GTA 5 Cheats Codes 🕵 For PC FEB | 2019

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Saying GTA 5 a game is like saying Bugatti Chiron just a car 😑. GTA 5 is not just a game, it is ……….(I even don’t know how to tell). An extremely hard work of hundreds of developers for more than 5 years, countless unsleepy nights with unforgettable memories and fun and the result we get GTA 5. Only a true GTA fan can understand what GTA games mean in their life. (Yes I am also a hardcore GTA fan that’s why I’m saying like this 😍). So my GTA fans today I’m going to share few GTA 5 cheats so that it can create more fun in the game.

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GTA 5 Cheats 📃

Before going to main GTA 5 cheats, I want to know why there are very few GTA 5 cheats for GTA 5 as compared to other GTA game. Look at San Andreas cheat code list, it is huge. But I’m happy with that. So without wasting a single time, let’s jump to GTA 5 cheats.

GTA 5 Cheats For Michael/Franklin/Trevor 👤

In this segment, I’ll tell you GTA 5 cheats for players. Here is the complete list, friends.

Cheat CodeActions
 TURTLE Increase players health and armor
 CATCHME Increase players sprint speed
 GOTGILLS  Increase players swimming speed
 HIGHEX Explosive ammo rounds
 HOTHANDS Increase players punch and kick strength
 INCENDIARY Your bullets will set things on fire too
 LAWYERRUP Lower wanted level (one star)
 FUGITIVE Raise wanted level (one star)
 POWERUP Players recharge their own special ability
 SKYFALL Players be in the mid-air without parachute
 DEADEYE Players do slow motion aiming (at 5th it will disable)
 HOPTOIT Players do super jump
 SKYDIVE Players have parachute
 PAINKILLER Players work for 5 minutes before you re-enter the cheat
 LIQUOR Players be in drunk mode

GTA 5 Cheats For Vehicle 🛩

In this segment, I’ll tell you how can you get cars, planes and almost every vehicle by GTA 5 cheats.

Cheat CodeActions
 BUZZOFF Get Buzzard
 HOLEIN1 Get Caddy
 COMET Get Comet
 FLYSPRAY Get Duster
 VINEWOOD Get Limousine
 ROCKET Get PCJ-600 ( a new one)
 OFFROAD Get Sanchez
 BARNSTORM Get Stunt Plane
 TRASHED Get Trashmaster
 DEATHCAR Get Duke O’Death
 EXITINCT Get Dodo Airplane
 BUBBLES Get Kraken Sub

GTA 5 Cheats For Stuffs 💼

In this segment, I’ll tell you how can you get kinds of stuff like guns and parachute by simple GTA 5 cheats.

Cheat CodeActions
 SKYDIVE Get Parachute
 TOOLUP Get Weapons

GTA 5 Cheats For Gameplay 🕹

In this segment, I’ll tell you how can you change gameplay in GTA 5 with the help of GTA 5 cheats.

Cheat CodeActions
 SLOWMO Players play is slow motion
 SNOWDAY Cars start slippery
 FLOATER Players feel low gravity
 JRTALENT Play game in director mode
 MAKEITRAIN Change weather

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