Apple iPhone 8 📱: Release Date India, Price Buy 💰, Storage Options and Many More Things You Should Know 2018

This is one of my best moment 🤗 if I talk, think or watch the latest news about Apple iPhone. The way Apple is doing work for iPhone really impress me. And this year Apple is doing the same thing or should I say the better thing for iPhone 8. We will discuss each and every detail about iPhone 📱 in the TechkyUniverse style. So if you are excited about iPhone 8 then don’t leave this page.

Spoiler Alert: I’m an Apple fan boy so it might happen that I almost say good things about iPhone 8 but if you feel that it’s wrong then you can tell me in comment 💬 section.

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What Really Make iPhone 8 Special ❤️?

Still didn’t know why iPhone 8 is making too much buzz as compare to other iPhones ! Don’t worry guys that’s why I’m here to make you know everything about iPhone 8. So the reason behind of iPhone 8 making too much buzz is This is the 10th anniversary of iPhone, past 10 years back Steve Jobs announced 🗣 the 1st iPhone and it was called iPhone First Generation. That’s why whole world is curious to know that what special Apple is going to do in 2017.

Interesting Fact About Apple 🍏 Regarding To iPhone 8

As there are hundreds of interesting fact about Apple but you might know a cool interesting fact Apple regarding to iPhone 8 and that fact is after the launch of iPhone 8, Apple will become world’s 1st trillion company, isn’t it interesting 😁?

Release Date 🗓 Of iPhone 8

According to few leaks, Apple is going to launch iPhone 8 on September 12, 2017. Apple is not going to launch only iPhone 8 but it is also planning to launch iPhone 7s and 7s Plus on the same day. I want to say something it’s not official now that iPhone 8 will call iPhone 8 or something like Apple iPhone Pro, iPhone X or something like this.

Apple iPhone 8 Specifications 📝

According to leaks again iPhone 8 might have the following features and specification and again I want to clarify that it is just a leak, nothing is confirmed by Apple till now and you might know that Apple is very strict for the security of its products, that’s why Apple hires X- FBI and CIA agents to keep eye 👀 on their employees. Let’s have a look at the features of iPhone 8 below:

  • Curved, edge to edge OLED display.
  • Virtual home button
  • FaceID (Facial recognition)
  • Wireless charging and Fast USB type C charging
  • Dual lens camera might look like traffic signal light
  • AR capabilities feature
  • Apple Pencil ✏ support
  • Glass and stainless steel body
  • More storage and RAM options
  • Apple new iOS 11 operating system
  • Water resistance
  • Apple new A11 processor
  • Front camera: 12 MP, Secondary camera: 7 MP
  • and many more new features

Apple iPhone 8 Storage ☁ Options

Apple really know how to make money. As I said above Apple is going to be world’s first trillion company after the launch of iPhone 8. As we all know iPhones come in selective storage option like 16 GB, 32 GB and so on. But this time Apple is planning 🕴 to launch only 3 storage option for iPhone 8 and these are:

  • Apple iPhone 8 in 64 GB
  • Apple iPhone 8 in 256 GB
  • Apple iPhone 8 in 512 GB

Apple iPhone 8 Colour ⚫🔵⚪ Options

Apple is always trying to give its best in every product that’s why it is also very choosy in color selection. Few colors have apparently came in front of us in which we might see iPhone 8.

  • Jet Black
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Brown

Apple iPhone 8 Price 💵

After knowing all its features and specification of iPhone 8, you might be thinking that how much it will cost. Few leak reports (AGAIN 😂) are saying that:

  • Apple iPhone 8 64 GB price might be of $999 (approx. Rs. 63000)
  • Apple iPhone 8 256 GB price might be of $1099 (approx. Rs. 69000)
  • Apple iPhone 8 512 GB price might be of $1199 (approx. Rs. 75500)

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