How Search Engine Works Step By Step 👣 : Know Google Baba

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Don’t call Google the best search engine if it can’t give you the exact or satisfying result of your query. I ‘m very angry with Google now 😤, you want to know why? I searched on Google “How To Get A Girlfriend” and it is saying Tu Toh Single Hi Marega. Really? 😑 I’m worried now! But I got one question in my mind. How did Google know that I’ll die single? 😅. By the way, today’s article is on how does search engine works step by step topic. Be with TechkyUniverse.  

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So, basically, today in this article 📃 we will discuss, how search engine works step by step, how does a search engine work step by step, working of search engine with diagram, how do search engines work Google, how search engine optimization works, search engine and its working, search engine basics and many more things are going to clear, I promise.

How Search Engine Works? Ft. Google 🔍

So, let’s start our journey to know how search engine works but before going to the main point, I will mention few things so that you can easily understand what I’m talking here. Google have some programs that it uses to give you best search results and that program is called Spiders 🕷. So how do you get your exact search result? Well, we will find out in next paragraph with an example called how search engine works step by step.

How Search Engine Works Step By Step 👣

You might don’t understand what I’m talking about here till now that’s why I will tell you with an example how search engine works step by step. Let’s tie your seatbelt, we are ready to go 👊.

  • You, yes you, imagine you are searching on Google GTA V download for PC.
  • Now, here comes the role of Google program called Spiders, it will search whole websites article that is indexed on Google (not in dark or deep web)
  • Now, you might be thinking that there are millions of websites that have a method of how to download GTA V then how Spiders can decide which best article I want? I know guys, that’s why I’m telling you in brief.
  • Spiders take your search query and search on Google, it checks following things like:
    • How many times your exact search query (GTA V download for PC) comes in that page of a website.
    • Is your search query exactly same appears in that page title, in URL, in headings, in a paragraph?
    • It also checks that the quality of website like how old is that website, authority of that website.
    • Spiders also check PageRank of that page like where it is ranking now on Google.
  • After all of the research, finally, Spiders collect that pages and represent in front of yours.
  • That’s how you get your search result.
  • I hope you finally understand how search engine works it didn’t then please check this image, I tried my best to explain you.

So What’s Pagerank? 🤔

I told you above 4 main things that Google spider do to give you best results, the first 3 lines you might understand easily but the last one PageRank, it might fly above, don’t worry let’s break it and understand it together.

Pagerank means how much other websites recommend a particular website 🌏 by giving website link in their article. So, Spiders think many websites have given links to this website it must have some good content, let’s show it to that eyes. For example, you want to give a party for your birthday to your friends but you don’t know which hotel is good so you will ask your friend is there any good hotel nearby? 8 friends will say this one is good (its kadhai paneer is awesome) 2 will say that one is best. So, finally, you will visit that hotel which are recommended by your 8 friends because you think this hotel might be good and will order half plate Kadhai Paneer (because your pocket don’t allow you) 

That’s called Pagerank and that’s how Google program’s spider works

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