(12 tricks) How to increase 🔺 Jio 4G Speed after (128 kbps) 2017

(12 tricks) How to increase 🔺 Jio 4G Speed after (128 kbps) 2017

Are you also one 😑 of lakhs UNSATISFIED 😩 😡 Jio users 👥 who are suffering from slow 💤 browsing 🌏 and downloading of Jio 4G internet 😞 and daily searching 🔎 on Google to increase 🔺 or boost Jio speed but always getting  insufficient result😭. Now your wait it over 😮 here, I am giving you few genuine working tricks 😎 that will help you to boost 🏃 your Jio internet speed😊, just follow these steps and you would definitely see a change in your downloading and uploading speed.😉

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Before We Start:

There are hundreds of tricks 😰available on Google to increase 🔺 or boost 🏃 your speed of Jio but they aren’t working well 😵 as my personal views so I am giving you my best research on jio internet 🌏 speed . “Look if you are thinking 💭 that with this trick my Jio speed will be lightning fast then don’t think 💭 like that because whole India is using Jio so how can you get real 4G experience” but don’t be sad 😙😉 because the tricks I am providing to you can help you a lot to boost your Jio speed. So let start:

(12 tricks) How to increase 🔺 Jio 4G Speed after (128 kbps) 2017

(New) (9 tricks) How to increase jio 4g for everymobile

Here I am providing you total 12 (1⃣2⃣) tricks to boost your Jio speed. These 12 tricks are different from each other, each trick has its own working method 😃 . The thing you have to do is just start from (Method 1) and come down. There is different kinds of tricks for different situation 😲. Just follow them to see a big or small change in your Jio speed.

TechkyUniverse Special 😍 Magic  Tricks:

Before going to all lengthy and irritating methods 😅I have something special for you! First time in history of blogging😂, I will tell you special 3 (100% working) tricks that never has been seen on any blog 😜because it just came in my mind😅 while laying on my bed 😄. So without making you too much wait, I’m providing you my 3 special magic tricks.

#1. By Using Puffin Browser 🌏

This browser is like a miracle came in my life after having JIO sim😍. It has a superb speed of downloading and surfing/browsing 😃. All the leading and most popular browsers look very tiny in front of this browser in speed😂. Don’t you believe me😒? Why don’t you give it a try! Hmm? I’m pretty sure you will recommend it to your friends and family members after using it☺.

I’m providing you the download link of puffin browsers just download it and forget the slow speed of your Jio.

#2. By Using Airplane ✈ Mode Option

Really? Yes my buddy this option damn work in right direction😊. If you are fighting with your Jio speed😤, you want higher speed but your jio doesn’t!😂😂😂 In that case just use Airplane ✈ Mode ON and after waiting for 5 seconds just turn it OFF. Now the result would be you win! and your jio get defeated😂😉.

#3. By Contacting Jio Customer Care👥

Yeah! Its also a trick, personally performed by me (Admin of TU). I called 📞 and complained that “its look like I’m using Jio in 2G speed in my 4G smartphone 📱. They registered my complaint and promised to give a result in 2 days ⏰ after that I thought 💭 it would be wastage buy it really works now I’m getting speed upto 700 kbps to 1 mbps in day😨. So just contact with Jio Customer Care and give them right information. It will definitely works.😎

(Method 1) to Increase 🔺 Jio 4G Speed (Highly Recommended)

First I am providing you my bestest method 😎 . It is highly recommended for you 😱, you should definitely give it a try 😉. This trick is basically based on APN of our smartphone 📱, it is very common and always came first 1⃣ in queue if you are want to boost your internet 🌏 speed of any network 🗼. Just change your APN setting to my given APN setting and I am pretty sure you see the difference.

How to Go to APN Settings?

  • First, go to setting option on your smartphone.
  • Next step is to click on Mobile Networks option from settings.
  • Then click on Access Point Name (APN) of your reliance Jio Sim
  • You need to select the sim slot of Jio Sim
  • Select Menu which is available at top right corner
  • Then choose new APN then click Save
  • Setting the APN Network to increase jio 4g speed

APN Settings to Increase 🔺 Jio 4g Speed:

Settings NameWhat to choose or fill
APN“jionet” (recommended)
APN TypeDefault
ProxyNot Set
PortNot Set
UsernameNot Set
PasswordNot Set
MMS proxyNot Set
MMS portNot Set
MNC857, 863 or 874
Authentication typeNot Set
APN ProtocolIPv4/IPv6


Do the all changes given above carefully, so by using this method and few changes in your mobile networks (APN) of your Jio sim, you will see a difference in your speed. This trick won’t harm your device. You can do restore these settings at any time. After doing all these settings you will get the high speed downloading and uploading.

(Method 2) to Increase 🔺 Jio 4G Speed:

  • First of all download the Download VPN Master App or Download Snap VPN App
  • So after downloading this app just open it
  • After opening the app the server will set to india country and it will take up to 15 seconds to connect, some times it will connect in 2-3 seconds only
  • After connecting to VPN you can check that download speed it will hit the maximum speed in just few seconds.
Note: If the internet speed isn’t improved you can change the country.

(Method 3) to Increase 🔺 Jio 4G Speed:

This trick works with the help of internet speed booster and optimizer app.

