Idea Net Balance Check: 【Idea USSD Codes】, Data Net Usage | Packs, Plans, Offers

Idea Net Balance Check: 【Idea USSD Codes】, Data Net Usage | Packs, Plans, Offers

Idea Net Balance Check: 【Idea USSD Codes】, Data Net Usage | Packs, Plans, Offers

“What an idea Sirji!” and “No Ullo Ullo Banaweing – No Ullo Ullo Banaweing” Do you guys remember this slogan? I still remember, I still remember when Mr. Abhishek Bachchan was doing funny ads for Idea! Those ads were just simply awesome, still not remember then watch it on YouTube, I’m pretty sure you couldn’t stop laughing 😂!

So why are we here😅? Um…yes I just remembered I’m here to help you. In this post, I’ll tell about Idea ussd codes, you can able to Idea Balance Check, idea net balance Check, idea Internet Data offers check, idea loan number ussd codes, Idea recharge codes and much more. Get Idea Unlimited Data Plans

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Daily Use of Idea USSD Codes

So, why we are here or why this topic is so important? Actually this post I mean ” List of Idea USSD Codes ” is a lengthy post, it has thousands of words and hundred of Idea USSD codes, if you start searching your desired Idea USSD codes then you would waste your priceless time ⏳ that’s why I thought lets make a separate topic mainly focused on Daily use or mostly Idea ussd codes in our life. So here is the list of mainly or mostly used Idea ussd codes. Enjoy

Idea USSD Codes FunctionIdea USSD Codes
Idea Balance Check*130# or *212#  or *123#
Idea main menu ussd codes *111#
Idea net balance Check*125# or *432*4# or *131*3# or *432*4#
Idea Loan USSD Code*150*10# or *150*10# for Rs. 10 and Rs. 20 idea loan
Idea Best Offer Check ussd codes*121#
Idea Number Check*121*4*1*5# or *121*4#
Idea 2G net balance Check*125# or *131*3#

Idea Balance Check 📝 Ussd codes (2017)

Idea Ussd codes FunctionIdea ussd codes
Idea Balance Check*130# or *212#  or *123#
Idea Balance Check*130# or *212#  or *123#
Idea SMS Balance Check *451# or *161*1#
Idea account balance Check *456# or *457#
Idea main menu ussd codes *111#

(Idea Ussd Codes) Idea Net Balance Check 🔎 Ussd Codes

Idea Ussd codes FunctionIdea Ussd codes
Idea 4G net balance Check *432*4# or *125# or *131*3#
Idea USSD Code to view usage benefits*167*3#

(Idea Ussd Codes) Idea Loan🤵 Number (Loan Codes , MB, Talktime)

Idea ussd codes functionsIdea ussd codes
Idea Loan USSD Code*150*10# or *150*20# for Rs. 10 and Rs. 20 idea loan
Idea Internet data MB Loan CodeDial *150*06# for 2G internet data loan or *150*333# for 3G internet data loan
Idea USSD code for Rs 5 Internet data loan*165*# or *165*Loan Amount#
Idea USSD code to view loan benefits*167*4#
Idea USSD Code for 20MB Internet data loan*150*773# or *150*10# or *150*20#

(Idea Ussd Codes) Idea Number 📞 Check Ussd codes

Idea Number Check ussd Codes *121*4*1*5# or *121*4# or *789# or *100# or *1#

Idea GPRS Settings ⚙ Ussd Codes

SMS SET to 12345 to get GPRS settings for your smartphone

Idea Do not Disturb (DND) Activation ✅ and Deactivation 🚫 Ussd Codes

Call  1909 for activation and deactivation of Do not disturb service in your smartphone

Idea Mobile Number Portability Ussd codes

Idea mobile number portability ussd codesSMS PORT to 1900

Idea USSD Codes 3G/2G (Large) Internet Data Packs, Plans

PriceBenefitsValidity (days)Idea Ussd Codes
Rs. 1751 GB28*150*175#
Rs. 2491.5 GB28*150*249#
Rs. 3522.5 GB28*150*352#
Rs. 6555.5 GB28*150*655#
Rs. 99210 GB28*150*992#

