GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp GB 6.70 APK Download FEB | 2019 💬: We Have Latest One 🔥

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What is the need of another WhatsApp app when we have the original one? 😕_ my mind is saying. What if, if anyone blocked you on WhatsApp and you need to talk to him/her then GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp GB apk can help you in that case 😁_ my heart is saying. With whom I should go? After thinking for few seconds  I’ll go with my heart and keep WhatsApp GB app as a backup on my mobile.

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So, basically, today in this post 📃, we will discuss GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp GB, WhatsApp GB Download, WhatsApp GB APK, WhatsApp GB apk download, GBWhatsApp features, WhatsApp GB for ios and many more things.

GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp GB? 🤔

Some say it GBWhatsApp and some say it WhatsApp GB…… WhatsApp GB? Sounds like WhatsApp has started its own network company like Airtel and Jio and providing Data to its customers. Was it funny? ……no, Hilarious joke of 2018 😅. I’m sorry but I’m improving myself to crack best jokes for you guys. By the way, let’s talk about WhatsApp GB app apk. Actually, you can understand this app as a modded version of WhatsApp that will give you extra GBWhatsApp features with same security (I guess). That’s all I know about it now and later in this article we will discuss GBWhatsApp features.

Requirements For GBWhatsApp:

We need these things for WhatsApp GB download ⬇ without them you can’t download it, the 3rd one is most important in this list.

  • An Android phone or iOS phone
  • Internet connection to download WhatsApp GB apk app
  • A smile on your face 😃 (as I said above without it, you can’t download WhatsApp GB apk, don’t believe me? give it a try and share it with me in comment section)

GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp GB, WhatsApp GB Download, WhatsApp GB APK, WhatsApp GB apk download, GBWhatsApp features, WhatsApp GB for iOS, GBWhatsApp apk Download

So, let’s start our journey 🛩 on WhatsApp GB download without wasting your single seconds of yours.

WhatsApp GB Download 6.70 Version

  • First of all click on the blue button given below and wait till a new tab open completely.
  • Now you will see an option called Download just click on it and you are done.
  • Is that simple?

GBWhatsApp Features ⚙

Here are some GBWhatsApp features that make a huge difference from original one, believe me after reading GBWhatsApp features I also think to use it but I’ll go with the real one.

  • You can hide last seen for a specific person in GBWhatsApp.
  • You can disable calls for a specific person in GBWhatsApp.
  • You can recall your sent messages if you wish in this app.
  • With the help of SMS Scheduler feature, you can send message to specific person at a specific time (now no need to wake up until midnight to wish your girlfriend boyfriend ❤ on special occasion)
  • You can apply many themes to your WhatsApp.
  • You can hide your last seen, blue tick (means you read someone message), double tick, isn’t it a great feature.
  • Features like Antiban is also loaded in this app.
  • Now you can do voice call and video call.
  • You can see anyone profile pic by zooming it.
  • Lots of emojis (This is what we belong to).
  • You can also copy anyone status if you liked it.
  • You can also stop receiving calls from any specific person if you wish.
  • You will receive a notification if anyone changes its profile pic (DP).
  • You can send larger files up to 30 MB as compared to the original one (you can send any file up to 16 GB).
  • You can send any audio clip up to 100 MB as compared to the original one (you can send any file up to 16 GB).
  • You can send up to 90 images in a single time.
  • You can view any received media without loading.
  • You can disable voice call feature in GBWhatsApp if you wish.
  • A feature called Selfie Flash has been also added.
  • You can broadcast to 600 people as compared to 250 people in original one.
  • Now you have a feature called Counter statistics for groups in WhatsApp (what happens with this feature).
  • You can write your status in 250 words ad compared to original one (139 words).
  • You can copy and paste any messages and send to anyone without copying name and time.
  • You can also change app icon and notifications settings.

Wooh! I wrote more than 25 WhatsApp GB features without using this app and its good but still I use the original one 😅. Believe me it has more features than you think so what are you waiting for just download it if you wish and enjoy….

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