How Does Wireless Charging Work? OOOOOOOOOOOOO 😮

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So, basically, today in this article 🗒 we will discuss, how does wireless charging work, how does wireless charging work Samsung, wireless charging distance, is wireless charging safe, wireless charging technology, wireless charging qi, wireless charging Samsung, wireless mobile charging, inductive charging, wireless charging advantages and disadvantages, advantages of wireless charging of mobile phones, wireless charging disadvantages, and many more things are going to clear today, I promise.

What Is Wireless Charging Technology? 🧐

I don’t know how would we make gold from potato but we have successfully made a technology through which we can charge our phone “wirelessly” and that technology called wireless charging technology. So, what is wireless charging technology? Let’s break apart this term into 3 parts, Wireless Charging Technology. If I have to say what is wireless charging technology in one line then I would say Charging any electronic device wirelessly with the help of technology, that’s it.

How Does Wireless Charging Work In Samsung, Wireless Mobile Charging? 

So, let’s start our journey ✈ to know how does wireless charging work Samsung, is wireless charging safe without wasting a single second of yours. There is no rocket science in wireless charging technology. Sir Nicole Tesla had already used this technology to lightened up the light bulb wirelessly.

  • You must have read about Electromagnetic Induction in your school time, wireless charging technology works on this principle. If you didn’t understand then let me try to make you understand.
  • If you pass electricity through a wire/coil, a magnetic field setups around the wire/coil, it’s called electromagnetic induction. I hope you got a rough idea about it if not then Google it 🔍.
  • So, basically, we need two devices for wireless charging. 1. Charging pad and 2. Wireless charging supports device.
  • Wireless charging pad has a round copper coil inside it, so when an electric current (A.C) pass into it a magnetic field generates around it.
  • There is also a copper coil inside the phone (or could be in the back cover of the phone or be along with battery).
  • So, when the magnetic field generates in one coil (in charging pad) it travels to another coil (in the phone) and the procedure starts reversing, it means magnetic fields transform into electricity and your phone starts charging.
  • It’s that simple! As I said no rocket science in it. Wireless charging technology is like connecting two electric wires to complete a circuit.

Wireless Charging Distance? 

After knowing how does wireless charging work let’s know some more important stuff regarding this like what is the highest wireless charging distance. It’s not that too long you have to keep your phone above the charging pad, just above the charging pad.

Is Wireless Charging Safe? 😳

Now the question arises is wireless charging safe? Of course, it is. Actually, it is safer than currently using the method to charge the device. Remember, guys, wireless charging technology is also being used in an electric toothbrush, the medical device (a device attaches to heart). So, it’s safer, there are no chances of electric shock, isn’t it great?

Wireless Charging Advantages And Disadvantages

Everything has its pros and cons even I have too so do Wireless charging have this is why let’s see some wireless charging advantages and disadvantages below.

Advantages Of Wireless Charging Of Mobile Phones ✅

  • Wireless charging is convenient, just put on the charging pad and boom! You are done.
  • Second advantages of wireless charging of mobile phone are it’s wireless.

Wireless Charging Disadvantages ❌

  • It’s 2018 and still, it is uncommonly used technology. Only flagship phones are coming with inbuilt wireless charging technology.
  • It’s slow and if it slow charge your phone slow your phone will start heating so it also heats your device.
  • You can’t charge your device by keeping far from it, you have to put your device on charging pad.
  • Last but not the least and very important you can’t use your phone while charging like we do now. Yeah, you can stand in front of your charging pad and use it but you can’t do it for long period of time.

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