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Idea USSD Codes 3G (Small) Internet Data 🌏 Packs, Plans 📃

PriceBenefitsValidityIdea Ussd Codes
Rs. 16Unlimited 3G1 hour*150*16#
Rs. 26100 MB3 days*150*26#
Rs. 44175 MB5 days*150*44#
Rs. 541 GB1 day*150*54#
Rs. 66200 MB to 1 GB15 day*150*66#

Idea 2G (Small) Internet Data 🌏 Packs, Plans

PriceBenefitsValidityIdea Ussd Codes
Rs. 1375 MB2 day*150*13#
Rs. 18 (USSD)Unlimited 2G1 day*150*1802#
Rs. 28160 MB4 day*150*28#
Rs. 37125 MB28 days*150*37#
Rs. 98325 MB28 days*150*38#

Idea Full Talk time 📞 Packs, Plans

Rs. 2525*Rs. 65*65
Rs. 200200Rs. 250250
Rs. 400400Rs. 500550
Rs. 10001100Rs. 15001650

Note: “*” On recharge of 25 validity would be of 3 days and on recharge of 65 validity would be of 9 days

On recharge of Rs. 2000 Get a talk time of Rs. 2200
On recharge of Rs. 80 get talk time between Rs. 70 to Rs. 120
On recharge of Rs. 350 get a talk time of Rs. 365

Idea Ussd Codes Minutes Packs, Plans

PriceBenefitsValidity (days)Idea Ussd Codes
Rs. 99250 local/ STD minutes28*150**99#
Rs. 199550 local/STD minutes28*150*199#

Idea Ussd Codes SMS Packs, Plans

PriceBenefits (Local+ National SMS)Validity (days)Idea Ussd Codes
Rs. 91005*150*09#
Rs. 1212010*150*12#
Rs. 1818021*150*18#
Rs. 3535028*150*35#
Rs. 4952528*150*49#

List of Idea USSD Codes of Idea Net Balance Check

Here in this list, I will give you full information about Idea USSD Codes. You can simply Dial them via your dial pad of your smartphone.

Idea Ussd codes FunctionIdea USSD Codes
IDea Balance Check*130# or *212#  or *123#
Idea Last 3 Recharge Codes*147*1*1#
Idea Last 7 Calls Codes*147*1*2#
Check Idea my plan Information USSD Code*147*1*3#
Check Idea last charges USSD Code*147*1*4#
Check Idea MOB service USSD Code*147*2*1#
Check Idea GET SIM USSD Code*147*2*2#
Check Idea ACT STATUS USSD code*147*2*3#
Check Idea last 3 recharge  USSD Code*147*2*4#
Check Idea last adjustment  USSD Code*147*2*5#
Check Idea get circle Code A to Z USSD Code*147*3#
Check Idea VAS and DT service USSD Code*121*4*4#
Check Idea festive days USSD Code*121*4*6*1#
Idea PUK Codes*121*4*6*3#
Check Idea BAR service USSD Code*121*4*6*5#
Idea DND Service activation or Deactivation USSD Code1909
Check Idea roaming charge USSD Code*121*4*7*1#
Check Idea roaming recharge and USSD Code*121*4*7*2#
Check Idea roaming recharge and USSD Code*121*4*7*3#
Check Idea roaming recharge and USSD Code*121*4*7*4#
Check Idea roaming recharge and USSD Code*121*4*7*5#
Check Idea roaming plan USSD Code*121*4*7#

List of few Daily Use Idea Balance check (Idea Ussd Codes)

Idea ussd codes functionIdea USSD codes
Idea Balance Check*130# or *212#  or *123#
Idea 2G net balance Check*125# or *131*3#
Idea SMS balance Check*451# or *161*1#
Idea  special packs Check*131*3#
Idea service menu ussd codes*147#
Idea account balance Check*456# or *457#
Idea  main menu ussd codes*111#
Check Idea activate call waiting*43#
Check Idea price Information*567#

What are USSD Codes 📃?