  • First, download and install Internet Speed Booster & Optimizer app
  • Then enable the profile ‘Non-Root User’ or ‘Root user’ depending on your device root option
  • Just leave it by running the app in background
  • This App will increase Jio 4G speed in few seconds
  • You will get highest maximum uploading and downloading speed.

Internet Speed Booster & Optimizer app is very useful for any Reliance Jio 4G user because it really works in both root and non-rooted smartphone to boost internet speed. Simply enable the Internet Speed Booster & Optimizer app to get best and maximum Jio 4G speed.

(Method 4) to Increase 🔺 Jio 4G Speed:

  • Download UC mini browser from play store.
  • Then download a large file and after that pause them.
  • Now open the VPN master or Snap Vpn
  • Connect to the server,
  • Then Check your download speed it will reach up to 10-20 Mbps automatically in few seconds.

(Method 5) to Increase 🔺 Jio 4G Speed:

This trick is basically based on APN setting. Have a look on it. APN is the backbone of any internet speed, doing few changes can give an impressive result Before doing changes in APN default setting be sure to follow exact steps and change the APN Settings carefully.
  • Go to Android settings then Cellular or Mobile Networks then Access Point Names.
  • Now click on profile named given by Jio 4G and change only those option that has been given below: 
    • Server:                       www.google.com
    • Authentication Type:  None
    • APN type:                  Default
    • Bearer:                       LTE
    • Now click on ‘Save’ option.

(Method 6) to Increase 🔺 Jio 4G Speed: For Rooted Devices

This trick is basically only for rooted device. If you are using a rooted smartphone then use this trick. It will really boost up your downloading and upload speed.
  • First of all download 3G/4G Speed Optimizer apk in your smartphone.
  • Open it
  • Select the network speed and choose 12/28/7 – Max Speed option.
  • Then Click on ‘Apply Tweak’.
  • Restart phone & after that you can see a change in your jio 4g speed.

(Method 7) to Increase 🔺 Jio Speed: Clear Cache

(New) (9 tricks) How to increase jio 4g for everymobile

This trick is based on clear cache strategy. Yes! you heard it right clearing cache can really help to boost your jio 4G speed. Android system stores too much data by using few files and apps for enhancing user experience. These files data is called as a cache. Reliance jio works a little bit different it not only related to sim settings. So removing cache will helps you boost internet speed. Follow these given steps to increase jio speed.

Steps to increase 🔺 Jio Speed

  • Go To Your Smartphone Android Settings
  • Then click on Storage and USB option
  • Under Internal Storage just click on cached data
  • Just confirm by clicking OK on clear cached data
  • You are done. You just got increased Jio Speed
Follow the above steps simply and you will definitely see the difference.

(Method 8) to Increase 🔺 Jio Jiofi Speed, How to increase Jio 4G Speed

In this article, I whall also give you a trick or method to boost your Jio Jiofi hotspot.
  • First, open your device and start any download from the browser
  • Pause that download and see the downloading speed.
  • Now go to Google Play Store and install F-Secure Freedome VPN app
  • Open and Connect Singapore server
  • Now, finally resume the download, you will see the difference in jio 4g speed.

It is very simple but effective too. Try this and see the difference yourself.

(Method 9) to Increase 🔺 Reliance Jio 4G Speed After 4GB Daily Limit:

According to Terms & Conditions of Jio Welcome Offer, your speed will automatically reduce to 128 kbps after using 4 GB. Don’t worry guys I found a trick that will help you to boost your downloading speed after 4GB. Take a look:

Steps to increase jio speed after 4GB limit:

  • Download all 10 apps from old myjio apk 3.2.5 after that turn off the internet.
  • Then open MyJio app from the list
  • Wait for few minutes.
  • Then turn on the internet and click on Get Jio Sim.
  • In the next screen, you will see the preview offer will be activated
  • From there you can find the jio 4GB Limit

TechkyUniverse Words 💬:

So, What was the result of all my 12 tricks 😅, I know someone is working for you 😃 and someone is not working for you 😞. I also know that few of my buddies 👥 are angry 😡 on me and few of them are saying Thanks 😍 to me. But guys this was the best I can do now 😎😅 if none of them are working just stay connected with us 😊, I daily search 🔎 for new tricks if I got new “Trick to boost Jio Speed” I’ll publish that without wasting time 🕛. Let me know what is your thought 💭 regarding to this trick, If its working for you comment 💬 in comment box 📮 and if its not working for you then definitely comment 💬 in comment box 📮. I’ll reach at you as soon as possible with a satisfaction answer.

Good Bye, Take Care Guys 😊!

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  1. Change in APN Settings as listed in Method 1 has really worked wonders. Thanks a lot for this useful information.

    1. We are very happy that you got what you were looking for 😉 and thank you for this beautiful comment, you can bookmark 📑 this website to keep yourself updated by cool tricks and new tech news 📰

  2. Is there a way to increase jio speed in my laptop….I use 4g LTE Huawei datacard with jio sim….for past few months it worked fine…today i feel its very slow even after recharging 99+303 plan…

    1. Ofcourse sir, if there is a will there is a way! 😊
      Sometimes their server get too much busy that’s why we have to face slow speed,
      Um if you want to see a difference in speed just call on “199“ and tell your problem…. Believe me it works 😉! All the best and be a member 👤 of te TechkyUniverse
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