How Does ATM Work Internally 🏧? Anytime Machine? Hmmmmmmmmmmm? 🤔

Dhruv: Bidu, what’s your plan for Sunday? Let’s hang out and will eat Chhole Kulche? Sunny: I can’t come I can’t miss that legendary scene when Thakur Bhanu Pratap eats Zehar wali kheer in my ALL TIME favorite movie Sooryavansham 🤗. I watch it every single Sunday. Catch anyone else, bidu and after that, I don’t why I am not able to see his WhatsApp DP and my messages aren’t delivering to him 😕. By the way, today’s topic is on How does atm work? Be with TechkyUniverse to know what happens when you insert your card and enter your pin number in the atm.

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How Does ATM Work? Ft. The Card Checker Process 💳

So, let’s start our journey to know how does ATM work without wasting a single second of yours.

  • As you take your card along you to your nearest atm and stand in queue 👥 for your number.
  • And when your number comes and you insert your card in ATM this happens
  • The place where you enter your card is actually a card reader who reads your card and check that whether it’s real or fake but how it check?
  • If you see your card, you will see a black color stip back on your card (black tape like), it’s actually a magnetic strip that store enough of your data to prove that your card is genuine.
  • ATM machine’s card reader has two reader sensors, first reader sensor checks your card is original or not and the second reader reads that black strip and retrieves our bank information like
    • What’s our account number?
    • How much money we have in our bank account?
    • What’s our card limit?
    • And how much money we have taken out today (the daily limit scene) and bla bla bla!!!

How ATM Machine Work? Ft. Card PIN Number Process 🔑

  • After checking your card and retrieving your bank information, ATM machine asks you to enter your card PIN number to validate it’s actually you.
  • After checking your card PIN number (if it is real), ATM allows you to access your bank details like
    • Cash Withdrawal
    • why even I’m writing it, you better know about this, let’s continue our journey.

How ATM Transaction Works 🤷‍♂️

  • So, after putting all your information like your card PIN, account type and the amount of money you want to withdraw (imagine you want Rs. 15,500) and pressing the “Confirm” button. ATM access its cash drawer/vault.
  • ATM doesn’t have only one cash drawer, it has many depending on the denomination like
    • Rs. 100 has one cash drawer
    • Rs. 200 has one cash drawer
    • Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000 has another drawer
    • An extra drawer is known as “Reject bin” for fake notes.
  • So, when ATM access its full of cash boxes, it picks every single note and passes it through a roller (that moment when you listen to those pleasant sound “pew, pew, pew, pew”), the notes pass through many sensors on the roller who check:
    • You get the same amount of money as you mentioned on the screen, neither less nor more.
    • Sensors also check whether the notes are legit or fake, they must be in good condition not in tear condition, wet, and many more bad things they check to give you good quality notes by checking it’s ink, thickness, weight, and size.
  • After checking all these things in less a minute, it gives you your Rs. 15,500.

How ATM Works In Networking 🗼

  • After receiving your money ATM sends details of a successful transaction to your bank through the host computer (who provide internet) to your bank computer 🖥 (all ATMs are connected with internet so that they transfer details to the bank) and you receive a message “Your account has been debited of Rs. 15,500” something like that.
  • Sometimes, your money got stuck inside ATM and in these case, ATM again sends detail of unsuccessful transaction to your bank server.

ATM Skimming Device 🕵️‍♀️

You probably know about ATM skimming, you probably don’t know about it. If not then don’t worry that’s why TechkyUniverse is here. If I have to describe ATM skimming in one line then it would be “stealing your cards details without letting you know”. Let’s discuss it briefly.

Method 1 For ATM Skimming 

ATM skimmers can put a device exactly look alike the card reader face. It can be different in size depending on the face of a card reader. As you insert your card in ATM, this ATM skimming device collects all your card data like binary numbers available on a black magnetic strip.

Method 2 For ATM Skimming

ATM skimmer can also put a hidden camera on top of the keypad of ATM as shown in the picture. If it is installed in your ATM it could record you putting/dialing your card ATM pin.

Method 3 For ATM Skimming

Or an ATM skimmer can also put a fake keypad above the original keypad of ATM as shown in the picture. If it is installed in your ATM it could also record you putting/dialing your card ATM pin.

Million Dollar Question: How To Be Safe From an ATM Skimming ❓

There are many ways through which you can detect these fake devices

For Method 1: Before inserting your bank card in an ATM, double check the head of the card reader (the place where you insert your card) by shaking it or pulling in or out many times. ATMs are tough build so if you feel it lose, beware it could be an ATM skimmer device.

For Method 2: If you are worried about a hidden camera to steal your PIN number then dial your PIN number by covering the dial pad with another hand exactly same like Toppers hide their answer sheets so that no one can cheat from his/her sheet and can score more than him/her.

For Method 3: Follow method 1, guys. Before typing your card PIN number on the keypad, hard press it and see whether the buttons misbehave. You must have used ATM thousands of times so it would be easy for you to catch the difference between keypad behavior. As I said above, ATMs are tough build based on thousands of people use it daily so if you feel anything lose just visit another ATM.

Few More Knowledge About ATM Skimming

By chance, if you become a victim of ATM skimming then immediately inform your bank because nowadays many modern banks come with fraud protection facility. If you follow these tricks then you may look crazy to another people or maybe someone laughs at you but its good to save your hard-earned money.

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