BSNL Customer 👤 Care Number 24×7 Toll Free (All States) 2018

In this post 📃 I’ll tell give you the customer care number of BSNL for query, complaint 😤 regarding to your BSNL services. So if you are facing any problem regarding your BSNL then feel free to contact them, after all, you are paying your valuable money 💰 for them and they are sitting there to solve your problems. TechkyUniverse has a genuine number of BSNL customer care Number. So if you want them then you have to be with me.

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So today I will tell you customer care number 📞 of BSNL for the following purpose:

For Inquiry 👮 Purpose: If you have and any query related to your network then you can call them like you want to know something (technical) or something wrong happened with your data or talktime balance then you can be angry at them.

For Complaint 😤 Purpose: We (the human beings) have a habit that we almost remember person only when we need them 😬 so it also applies for customers care too, we call them when we need them, so if you have any complaint regarding your network then you can complain them.

For Time Pass 😹 Purpose: If you are feeling bored then you can talk to them regarding to offers or new plans just to pass your boring 💤 time or to improve your English or communication skills (We aren’t saying that misbehave or do non-technical conversation 💬 with them) just ask them about technical things for just intention of passing your time.

For Saying Thank You 😍 Purpose: Rare Chance! I never say thank you them, when they resolve my query I quicklycut the call that’s why I’m thinking to say “Thank you” to them for their efforts. You can also join me. I’m pretty sure that this step will make them smile 😊.

BSNL Customer 👤 Care Number (For Inquiry, Complaint, Time Pass OR Say Thanks them Purpose)

So let’s know the BSNL customer care number (For Inquiry, Complaint, Time Pass OR Say Thanks them Purpose) without wasting a single second 🕠 of yours.

For Inquiry 👮 Purpose:

Just Call on 121 and go further internet and GPRS settings option to talk to BSNL customer care for inquiry purpose.

For Time Pass 🕠 Purpose:

Just Call on 1503 or 18001801503 and go further in internet and GPRS settings ⚙ option to talk to BSNL customer care (but remember talk only on technical stuffs related to your network) for time pass purpose.

For Complaint 😤 Purpose:

Just Call on 198 and go further in internet and GPRS settings option to talk to BSNL customer care for complaint purpose

For Thank You 😍 Purpose:

You can call on 121 or 198 and go further in internet and GPRS settings option to talk to BSNL customer care of saying them Thank You when your work got done.

For Broadband 🌏:

You can call on 1504 or 18003451504 broadband related services. 

For Landline Related:

You can call on 1500 or 18001500 for landline related services.

For WLL Related:

You can call on 1502 or 18001801502 for WLL related services.

For MPLS-VPN Related:

You can call 📞 on 18004251957 for MPLS-VPN related services.

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