I will tell you this in simple language 😊, Let me tell you its full form first USSD:- “Unstructured Supplementary Service Data”. It is just a full form if don’t understand it then ignore it. A USSD Code will help you to get information about your phone’s balance, with the help of Idea USSD codes you can able to use lots of services like Idea balance check, Idea net balance check, Idea recharge code, Idea offer check that are provided by your Network operator. Isn’t that hard to get? It is very easy to understand.

Need of Idea USSD Codes:

Idea USSD Codes are very much important because, with the help of these Idea USSD Codes, you can easily find Idea balance check, Idea net balance check, Idea 3G balance check, Idea 4G balance check. It also helps us to knowing the balance of our SIM and many other details related to your number, like, 2G Internet Data Balance check, 3G Internet Data Balance check, Free SMS Balance check, Activation ✅ and Deactivation services, Data packs check, Nigh packs including Data and voice calls, Menu offer, GPRS data settings ⚙, unlimited offers check, free talk time recharge offers, recharge offers and other services etc. You can subscribe those offers without calling to customer care.

List 📃 of ALL Idea USSD Codes (Idea Net Balance Check)

Each Idea USSD Codes of Idea are different from each other and they work differently. So, I had categorized them with a specific use 🎮. At last, all you need to do is just search your desired section and find your Idea USSD codes. Because there are more than 50 Idea USSD Codes. so I ‘ve just categorized them in such manner so it will save your time to find 🔎 out your desired Idea USSD Codes.

(In 30 Sec.) Simplest Way 👌 to Idea Net Balance Check:

We are family 👥 and we always want good for our family at any cost or any situation because we love ❤ and care for each other! We also a family now so I have to think good about you any cost, that’s why I’m adding this segment here because I want to see you satisfied with what you are looking. Without stretching too much I’m going to tell you the easiest way to know your Idea net balance check, Idea balance check😉:

I’m helping you, right? So I also deserve some credits! Download this app and enter “2ZNQZGUM” in referral code option to give me a tip of Rs. 10… (That’s a little bit I deserve! Isn’t it? 😊)

  • Idea Number Check
  • Idea Balance check, Idea Net balance check
  • You will get balance of Rs. 10 instantly
  • Just install this app to know Idea Number check, Idea net balance check, Idea balance check and much more secrets are waiting for you.
  • Just Open True Balance App (On Home screen you will see your Internet and talktime balance)
  • Now click on 3 horizontal lines that are on upper left side and click on your network name
  • Next step is, go to SIM Settings option
  • Final step is to click on the first option called “Phone number” to Idea Number Check.

Idea Net Balance Check ✨ Tricks:

Before going to main post, Dominic Toretto has some cool tricks that will help you to save your priceless time ⏳ because “Time is Money”. This topic will help you to know few basic facilities of Idea like:

  • Idea Last Data Usage
  • Idea Net Balance Check 
  • Idea Balance Check
  • Any Active Service Notification
  • Idea Offers Check

Just open your Idea Data 🌏 or Call anyone for a very short time ⏳, um (only for 3 seconds 🕛) to know all these facilities.


Download My Idea android app to know:

  • Idea Number Check
  • Idea Offers Check
  • Idea Net Balance Check
  • Idea Balance Check

Now, at least smile, guys, a small one will be awesome for us. We spent some time 🕝 for this article. If this trick work for you, you can share with your friends so that they can also use this trick in future when they need it and believe me helping our loved friend is one of the best feeling in world. You are lucky if your childhood friend is still your friend like me. You already have met him.

