How Big Is The Universe In Light Years? 🌌 A Tribute To Sir Stephen Hawking ❤

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Do you think Burj Khalifa 🗼 is big? Do you think your school assignment/office project is huge? Do you think Bahubali 2 running time is lengthy? (that is actually huge it’s of 3h 17m 😅). But what if I say it’s nothing just nothing I mean it is just NOTHING in front of the size of the universe. Even our galaxy (Milky Way) is like an atom in front of it. Scared? want to know how big is the the universe? If yes then be with me to know where we, our earth, sun, milky way, Alpha Centauri As stands.

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So, basically, today in this article 📃 we will discuss how big is the universe, how big is the universe in light years, what is the size of the universe, how big is the universe scale, how big is the milky way and many more things are going to clear today, I promise.

How Big Is The Universe In Light Years? How Big Is The Milky Way? Let’s Find Out 🔍

I’ll tell how big is the universe in ascending order like we will start from our earth and then go further and further into deep space. We can’t see how big is the universe by seating here or just by reading this article we need a spaceship-like Thanos’s Century 2 so that we can see everything with our eyes and can share our experience/feelings with our friend gang.

Precautions: No sad faces are allowed here.

How Big Is The Universe Ft. Earth 🌏

This is earth, this is the place where we all belong from, you live here somewhere, everything you have ever seen till now, everything you have ever known till now is located in this blue ball. Earth population is around 7.442 billion, you might be thinking it’s huge. I’ll say no it’s not. Let’s go to our nearest friend (Moon) in our spaceship.

How Big Is The Universe Ft. Distance Between Earth and Moon 🌛

I still see a rabbit in the Moon in night whenever I look at it and you? We may think that Moon is so big in the night so it must be close to earth like above picture. But we are wrong, our Chanda mama is too far away from us,

The distance between Earth and Moon is 3,84,400 km (3 lakh 84 thousand 400 km). Look at the picture below to see how far it is. Let me explain it to you how huge is the distance with an example:

  • The distance between Earth and Moon is so huge that you can fit all the planets of our solar system between them like (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune) with a distance of 4,392 km between each planet.

  • The distance between Earth and Moon is so huge that you can fit 30 entire Earths between them.
  • The distance between Earth and Moon is so huge that (imagine) if drive a car from the edge of the earth to Moon at a constant speed of 100 kmph, it will take 160 days to reach Moon (don’t forget to carry that amount of food and petrol).
  • This is how our earth look like from the moon

  • If you are at Moon and try to talk to your friend on Earth, your message will take 2.5 seconds to reach to earth from Moon and will take 2.5 seconds to reach back to moon from Earth if it travels at a speed of light and speed of light is fastest thing it is around 3,00,000 km/s.

How Big Is The Universe Ft. Distance Between Earth and Mars 🔴

I hope after realizing the actual distance between Earth and Moon you might be surprised if not then don’t worry you would surprise to know the distance between Earth and Mars.

  • The distance between earth and Mars is around 225 Million kilometers away (average) and it can be 4.1 Million kilometers away (maximum). See this picture below to know what does it feel like to be 225 million kilometers away from Mars. This picture is taken by a robot on Mars.

  • So if you are on Mars, again and again, you want to talk to your friend on Earth then my friend your message will take 20 minutes to reach to earth from Mars and will take 20 minutes to reach back to Mars from Earth if it travels at a speed of light. (I hope you guys already have seen The Martian movie).
  • If you are on Mars and your one friend is on Moon, then you are 986 times further away than your friend on Moon from Earth.

Do You Think Burj Khalifa Is Too Big? What About This Picture? 🖼

It’s our sun and earth.

How Big Is The Universe Ft. Voyager 1 Space Probe 🛰

I hope you know what Voyager 1 probe is if you don’t know let me tell you, its a spaceship launched by NASA on September 5, 1977. (they basically launched two probes Voyager 1 and Voyager 2). This is the further object sent by human till now. In this probe, the scientist has put some information about us in a hope that one day any Alien (Jadoo) will get it. So if you see any alien attack in future you can assume that they have come after receiving the message from Voyager 1.

So, we are on how far is Voyager 1 from us. So, guys, Voyager 1 is 138 AU from Earth. AU means Astronomical Unit, so 1 AU is the distance between Earth and the Sun which means Voyager 1 is 138 times further from away us than the sun is. Now look the picture below:

You know what’s that dot? It’s more than that. That dot is our home. That dot is us. On that dot, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever lived, lived out their lives. Your happiness, your sadness is that dot. Every hero and every coward. Your crush, your parents, your friends, your enemy, your office, your college, first living creator on earth, the first person on Earth lived in that dot.

More About Voyager 1

Voyager 1 is traveling at a speed of 17 Km/s in space. But that high speed isn’t enough for our Voyager 1 to go out of our solar system for another 30,000 years. Imagine this probe was launched 🚀 in 1977 and today is 2018 and it will still take 30,000 years just to go out of our solar system, not our galaxy.

