5 Best 👌 Notepad 🗒 Tricks (Codes & Hacks) 2018

Notepad 🗒 Tricks (2017)

Notepad is an amazing software by Microsoft. It is inbuilt in windows, it has lots of functions to do. Well, if you know some of the programming languages then you can able to make programs and then save it in Notepad.

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It is great tool for any developer. We can also able to use this notepad as fun with the help of some notepad tricks. I will give you some sort of Batch programming or vbs scripts, all you need to do is just save that with specific extension. After that you can able to do some cool stuff with those notepad tricks.

If you know batch and some other programming languages then it will be really fun because then you can able to customize that code according to your need or you can make your new type of notepad tricks.

There are some of the Mac users who don’t know about Notepad. Let me tell you what is Notepad?

What is Notepad 🗒?

A Notepad is text editor in windows, it allows you to add custom text and save it. You can also able to add some of the programming codes in notepad and those codes will do the work for you.

Best 👌 Notepad 🗒 Tricks (Codes & Hacks) (2017)

I am going to share some of the most popular notepad tricks. With the help of these notepad tricks, you can able to see some of the amazing things on your computer.

#1. Shut Down Computer Using Notepad Tricks

With the help of this notepad trick, your computer or laptop can be shut down by activating this trick. Isn’t it cool? That’s really cool for sure, All you need to do is just copy that code

@echo off
msg * System will now shut down
shutdown -c “Bye!” –s

And open your notepad then paste that code in it. After that, save that file with xyz.vbs it is very important to add .vbs at the end. As it will tell the windows that it is script which should activate by running this notepad. Now, save it then open it. You see your computer is shutting down.

#2. Matrix Effect

Did you saw some of the matrix effect in hacking movies? Now, I will tell you how to make matrix Effect using Notepad. It is very cool trick, as it will feel you like a hacker in the room. Just copy this special code:

@echo off
color 02
echo %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random%
goto start

Open your notepad and paste that above code in it. After that save it as xyz.bat as I already told you to add extension .bat is important to work this notepad trick. After saving open that file, Voila!! You made it, now you are looking like a hacker. Show this trick to your friend.

#3. Delete System32 File With Notepad Tricks

If you are new to use windows, then I will suggest you to don’t use this trick in your computer as it will corrupt your windows, then you will need to install new windows. Because it will delete all the main files of system32 means windows files.

Well, if you want to take revenge from someone, then this trick is for you. But don’t hurt anyone this is purely for educational purpose. However, if you did took revenge then help them to recover all files and install new windows.


Copy and paste this code in notepad and then just save it with .bat extension.

#4. World Trade Center Attack Notepad Tricks

This is special notepad trick which is purely dedicated to 9/11 American terrorists Attack, where twin tower was destroyed by 2 planes. Well, there is a message in notepad Just open Notepad type Q33N and then change the font to wingdings and increase the font size to 72.

After that, you will see something interesting. Try it, I will not tell you here.

#5. Open Notepad Continuous Notepad Tricks

You can play with notepad itself, as it will open notepad everytime you close it. You can do this in your friend’s computer to irritate them or make fun of them. Just Copy this code

@ECHO off
START %SystemRoot%\system32\notepad.exe
GOTO top

Paste it in notepad with .vbs extension. Open that program and see the magic.

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