Jio Monsoon ☔ Offer, Get 1 GB per Day For 84 Days At Rs. 399 Everything You need to Know What You have to do 🖋 after Summer Surprise Offer FEB | 2019

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AAAAAAAAAAAA!!! YEEEEEEPPPPPPPEEEEEEEE!!! AWESOME!!!. I’m feeling crazy, very crazy now. Want to know why the hell I’m reacting this  ? Believe me and trust me, my friends, if I tell you about this, your reaction would be same like “AAAAAAAAAAAA!!! YEEEEEEPPPPPPPEEEEEEEE!!! AWESOME!!! .” Today we will discuss Jio’s new offer and that name is “Jio Monsoon Offer ☔️ ” because its Monsoon time. So don’t blink your eyes 👀 because you will miss something important. Be with me to know everything about Jio’s Monsoon Offer. You can able to increase Jio speed with the help of some tricks as well. 

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So today we will know everything about Jio new offer 🎁. I will try to explain on my point of  view or mine situation like what I would supposed to do after the ending of Jio summer surprise offer and what would be mine steps 👣. I hope you understand what I want to say.

Currently Situation 🤕:

Now just few days left for the ending of Jio summer surprise offer, according to my Jio account my Jio summer surprise will end up on 15 July 2017.

What After 15 July 2017?

I already recharged of Rs.💰  499 (in this offer I would get 2 GB per day for 1 month) after the ending of “Jio’s Happy New Year Offer” and before starting of “Jio’s Summer Surprise Offer”, but Legendary 🤴 Mr. Mukesh Ambani sir announced that Jio will be free for next 3 months more by just single recharge. So I start getting 2 GB per day for 3 months by just single recharge of Rs. 499.

Now after the ending of Jio’s Summer Suprise offer your previous recharge will be activated. For example “As I already said 🗣 that I had already recharged of Rs. 499 so after the ending of Jio’s summer surprise offer my recharge will be activated so I don’t need to recharge in July month because my recharge will be get activated by them and I need to recharge in August month.”

Now What About My All Brothers and Sisters (Rest of One)?

See friends you also don’t need to be worried (just relax 😊) because Jio will be free for 1 month more after the ending of Jio’s Summer surprise offer, “I mean you don’t need to recharge your Jio number in the month of July, you need to recharge your Jio number in month of August”.

I hope you all of mine friends will have understood what I’m trying to say. I know because you all are Genius 🕶.

Final Verdict 🗣 About Jio’s Summer Surprise Offer 🎁:

👉Jio’s Summer Suprise offer will be end up in July month (Mine is ending in few days, mine Jio’s summer surprise offer will be end up on July 15 🤕).

👉 You don’t need to recharge instantly or immediately after the ending of Jio’s Summer Surprise offer because your your first will be activated after that like mine.

👉 You need to recharge in month of August (if you had recharged after the ending of “Jio’s Happy New Offer” of more than Rs. 303 or 309 (I forgot).

I hope all of my special friends got their doubt clear after the reading 📖 this post about Jio’s Summer Surprise Offer BUT if you still have any doubts about this (because I’m not too good to make anyone understand very well) just feel totally free to comment in comment box 📮, I’ll surely fix your problem.

What’s Next 🤔 After Jio Summer Surprise Offer?

Um the main topic came now for that I’m typing this post 📃 without taking breakfast today. Jio has just recently launched Jio’s Monsoon Offer (According to sources). I’m telling you about it next topic.

What is Jio’s Monsoon ☔️ Offer?

This is the new masterstroke recently reviled by Jio according to this offer you will get more data and more validity with little bit extra more money 💰.

I’m Not Lying:

Click on the blue 🔵 button given below to know that its genuine and i’m not lying.


Best Plan As Compared to Other Networks 🗼:

According to Jio basic and most popular plan that give its customer 1 GB data per day with unlimited calling, 100 messages ✉ per day and unlimited access to all its app services. All of mine friends are using this offer but only me is using 2 GB per day offer.

So according to its new Monsoon ☔️ Offer you will get by paying Rs. 💰 399 (Popular)

PriceRs. 399
ValidityValid for 84 days
DataTotal 84 GB for 84 days (1 GB per day after that unlimited data at speed of 128 kbps)
Messages100 messages per day
Jio AppsUnlimited access to all Jio apps

What to Do Now?

If you ask me then I’ll say just wait 🕧 for one month more, I mean now summer surprise offer is currently running 🏃 after that your recharge will come in action that means one month more. So according to TechkyUniverse please recharge for monsoon offer in August month.

IDC! I want to Recharge, Tell me the Process:

So if you want to recharge to Jio Monsoon offer, I’ll give you the direction of it but I’m not sure that we can recharge Monsoon offer now or not but lets give it a try.

  • First of all download and install My jio app from above link 🔗 or visit My Jio official website also button given above.
  • Now Sign in or Sign up with the help of your id and click on “Plans” option.
  • Choose your best plan and click on “Recharge” option and follow the procedures.
  • Enjoy your Monsoon plan guys if its happening 😄.
  • You can use JioMoney Wallet app for exclusive offer and cashbacks.

I Trust On TechkyUniverse ❤️:

So if think that you can trust on us then let us give us a chance to prove us that We are Different from others. In this section I will tell you briefly about their offers. Let’s check out the treasure. Jio has revealed total 12 types of recharges in its new Monsoon offer.

MRP Free Voice Calls Data SMS Jio Apps Validity (in days)
 Rs. 19 Unlimited Only 200 MB at 4G speed 100 messages Fully Accessible 1 day
 Rs. 49 Unlimited Only 600 MB at 4G speed 100 messages Fully Accessible 3 days
 Rs. 96 Unlimited*Unlimited 4G @ 7 GB (1 GB per day) 100 messages Fully Accessible 7 days
 Rs. 149 Unlimited Only 2 GB at 4G speed 100 messages Fully Accessible 28 days
 Rs. 309 Unlimited *Unlimited 4G @ 56 GB (1 GB per day) 100 messages Fully Accessible 56 days
 Rs. 349 Unlimited Total 20 GB after that speed will be 128 kbps 100 messages Fully Accessible 56 days
 Rs. 399 Unlimited * Unlimited 4G @ 84 GB (1 GB per day) 100 messages  Fully Accessible 84 days
 Rs. 509 Unlimited Unlimited 4G @ 112 GB (2 GB per day) 100 messages Fully Accessible 56 days
 Rs. 999 Unlimited Total 90 GB after that speed will be 128 kbps 100 messages Fully Accessible 90 days
 Rs. 1999 UnlimitedTotal 115 GB after that speed will be 128 kbps 100 messages Fully Accessible 120 days
 Rs. 4999 UnlimitedTotal 380 GB after that speed will be 128 kbps 100 messages Fully Accessible 210 days
 Rs. 9999 UnlimitedTotal 780 GB after that speed will be 128 kbps 100 messages Fully Accessible 390 days

Note: *” means your after 7 GB, 56 GB, 84 GB and 112 GB, you can’t use your data in 4G speed, speed will automatically decreases to 128 kbps till the next day come.

Don’t Forget 😉:

Don’t forget friends that we (Dominic Toretto and Dhruvhat) and our medium (Techkyuniverse ❤️) are the first who told 🗣 you about “Jio Monsoon Offer” with “emojis and friendly behaviour” and if you are reading this then you are from few of ones who is first reading this so don’t forget to share with all those person you know (family members, friends and foes)  about it to make some good impressions in front of them.   

TechkyUniverse Words 💬:

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We Are One Big Happy Family ❤️

Goodbye, Take Care Guys 😊!

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