TechkyUniverse Words 💬:

So those were the Idea ussd codes for almost every operation like dea ussd codes, you can able to Idea Balance Check, idea net balance Check, idea Internet Data offers check, idea loan number ussd codes, Idea recharge codes, you want to do or I mean you want to know the services of Idea. Look 👀 guys nowadays competition are very high between these telecom companies (you know what I mean?) that’s why these companies are adding or removing ussd codes services very quickly to keep their customers to them! If you are not getting your desired ussd codes or if any ussd code is not working then please immediately comment in comment box so that I can update it as soon as possible or if you got your desired ussd code and its working then please appreciate that, It will make us happy and we will do more hard work to keep you guys satisfied. ALWAYS REMEMBER FRIENDS 😃

We Are One Big Happy Family ❤

Good bye, Take Care Guys 😊!

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  1. I have new idea 4g sim it’s verification is done … but I can’t call , not use Internet services no outgoing nd incoming calls ….. pleas help me

    1. You should call customer care executive from different idea number and tell them every scenario. They will surely solve your problem. 🙂

  2. Idea Own number check code does not work.
    Plz always verify before giving any info. It was a waste of time as it was with scores of similar websites giving wrong info.

    1. Thanks for sharing your problem with us 😁, Jas you can try “our TechkyUniverse special 😍 magic trick section” to know your data balance ifany ussd codes isn’t working
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    1. If any code isn’t working, you can try “TechkyUniverse Special Magic Trick” segment to know about your Idea internet balance..
      Nice to meet you Mr. King
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  3. recently i have a idea 4G my phone have 3G slots..the sim is activated bt i have a i try to pay 102 rupees for gatting 1GB net pack.the shopkepper said it is done bt i have’t get any msg..what is wrong with it??..plzz ans

    1. Good evening buddy, still waking? So I read 📖 your problem, so the recharge Is done! Now you can use above ussd codes or “Techkyuniverse special magic tricks” segment to know your balance or if your problem is too big then just call 📞 idea complaint helpline number 198. I hope it would be helpful for you…
      Have a sweet dreams and stay connected with us 😊

    1. Welcome to TechkyUniverse brother. I hope you would be good there. There are many ways to know Idea 4G balance. You can try “TechkyUniverse Special Magic Trick Section”, you can also download truebalance app from above link or simply just dail *125# or *131*3# to know your data balance.
      Have a nice day, stay connected with us 😊

    1. Thank you sooooooooooo much bidu 😊, um can I call you bidu 😅 because I always say my friends “bidu”..I’ll update it and its credits definitely goes to you… Keep updating us.

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    1. Hiiii Asshi, how are you buddy, still Waking ? 😃, I read your comment, just call customer care to deactivate SMS pack. “12345” or “198” is their number.
      Have an AWESOME day, be a family member of TechkyUniverse ❤️️

    1. Good evening brother, its feel very irritating when someone send us totally worthless messages. Now if you want to stop messages you can try DND services, it will help you to get rid out of irritating messages. Simply dial “START 0” and send it to “1909”. You can also call idea complaint service employees on 198 and ask them to stop this message.
      Have an AWESOME day, be a family member of TechkyUniverse and always take care ❤️️

  4. How you said like that i’ve done for taking 3g loan *150*26# but it showing that Request Processed. Request Processed. Credited Loc Nat SMS 300 Final Loc Nat SMS 300 Expiry Date 27/10/2017 RC 17 = 1.2p/2s Loc+ STD, 27 days. Dial *121# to check Eligibility. What giving all the at ng information

    1. Good evening buddy, oh come on, friends never say thanks they always help each other. We are very happy that you got what you were looking for.
      Always take care of yourself and keep smiling and Happy Dussehra and Happy Diwali, brother 😃❤️️

    1. Good afternoon brother, thanks for visiting TechkyUniverse. Brother, there are many ways through which you can find your data balance.
      #1. Just dial *125# to check your ida data balance.
      #2. You can use your idea app to track your idea data balance.
      All the best ❤️

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