How Big Is The Universe In Light Years Ft. Interstellar Neighborhood

So, what is Interstellar neighborhood? See, you must be living in a society/flat/hostel so you are having a neighborhood around you of peoples like you, exactly same happens here in the Interstellar neighborhood. Now imagine sun in your place. Sun has its own neighborhood. It has friends like other stars like Proxima Centauri.

Can you see the golden/yellow biggest dot in that picture? It’s our solar system (like all 8 planets except Pluto, our sun, our moon, it’s our solar system, guys). Now at the Interstellar neighborhood or after Interstellar neighborhood we change the unit of measuring distance, first, we use “the amount of distance traveled by light in one hour/second” now we will use “the amount of distance traveled by light in one year” and it is 9.461 Trillion km.

More About Proxima Centauri 🌌

You may know about it. It is the closest star to us after Sun but it’s still 4.24 light years away from us. So, if Voyager 1 went to Proxima Centauri then it will take over 70,000 years to reach it. (70,000 years, can you imagine? till then I think there might be no earth). Now imagine, if you drove your car to Proxima Centauri at a speed of 100 Kmph then it will take 6 times longer than the age of the universe and our universe is just 13.82 billions years old (my mind has stopped working now). But if you still go to that star sorry to say but it wouldn’t even exist anymore.

How Big Is The Universe In Light Years Ft. Our Galaxy (Milky Way) 🌌

Now imagine, if we go out even further, we will see our entire milky way galaxy. Look at the picture above to see how our milky way looks like. Our galaxy is 1,00,000 light years in diameter (950,000,000,000,000,000 km).

Are you alright, naa till now? 😅 We still have to explore the whole universe to be with me.

Till now everything you saw is in milky way galaxy but what you say if I say that Milky Way is nothing in front of this galaxy.

IC 1101 is the biggest galaxy discovered till yet just look how big it is in front of Milky Way. Just imagine what could be inside there. But where are we in the huge milky way. See the below picture to know where we actually in a milky way.

Can you see the golden dot that pointer is pointing? I know the picture quality is quite low but if you can see that dot then buddy that is earth where I’m tying this article and you are reading this article on How big is the universe.

  • There are over 100 billion stars and over 100 billion planets inside our galaxy. Isn’t it mind-blowing?
  • Can you see a yellow square that pointer is pointing on our galaxy? 99% of star you in the night with your eye is limited to this region. comes under that square. We can’t see stars outside of that box.

How Big Is The Universe In Light Years Ft. Local Group Of Our Galaxies 🌌

Image our galaxy as a group, like, we all have a group in college like last benchers have one group, toppers have another group and girls have another group, exactly same apply here with our galaxy. This is the image of a local group of our galaxies. It is a collection of 54 different galaxies that is widely spread over 10 million light-years across.

How Big Is The Universe In Light Years Ft. Virgo Supercluster 🌌🌌

Now you have your group in your college/school but a class (like 6th, 7th, 8th) is divided into many sections like Section A, Section B and in that section there are approx 40 students, exactly same apply here with Virgo supercluster. All the student of a section is a just a small part of a particular class like class 11 or 12 class where all section lies. Virgo supercluster has a length of 110 million light years. But this is not the end.

How Big Is The Universe In Light Years Ft. Laniakea Supercluster 🌌🌌🌌

Now the class in which you study comes in a school/college where all other different class is also combined like Class 1 to 12 in one building, exactly same apply here with Laniakea supercluster. Laniakea supercluster is a home of our galaxy as well as 1,00,000 other galaxies. It is like when your small group get mixed up with the rest of the students of your school/college. The distance from one side to the other is 520 million light years.

How Big Is The Universe In Light Years Ft. Titanic Laniakea Supercluster 🌌🌌🌌🌌

Now imagine if we combine all the school/college of India in one place that will be exactly same like Titanic Laniakea supercluster. Titanic Laniakea supercluster is the combination of all Laniakea supercluster.

How Big Is The Universe In Light Years Ft. Observable Universe 😵

All the schools/colleges of India is just a small tiny part of whole World’s population. You can say world’s population is like an observable universe where your friend group is our galaxy.

I know its very tough to understand but imagine, world’s total population is in a park including your school. Now can imagine yourself in between world’s all population. If you did then just replace your group with our galaxy and you will know that where our galaxy stands.

Observable Universe? 🙄

The observable universe is a home of 2 trillion different galaxies which together contain more stars than there are grains of sand on the entire Earth. everything we know till now come in it, every biggest inventer couldn’t think beyond it. The distance from Earth to any side of the observable universe is 46.5 billion light-years across which means the entire observable is 93 billion light-years across.

This is the universe we know that exists but we have no idea 😕 what’s beyond it, there could be anything like Multiverse or something.

According to Cosmic Inflation theory at present day the entire universe is 150 sextillion times larger than the observable universe. You can imagine it as our observable universe is just a grain of sand in the Thar Desert or our observable universe is just a like a cricket ball in the moon. There could be a million types of a universe where those galaxies would have their own rules.


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