How SMS Works In Mobile? ✉ When Was The Last Time You Sent A Message?

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If you have woke up at 7:50 and has attended 8:00 class, you are an engineer 👷‍♀️. If you are on a bunk and still got an attendance of that lecture you are an engineer if you study one night before exams and scores good marks, you are an engineer, If you are still single, My Friend You Are An Engineer. Raise your hand if you were/are/will be an engineer like me. By the way, today’s topic is on How SMS works in mobile, be with an engineer to know what I’m talking about.

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So, basically, today in this article 📃 we will discuss How SMS works in mobile, what is SMS and MMS, how text messaging works, what is SMS gateway, SMS facts and much more things are going to clear today I swear.

What Is SMS? ✉

Sunny, are you crazy? Have you lost your mind after watching Avengers Infinity war? What silly question you are asking from your friends? Everyone knows what SMS is… I know I know everyone knows about sms but they might don’t know this. Neil Papworth (a British engineer) was the first person 🚶 who sent history’s first SMS Merry Christmas by from a computer to a phone in 3rd December 1992.

By the way, SMS stands for Short Message Service that is used as a service to talk anyone without speaking.

How SMS Works In Mobile? 🤔

Let’s start our journey to know how SMS works on mobile without wasting a single second 🕜 of yours.

  • We all see mobile towers around us and we all know that it helps us to talk through mobile. So, your phone is always connected to the nearest tower around you. They (tower and your phone) keeps exchanging signals through Control center, just to ensure that everything is fine and you get all your calls and SMS instantly.
  • So, when anyone calls you, tower sends a signal through a control signal to your phone and your phone start ringing.
  • The thing Control channel is not just for calling purpose, it also uses for SMS purposes.
  • So, when your family members or your friends send you an SMS, your SMS transfer/flows/go to SMSC (short message service center) through the tower 🗼.
  • Once the SMS reach SMSC, then the operator or computer analyze the SMS like:
    • What is the length of SMS
    • to whom this SMS is going
    • who is sending
    • SMS sending time
  • Once after analyzing what kind of SMS it is, SMSC find the nearest tower of you (because your friend or family members send that SMS to you) and send that SMS to your phone.
  • If your phone runs out of battery (because you play lots of games 🎮) and gets switch off then SMSC hold that SMS in its system and when your gets switch on, it sends that SMS to you.

SMS vs MMS messages 🙄

In SMS you can only send a simple message without any attachmentIn MMS you can only send a message by attaching some pictures or videos

What Is SMS Gateway? 🚪

Did you know what is SMS gateway? If not then don’t worry because I was also aware of it a few hours before. You can say SMS gateway is a medium (like a website like way2sms) which allows a computer (SMSC) to send or receive SMS. It can be national or international.

SMS Facts 🤗

  • You might know, you can send an SMS only of 160 words at a single time in English word but if you are trying in Chinese then you have around 76 words.
  • SMS is 25 years old now.
  • As I said above, the first message was sent in 1992 by a British Engineer (never underestimate the power of an Engineer) and that message was Merry Christmas.
  •  Are you on Twitter? Did you know Twitter 🐦 was inspired by SMS?
  • People send around 8 trillion messages per day around the world. (OOOO WOW!!!)
  • Did you know, you can take divorce from your wife or husband by sending just a message in Malaysia. It is legal since 2003.
  • SMS is good.

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