How To 🤔 Install and Use 💻 Kali Linux Operating System on Android Mobile Phone 📱 JAN | 2019

Do you know what is Linux 🤔? If you know what is Linux then you are not a kid anymore 🕶. If you don’t know then I want to tell you, Linux is an operating system same like Windows and Mac. Actually, if we see a usage: Windows come 1st, Mac is on second and few of system runs on Linux operating system. Today we will discuss few interesting facts 😃 and usage about Linux. So be with me as always you know that we are going to install kali linux on android discuss today.

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Today I’ll tell you an interesting thing and that is “How can you install and use Linux operating system on your mobile phone 📱”. So be with me to know add one more thing to your collection.

What is 🤔 Linux or Kali Linux?

Both meaning are same so what is Linux operating system, I had heard that few engineering students 👥 (proud to be an engineer 🕶)  made Linux operating system. It is totally different from Windows and Mac in every manner. That’s all I know about Linux but if you know more about it then please tell me in the comment box 📮. I would love to know more about it rather than reading 📖 on Wikipedia or any other website.

Why Is Linux Becoming Sooooo 😱 popular Nowadays?

Good question!!! My thinking 💭 was same like yours but after hearing its cool features by my friends I got little bit surprise. Want to know its features? just move your eyes 👀 little bit down to read its cool features, I hope you guys will like it. So here I’m typing its features you can also compare it with Windows and Mac:

  • Linux is totally free
  • Hackers use Linux operating system for hacking 🕵 purposes
  • All type of hackers like Blackhat, Grey hat and white hat hackers use Linux
  • If you want to hack WiFi or any other hacking purpose then you must use Linux.
  • You can use 100% of Linux if you wish
  • Linux is free from virus 👿 or harmful malware
  • It is really fast, I also admit it
  • I never heard 👂 that Linux got crash (Maybe)
  • As I said you don’t need a license to use it
  •  You can run program for any purpose (hacking including)
  • You can also learn how program works

Thinking to install it? If you want to be a hacker 🕵 then must go otherwise if you are a normal PC user then read my next segment to know why I’m saying like this.

 Why Isn’t Linux Tooooo Popular ☹?

After telling its cool features now I’ll tell you its cons. Yes, everything has both pros and cons even Apple also has pros and cons. So let’s discuss its drawbacks:

  • Software in wider range is not available for Linux
  • GAMES 😑 aren’t compatible with Linux (I don’t know anything about Linux 😜)
  • There is not any support from Developers side to fix any issue
  • It is boring 💤

So bottom line is that if you wan to be a hacker or only mean to browse 🌏 Google Chrome then go for Linux operating system and if are a gamer or want to feel you around lots of softwares then go for Windows and if you have lots of money 💰 and want to make some cool impression then go for Mac.

PC ✨ Tricks:

Before going to the main post, Dominic Toretto has some cool 😎 tricks that will help you to give some extra help 🤝 regarding this post, I mean let’s have some information regarding this post like more cool kinds of stuff for PC 🖥 and mobile phone users, so if you love to use PC and mobile phone then you must read these post to some extra fun having your PC and mobile phone:

So just implement these method segment to enjoy a seamless experience of PC and mobile phone 📱. All the Best 😊

How To 🤔 Install and Use 💻 Kali Linux Operating System On Android Mobile Phone 📱 2017

So after knowing about Linux lets start our journey 🛩 for installing and using Linux operating system on your Android mobile phone without wasting too much time 🕔 of yours.

Lets Go:

  • First of all download an app whose name is Linux Deploy app from the given below 👇 blue button
  • Install it in your mobile phone
  • After installing Linux Deploy app in your mobile phone open it and click 🖱 on download icon given below

  • After clicking 🖱 on download button and waiting for a while looking for distribution option and change it from Linux to Kali Linux as shown in picture 🖼. (We always have a picture 🤣)

  • Now see 👀 an option called “Install” at the top, click on it.
  • Now, wait for few moments till the download get complete.
  • Now next step 👣 is download VNC Viewer app from the given below blue 🔵 button
  • After installing VNC Viewer app, open it and fill 🖊 the blanks as shown in figure 🖼

  • After filling the details just simply click 🖱 on Connect button as shown if figure

  • That’ it guys, your Android mobile phone became a Linux device. Now you can use it as you want.

Now you can use your Android mobile phone 📱 as Linux for hacking purposes or to learn to hack for educational purposes. If you to be a hacker then be a white hat hacker, It’s legal and great scope please don’t try to be a Black hat or Grey hat hacker, they are illegal 🚫. I hope you understand this. All the best.

TechkyUniverse Words 💬:

So guys, I successfully made a post 📃 on “How To Install and Use Kali Linux Operating System On Android Mobile Phone”. I have first searched on the web about it and finally, the result is front of yours. I don’t think you will face any problem regarding this post while understanding or implementing BUT if you are facing any problem 😣 regarding this post just feel free to comment in comment box. I’ll be back to you as soon as possible with working and satisfying answer 😊. ALWAYS REMEMBER FRIENDS 😃

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Goodbye, Take Care Guys 😊!

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