(Important) GTA San Andreas Game 🎮: Cheats Codes 🕵 for Everything You Can Do FEB | 2019

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GTA San Andreas game! I don’t about you friends but it was and still my whole world 😍. I can’t explain my feelings and happiness 😃 while playing San Andreas. Actually, I love GTA games. I still remember when I bought my PC the first thing I had installed after antivirus is GTA Vice City. That game was such a beautiful but we will talk about Vice city in another article. It’s San Andreas time this is why today’s topic is on GTA San Andreas cheats codes. Be with TechkyUniverse.

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So basically today I’m going to share my memories and cheats of GTA San Andreas game, GTA san andreas primary cheats, GTA san andreas weapons cheats, GTA san andreas vehicles cheats and many more things are going to clear just stay with me.

GTA San Andreas Game Cheats Codes Ft. My Memories 🤗 With This Game

If you are interested to know my memories with this game then you can read this segment or you can simply jump to cheats section. So friends I still remember when I looked first time at San Andreas game play in Dhruv’s pc 🖥, I didn’t like it because of its old graphics as compared with GTA Vice City. And at that time I used to play vice city and its graphics are more colorful than San Andreas. But Dhruv told me San Andreas features like:

  • You can swim.
  • You can take a long jump
  • You can ride a bicycle
  • and hundreds of more features that make this game better than Vice city.

Then I started playing this game and completed it 3 times but still want to play every day and every single day its look like I’m playing this game first time.

GTA San Andreas Cheats Code 📃

I still remember I used to use my ruff notebook 📓 in front of the monitor while playing. I followed this whole 9th standard. Its cheats don’t make any sense so it took some time to memorize all cheats. I told Dhruv to write all the cheats on the last page of my ruff copy with its activities in 9th standard (that time I didn’t have the internet connection and I even don’t know how to use it 😅) and he wrote more than 20 cheats (He is a game geek from starting). And life goes on and I keep playing like this.

So friends lets start our journey to know GTA San Andreas game cheats for PC, Play Station without wasting a single second of yours.

GTA San Andreas Primary Cheats 

First i’ll give you the list of cheats that most of the player usually use most. Here we go 🏃.

Cheat NameActions
HESOYAM Get Full Health, Armor, Money ($250k)  and Repair Car
 AEZAKMI  Never Wanted
 CVWKXAM Infinite Oxygen
 AIYPWZQP  Get Parachute
 ROCKETMAN  Get Jetpack
 UZUMYMW Get Weapon Set
 TURNDOWNTHEHEAT Clear All Wanted Level
 BUFFMEUP Get Muscular Body

All GTA San Andreas Cheats Code

After telling most used GTA San Andreas cheats above, it’s time 🕠 to tell rest of the codes that you can use them for fun purposes.

GTA San Andreas Weapons Cheats 🔫

Cheat NameActions
 UZUMYMW Nutter tools, Weapon Set 1 (my favorite)
 LXGIWYL Thug’s Tools, Weapon Set 2
 PROFESSIONALSKIT Professional Tools, Weapon Set 3

GTA San Andreas Vehicles Cheats  🚁

Cheat NameActions
 JUMPJET Get Hydra
 OHDUDE Get Hunter
 OLDSPEEDDEMON Get Bloodring Banger
 JQNTDMH Get Rancher
 VPJTQWV Get Race Car
 TRUEGRIME Get Trashmaster
 RZHSUEW Get Caddy
 KGGGDKP Get Vortex Hovercraft
 AIYPWZQP Have Parachute
AMOMHRER Get Tanker Truck
ROCKETMAN  Have Jetpack

GTA San Andreas Fun Cheats 😂

Cheat NameActions
 EVERYONEISPOOR Everyone will drive cheap cars
 EVERYONEISRICH Everyone will drive fast cars
 CHITTYCHITTYBANGBANG Cars fly (biggest cheat ever)
 JCNRUAD Cars smash and boom when hit
 SPEEDFREAK All cars have nitro
 BUBBLECARS Cars float away in air when hit
OUIQDMW Free aim while driving
 GHOSTTOWN Reduced traffic
 FVTMNBZ Traffic is country vehicles
 BMTPWHR Country vehicles and peds, get born 2 truck outfit
 CPKTNWT Blow up all cars
 STICKLIKEGLUE Perfect handling while driving
 ZEIIVG All traffic is green
 YLTEICZ Aggressive drivers
 LLQPFBN Pink traffic
 IOWDLAC Black traffic

GTA San Andreas Gameplay Cheats 🎮

Cheat Name Actions
 SPEEDITUP Faster Gameplay
 SLOWITDOWN Slower Gameplay
 GOODBYECRUELWORLD Carl will commit suicide
 BLUESUEDESHOES Elvis is everywhere
 AJLOJYQY Peds attack each other, get golf club
 BAGOWPG Have a bounty on your head
 FOOOXFT Everyone has armor
 BGLUAWML Peds attack you with weapons, rocket launcher
 LIFESABEACH Beach theme
 ONLYHOMIESALLOWED Gang members everywhere
 BIFBUZZ Gangs control the streets
 NINJATOWN Ninja theme
 BEKKNQV Slut Magnet
 CJPHONEHOME High bunny hop
 KANGAROO High jump
 CRAZYTOWN Funhouse Theme
 SJMAHPE Recruit anyone with 9 mm pistol
 ROCKETMAYHEM Recruit anyone with rockets

GTA San Andreas Carl Cheats 👤

Cheat NameActions
 HESOYAM Get Full Health, Armor, Money ($250k)  and Repair Car
 CVWKXAM Infinite Oxygen
 NATURALTALENT Maximum level in all vehicle skill stats
 PROFESSIONALKILLER Hitman in all weapon stats
 VKYPQCF Maximum stamina
 HELLOLADIES Maximum sex appeal
 WORSHIPME Maximum respect
 BUFFMEUP Maximum muscle (6 pack abs)
 BTCDBCB Maximum fat
 KVGYZQK Maximum skinny

GTA San Andreas Weather and Time Cheats 🌪

Cheat NameActions
 CWJXUOC Sandstorm
 TOODAMNHOT Very sunny weather
 OFVIAC Orange sky
 ALNSFMZO Overcast weather
 NIGHTPROWLER Always midnight
 AUIFRVQS Rainy weather
 YSOHNUL Faster clock
 CFVFGMJ Foggy weather

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