How To 🤔 Fix 🛠 “ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR-CIPHER_MISMATCH” Error ⚠ in Google Chrome Browser FEB | 2019

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No doubt Google Chrome is the best browser 🌏 because it comes with lots of features like customs themes, wallpapers, millions of extensions and its a Google material that make it different from the rest of other browsers in the field of technology. Millions of peoples 👥 use Google Chrome just millions of people and I’m one of them too. So its obvious that you would face some problem or error with Google chrome due to your internet connection or some other reason.

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So today we will discuss one of the common problems occurs in Google chrome browser 🌏 and the name of that problem or error is “ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR-CIPHER_MISMATCH”. Be stay with me to know everything about this error and trick to solve it.


According to my study (might go wrong because I’m not an expert 😂) this error occurs because of having some issue with the  SSL certificate or security settings ⚙ of a website or with your chrome browser. If I tell you in one straight line then “I would say that the page you are visiting is having some issue with your chrome SSL certificate or security settings”.

What to Do 😕 To Solve This Google Chrome Error?

Now I will tell you few lengthy tricks to resolve this error permanently. Don’t worry buddies it’s just a small problem and I promise with my besties that I will solve this error. Just read 📖 each and every step and follow very carefully while implementing.

How To 🤔 Fix 🛠 “ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR-CIPHER_MISMATCH” Error ⚠️ in Google Chrome Browser 2017

So let’s start our journey 🛩 to know how to fix “ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR-CIPHER_MISMATCH” error in Google Chrome without wasting a single second 🕝 of yours.

  • First of all open Google Chrome browser and type chrome://flags in url above and press Enter key.
  • Now search 🔎 for Maximum TLS version enabled the option in that window by pressing Control key + G key and start typing “maximum” in that search bar.
  • After finding it set it to Default or try TLS 1.3.
  • After that restart your browser.
  • You are done guys, finally, you have fixed this error.

Now if “ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR-CIPHER_MISMATCH” error still not getting fixed then don’t worry guys I have another way to fix this error, the smallest thing you have to do is just follow these steps and implement it carefully 😊.

  • First of all open Settings option by clicking on 3 dots that are located on top right-hand side in Google chrome.
  • Now scroll down and look 👀 for Advanced Settings option at the bottom of the settings page.
  • After that select Open Proxy option in settings box.
  • After doing that select the Content tab and select clear SSL rate.
  • The final step 👣 is just to press OK or Apply button and close the windows and restart your Google Chrome to fix “ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR-CIPHER_MISMATCH” error permanently.

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