Jio Phone Plan 49 Details Unlimited Call, Data, Internet: Jio Freshly Served Plan

Good morning/afternoon/evening Jio users and non jio users. Feeling happy?¬†ūü§ó¬†…why? “I don’t know but do you really need a reason for being happy?” No, you don’t need! Just be happy and let the world hate you. By the way, today’s topic is on jio¬†phone plan 49 details unlimited call, data, internet so if you don’t know much more about new jio plans then this amazing article of TechkyUniverse belongs to you.

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Jio Plans Ft. Jio Phone Plan 49 Details ūüďÉ

Jio has just revealed its new jio plans on its official website. If you are a jio user then you can take a look on jio offers. Best of luck.

Jio Phone Plan 49 Plans

For jio phone plan 49 please take a look at the table below and make your decision.

 Jio Phone Plan 49 PriceRs. 49
 Jio Phone Plan 49 ValidityValid for 28 day
 Jio Phone Plan 49 DataTotal 1 GB 4G data
 Jio Phone Plan 49 Messages50 messages
 Jio Phone Plan 49 Jio AppsUnlimited access to all Jio apps

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