to sources, it has only one plan Rs. 153 in that plan you will get unlimited calling, 500 mb per day (quite costly) and unlimited sms ✉️.

So I leave this on you, if you want to buy a Jio mobile phone then you can check our post “How to book jio phone” or if have changed your mind after reading 📖 then congratulations you saved your money.

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