How to Fix 🛠 Windows 10 Crashes Issue FEB | 2019 (4 Ways)

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I’m using windows 10 now on my laptop, it’s actually good but not too good as my personal view, for me Windows 7 is my favorite Windows of all time. My interests were and still is in Windows 10. I have heard that Windows 10 is crashing sometimes because of some bugs or something more, it’s a really big problem if you are doing something very important office or any other work. So I thought that let’s make a post on this error and tell my friends best way to fix Windows 10 crashes issue so if you are facing the Windows 10 crashes issue then please connected with me to know how you can rid out of this problem.

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So today I’ll tell you best 3 ways to fix Windows 10 crashes issue in this post.

(Best 3 Ways) How to Fix Windows 10 Crashes Issue 2017

So let’s start our journey to know how to fix Windows 10 crashes issue without wasting a single second of yours.

Method 1 to Fix Windows 10 Crashes Issue by Updating Windows

This is the most straight and simple way to get rid out of this problem. Actually when a software is launched then its obvious that it would have some bugs that cause problem that’s why the developers of that app give an update to fix that bug so if your windows 10 is crashing then update it with the latest “Creators Update” which is now recent update given by Microsoft.

Follow My Instruction for Windows update:

  • Just tap on Cortana search bar and type Check for updates, you will directly reach to windows update section.
  • Just click on Check for updates option to get the latest update.

Please keep one thing in mind that this update is of more than 4 GB then you need a fastest internet connection for it.

Method 2 to Fix Windows 10 Crashes Issue by Moving back to Older Windows Version

Now let’s take another situation. If you updated your windows to latest update provided by Microsoft but it’s not running smoothly on your PC or laptop and causing a lagging problem or getting crashes while doing some work then the only way to rid out of this problem is that “move back to older version of windows”. Yes, my friends if the latest update is causing a problem then get back to an older version because sometimes the latest update also has few bugs that cause crash or the recent update is not compatible with your system specification. So it’s better to roll back to an older version.

Follow My Instruction for Getting back to Older Windows Version:

  • First of all open Settings app and click on Update & Security option.
  • Now click on Recovery option and you will see an option called Go back to an earlier build option.
  • Now click on Get Started option and follow the procedure by clicking Next option.

Note: In this case while getting back to your older version, your personal files could be deleted so please take backup before doing this and don’t forget to turn off Check for update option to never get update for your windows.

Method 3 to Fix Windows 10 Crashes Issue by Don’t Be a Part of Windows Insider Program

If you are a part of Windows Insider program then please make a distance from it because as they release a new update and imagine it has a bug in it, it will definitely crash your system so it would be better for you to keep your windows away from Windows Insider program.

Follow My Instruction for not being A Part of Windows Insider Program:

  • First of all open Settings app and click on Update & Security option.
  • Now click on windows update and go to Advanced Options to check if you are a part of o it or not.

If you are then disable this option to get free from crashes problem.

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