How Truecaller Works ⚙? How Truecaller Makes Money? Dangerous App ⁉️

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My mom still doesn’t know counting, whenever I ask for 1 Chapati, she serves me 2, whenever I ask for 10 rupees, she gives me some extra money, Love level = Infinity and when I drink one bottle of water, I need to fill up the rest of the bottles and sometimes need to clean ceiling fans too, Strategy level = Infinity. By the way apart from these little lovely things 🤗 today we will talk about how truecaller works and how truecaller makes money? Be with TechkyUniverse.

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So, basically, today in this article 🗒 we will discuss, how truecaller works, how truecaller makes money, how truecaller works in iPhone, how truecaller identifies names, truecaller privacy issues, how to remove my number from truecaller, how does truecaller name search work, truecaller worth and many more things are going to clear, I promise.

How Truecaller Works? 📞

I bet you must know what truecaller is so I’ll waste neither your time nor mine in typing about trucaller. So, let me come to the straight point. Truecaller follows a very simple method to work and that is “crowdsourcing” technique. So, what is crowdsourcing now? Crowdsourcing means um let understand it like this, you might be heard 👂 about “Committee scheme” (where you are a part of a group of trusted people who collects money and pay every member one by one every single month). Crowdsourcing does the same thing. It collects your information/data and helps other people including you. Google uses it, Facebook uses it so do Truecaller .

So, what truecaller do, whoever installs truecaller app on their mobile phone, it collects all their data including their saved contact number and uploads it on its server. Finally, when an unknown number calls you, truecaller use its server to find out the name of the person calling you. We will know more about how truecaller identifies names below. Stay tuned!

How Truecaller Makes Money? 💶

Truecaller worth is in millions of dollars and it is increasing daily. So how truecaller makes money, basically truecaller uses 4 methods to earn money, let’s find out what are those below 👇.

Method 1 How Truecaller Makes Money

If you use or don’t use truecaller app, you might know about this method, truecaller makes money by showing ads on its app basically 99% of free apps show ads to generate some revenue so do TechkyUniverse do.

Method 2 How Treucaller Makes Money

You might have guessed it too and this method is, by offering paid services. If you don’t like ads or want more features then you can pay for paid services.

Method 3 How Truecaller Makes Money

You might do not know about this method but now will. Truecaller sells your data/privacy to 3rd party apps or services to earn money. Truecaller have more than 100 millions of active users, they know very well about you like where you live, where you are right now, what you want right now, curious how it know about it? just follow this method to know to know what else he knows about you. Go to Settings 👉 Apps 👉 True Caller app 👉 Permission.

  • It has access to your microphone that means it might be hearing what you are talking to other on phone.
  • It has access to your location that means it knows where you are know
  • It also knows what your profession is by its new Tag feature.

By collecting this information and much other information, it sends data to advertisements company so that they can sell you their products. Let’s understand it this way.

  • You called your friend and share that “you are looking for a flat under 30 lakhs, tell me if you find”, you talked to him and disconnect the calls after a few minutes.
  • Truecaller has your microphone permission 🎤, so it might record your call and send it to the property dealer company and see the magic, you will start getting calls from these companies regarding flats.

Method 4 How Truecaller Makes Money

If you use truecaller app, you must have noticed that whenever advertisers call you, you see a red color banner on your phone screen but sometimes you don’t see alarm from truecaller but it is the same advertisers, here comes their 4th way to earn money. Few advertiser companies 🏭 contact truecaller and ask them to “wipe out their number from an alert zone and in exchange for that, I will pay you”. This is why you don’t see a red banner sometimes.

How Truecaller Identifies Names 🔍

As I said above, we will find out in deep how truecaller identifies names. So here we are, let’s see how it works.

  • You are the main hero of this task, imagine your name is Sunny Giri and you have mannnnnny friends and family members and everyone has your number in their phone by different names like Mom saved your name as “Beta”, Sister/brother saved your name as “Bhai/Bhaiya”, Friends saved your name as (family friendly article), Girlfriend sa….. wait!…………………..let’s move to the next step 😅.
  • Let’s check the probability of your name saved in their contact. Sunny Giri (10 times), Bhai/Bhaiyo (2-3 times), Sunny (4 times), Beta (1-2 times), Baby (-∞) and bla bla bla, So what Truecaller do now is, it’s machine learning technology pick the highest number of probability your name is repeating in its server (Sunny Giri)
  • At last, when you call any other person who hasn’t your number saved and have truecaller app on their phone, your name “Sunny Giri” will appear.
  • I hope you know how truecaller identifies names now.

Truecaller Privacy Issues? ™

Believe me or not but, this app is using your privacy/data to make money. I’m not a hater of truecaller. I just share what I feel. You can check its Privacy Policy on its official website 🌏. The final conclusion is, if you are worried about your privacy then you should not use this app or you just can minimize the permission given to this app by following the above-mentioned methods.

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