Choking Game 💪: Choking Game Deaths, Know Everything 2019

We are still fighting with Blue whale game 😞 and I just came to know about another deadly game which name is Choking game. All of my friends know what “Choke” means. Today I watched “Buried” movie 🎥 and he died because he was buried in a coffin under 6 feet of ground, you should watch that movie. I don’t know but am I the only one who can relate Choking game with that movie. 

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So, basically, today I’m going to talk about a new game (sorry it’s not just a game, it’s a deadly game) called a Choking game. In this article 📃, I will discuss the Choking game, the choking game deaths, the choking game website, choking game victims, the choking game rules, how to play the choking game by yourself and choking game death statistics and many more things.

Choking Game or Fainting Game 🎮

First thing, it’s not a game and it is also famous by its other name called Fainting Game, you can call it an act performed by two people 👥 (one is a victim and other is performing this on his friend). This game is also known as “Fainting game”. It has no apks, no official site, it is a totally offline game (sorry, it’s not a game).

How People Play Choking Game?

You might be wondering how people play this game? Buddies, just like blue whale game, in this game too you (a player) have to take dare or challenge for how long time he/she can stop his/her breadth or can control this choking.  For example: If I and Dhruv play this game, I’ll be a victim and he will apply choke 💪 on me. Now, we both will see how long I can handle this. I hope you got my point what I’m trying to say.

How Choking Game Affect?

The reason for calling me this game a death game is going to clear in this segment. Imagine if Dhruv and I are playing this game and I have a mindset that I’ll not give up or I’ll score the highest score so I’ll not tap out and Dhruv keep choking me that will definitely affect me. Do you agree with me?

How bad Can This Game Go?

See, if we apply choke to anyone, it affects our body in following ways:

  • This game stops or you can say it block the path from where oxygen and blood go to the brain.
  • This game can damage your brain permanently and in the worst condition, you can even die.

The Choking Game Deaths or Choking Game Victims 👤

“The choking game deaths or choking game victims”, I hope many of our friends will have understood what that heading means, now we will discuss 💬 about the death of teenagers who have lost their lives just because of this game. According to a report, since 1995 till now, more than 82 have died in the just US and their age was between 6 to 19 years. Not only in the US but in China and in many states this game is being played.

The Choking Game Website 🌏

Many of people are continuously searching the choking game website on Google but I just want to tell them (if they are reading this), guys it is not an online game it is a totally offline game like Cricket, Soccer etc.

The Choking Game Rules 👮

The choking game rules! This game has no rule, I mean what is the need of playing this game. We should stay away from such type of games and the specailly choking game or the choking game rules.

How To Play The Choking Game By Yourself

As I said above, you need two people for this game. Peoples are still playing this game, one will be a victim and other will be who will apply choke on the victim. I hope you got an answer of “how to play the choking game by yourself”. But I will again say stay away from this game. Life is more important than anything.

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