Jio Payments Bank 🏦: Know Everything FEB | 2019

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Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Wait a minute! 🖐 What? Jio is bringing Jio payments bank services. 2 minutes of silence for those who were thinking that Jio won’t survive if it tries to charge money for its services. 😂 That’s called a businessman mind, the only thing I want to say “Salute sir”. This is the reason he is a business tycoon and India’s richest person.

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So, basically, today I’m going to share all information regarding Jio payments bank. Be with me to know about it.

Jio Payments Bank 🏦

Jio is going to launch its bank services soon. You must listen about Airtel payment bank, a bank service launched by Airtel for Airtel customers 👥, this is the exact same thing. Jio is also launching Jio payments bank services for their customers and for that SBI bank and Reliance Industries has come together.

Payment Bank History 🗿

Airtel was first networking company to launch payment bank services in India and it was quite successful and now it’s looking like Jio might be the second company in networking field to launch 🚀 payment bank services in India this year.

Jio Payments Bank Launch Date 📆

Jio is planning I mean Mukesh Ambani is planning to launch Jio payments bank services for their customers till the end of 2017. Yes, friends, Jio is trying hard to launch its bank services till December 2017.

Apply For Jio Payments Bank

Jio made easy for us to open an account in Jio bank. The simplest and most common thing you need to have with yourself to open an account is Jio bank is Aadhar card 💳. Yes, friends, if you have your aadhar card you can easily open an account in Jio payments bank. In today’s time, more than 1.18 billion people have Aadhar card in India.

Reliance Handshake 🤝 With SBI Bank

SBI has more than 400 million customers and Jio has more than 120 million customers in India. Friends, imagine if they both (SBI bank and Jio) got to succeed in this plan, it would be interesting to see 👀 other companies reaction and most important my friends reaction too.

Jio Products 🎁

But, I was listening continuously that Jio can launch its dish services, wifi services this year but they are bringing Jio payment bank this year. Let’s see what will happen in future after all none has seen tomorrow.

 Jio Payment Bank Pros ✅

If jio bring its bank services in India till December then it will be one of the best things because it will help us a lot. Here are few pros regarding Jio bank.

  • No need to go to bank for your work
  • Easy reachability
  • Maybe high interest on your cash (like Airtel)
  • No need to stand in queue for your work
  • and much more…….

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