Google Pixel 2 Phone 📱: Release Date 🗓, Price, Specifications Everything You Should Know About Pixel 2 Mobile FEB | 2019

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What’s up 👋 Google Pixel fans and non Google Pixel fan. Today we will discuss about an upcoming smartphone and its name is Google Pixel 2. So tie your seat belt and get ready to know all the latest news 🗞, release date, price, specifications and almost all rumors related to Google Pixel 2 mobile phone.

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Google Pixel History 🤔

Before going to the main topic lets discuss some point about Google Pixel. Friends, you might know that Google Pixel was not get too much popular as Google expected and the reason behind it is tough competition in market. Companies 🏭 like Samsung, Apple have already taken this segment. If a person 👤 have a high budget then he always think to buy latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. And anywhere they think for a while that paying more (any high amount) for an android phone, its not a good idea !

About Google Pixel Phone 📱

All of mine friends might know this but what about those special friends who haven’t any clue for this, that’s why I have decided to repeat that thing again. All of my friends 👥 might know about Nexus devices. Actually Nexus devices was made by LG or HTC (i’m little bit confused). But Google decided that they will design their own mobile phones (Hardware and Software) and as a result Pixel came last year.

Google Pixel 2

Now its time to talk each and everything about Pixel 2 (like its release date, price, design and specifications) that you should know so that you never feel that “I wasted my time and data 🌏 by visiting TechkyUniverse”.

Google Pixel 2 Models

Like last year Google is planning to launch total 3 models (normal size, XL and Larger than XL) of Pixel 2. They will known by Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2. Two models of Pixel 2 will launch at one time but the largest one will be launched later. Now the question arises that who will manufacture Pixel 2. Rumors 🗣 are that HTC will manufacture both Pixel device (normal size and XL) and the largest model will be manufactured by LG.

Google Pixel 2 Release Date 🗓

Last year Google launched Pixel devices in October 2016. Now according to latest rumors Google is planning to launch its all new Pixel 2 devices on October 5, 2017. But friends its not official now, date might change.

Google Pixel 2 Specifications 🔎

Now after knowing its release date and many more thing its time to see its specifications list. Let see this time Google can impress its customers or  not.

Google Pixel 2 Major Specifications:

Its all rumors so I’m confirm that what is coming in Pixel 2 or not, I can assume that’s why I’m just mentioning its major specifications, guys have a look 👀 at them:

Google Pixel SpecificationsDetails
Google Pixel 2 screen size4.97 inch (Full HD)
Android versionAndroid Oreo (8.0.1)
ProcessorSnapdragon 835 chipset
Two Front Stereo SpeakersYes
Headphone Jack3.5 mm
Water resistant and Dust resistantIP67 or IP68
Storage Option128 GB

 Google Pixel 2 XL Major Specification

The one and bigger difference between Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL is the screen size, in Pixel 2 its of 4.97 inches and in Pixel 2 XL it will be of 5.5 inches 📱 and many more features. As I will get few more information about Google Pixel 2 specification without wasting a single second I’ll update here.

Google Pixel 2 Design

Design of Google Pixel 2 is quite similar to its previous version Pixel. I have a picture 🖼 of it (as I say we always have a pic 😎). Its not official friends but its also not 100% fake.

Google Pixel 2 Price 💰

Now its time to reveal its price range. But before going to reveal it lets discuss about pixel. Last year Google Pixel was launched at $649 for 32 GB and $749 for 128 GB and for Pixel XL, the price range for 32 GB was $769 and for 128 GB it was $869. So after knowing that we can assume that Pixel 2 will not gonna be cheaper 😅 from Pixel. But Pixel 2 price will lie around Samsung galaxy S8 to give a tight competition.

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