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So today’s topic is “How to fix many Laptop problems like overheating 🔥, Battery 🔋 draining and much more” 

Now if you are thinking 💭 that what’s new in this man! Why and how is it important for me and for Admin of Techkyuniverse.

Why is it important for both of us?

This post is very important for both of us because if your laptop would be in good condition then you will be happy and if you will be happy then we will be happy 😊.

What are The Main Problems Occur in Laptops:

Here I’m going to tell the main problems occurs while using laptops for a long time ⌚. Just have a look.

  • Overheating
  • Virus or Malware infected
  • Outdated Video 📹 Drives
  • System Crash
  • Stuck Pixels
  • Can’t Connect to Wireless Network
  • Unfunctional Work of Keyboard 🎹
  • Failure of Hard Drive
  • Need More Memory
  • Battery 🔋 Not Holding Charging
  • Slow Hard Drive

So above are the most common problems occurs in laptops. So help me to find out more information regarding these problems and solutions too. I will discuss few of them just have a look!

How to fix many Laptop problems like overheating 🔥, Battery 🔋 draining and much more

Without wasting time ⌚ let’s start the operation of searching 🔎 the solution of these problems.

#1. Overheating

One of the most happening problems in Laptops, agreed 👍? If we use laptops for a long time ⌚ overheating is obvious. So how to rid of this problem.

How to Identify:

  • When you touch the laptop surface you feel hot ♨. 
  • Your system will start lagging and slow downing

How to Rid of Overheating Problem:

Now I’m telling you solution of this problem as much I can decide yourself which one is more easy to implement. Here I’m throwing all my knowledge.

#1. By Buying a Laptop Cooling Mat:

You can keep your laptop cool by buying a laptop cooling mat. It is very effective and you can do long and heavy work for a long time ⌚ without making your laptop overheat.

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#2. By Elevation:

The elevation is also very beneficial for a laptop to keep it cool. Just keep any object like a book 📖, pad under your laptop battery 🔋 and sit a little bit in tilt position so that more and more air can flow under your laptop.

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Note 📝: keep ensure that book 📖 is not blocking the bottom fan hole.

#3. By Maintaining Cool Environment:

Do work with your laptop in the cool environment like work near air conditioner so that it can keep your laptop cool and prevent it from lagging and hanging.

#4. By Using a Heat 🔥 Sink:

Using a heat sink is another effective way to keep your laptop cool, just use a steel bar or plate and keep it under your laptop surface so that heat can transfer to steel plate or bar.

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Note 📝: Heat sink is valid only when your laptop surface is made up of the metal case.

#5. By Lowering the Brightness 🔆:

Just minimize the brightness 🔆 level if you are working in indoor to prevent your laptop from overheating.

#6. By Using a Program:

There are many different types of programs available in the market that help you to fight with overheating of your laptop.

#7. By Stop ✋ Overclocking:

Just stop overclocking of your laptop to prevent it from overheating, if overclocking is on it will make your laptop more heated as normal.

#8. By Lowering the Maximum Processor State:

Just follow my instructions to use this step:

  • First click the battery 🔋
  • Now choose more power option.
  • Next step is to change plan settings according to your desire then click “Advanced power settings”.
  • Click on processor power management, after that go to maximum option processor states.
  • Set both to around 70-90%.

These are total 8 methods to prevent overheating of your love one laptop, just apply according to your desire and enjoy a cool 😎 temperature laptop.

#2. Virus or Malware Infected

True enemy of laptops and PC 😨, and every user 👤 want to keep its laptop or PC away from it and for that we use Antivirus. Let’s discuss it in brief.

How to Identify:

  • Pop-up Windows Attack
  • Your system start randomly connected to various websites
  • Your online bank 🏦 details get hacked
  • Slowwwwwwwing down of your device
  • Few settings of your system automatically get changed.

How to Rid of This Problem:

Now I’m telling you solution of this problem as much I can decide yourself which one is more easy to implement. Here I’m throwing all my knowledge.

By Downloading Antivirus:

This method is mostly known by everyone like who are reading this article right now 😊or like those who are hanging out with their girlfriends 😂. I don’t need to tell much about it because you all well know about it 😅. I’m just giving you a list 📃 of Top 10 Best Antivirus to you. Just use them and keep your laptop or PC 💻 free from virus or malware.

  • Kaspersky
  • Norton
  • ESET
  • AVG
  • McAfee
  • Microsoft Security Essentials
  • BitDefender
  • Quick Heal
  • Avast Software
  • Avira (My Personal Favourite)

That above one is the best solution to fight with this problem. All the Best and don’t forget to tell me how much “Virus” you found on your device in the comment box. Hahaha.

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