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A journey! A very long journey of 10 years is now ready to meet its end point almost. I mean of Black Panther movie. Black Panther movie is hitting in theaters in few months 🗓 (February 16, 2018). Are you a Marvel fan or do you love superhero then this place belongs only to you? Be with me because this Marvel fan boy is going to share 🗣 all huge or small things related to Black panther movie.

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So, basically, today, in this article 📃 we will discuss Black panther movie, Black Panther Review India, black panther release date in india, black panther release, black panther release date, black panther wallpaper hd  and much more.

Black Panther Review India

If you are a marvel fan they please don’t read black panther review because a marvel fan doesn’t need a review. But if you are not a marvel fan (really?) then you an read black panther review, I ‘ll try to give you what I got after watching black panther movie. So here we go for Black panther review india:

  • The most strong part of black panther movie is its acting every single character was superb in his/her role.
  • Black panther is best origin movie said by few people who watched this movie but for me Iron man is best.
  • Black panther has a strong story line.
  • Black panther villains are very good and strong, I like Erik Killmonger as he is one of my favorite villain.
  • Wakanda is like a dream city for any person.

Can’t say anything more regarding Black panther review or it will spoil your interest, if you are planning to watch black panther then just go guys, don’t waste your timing. All the best.

Rotten tomatoes said Black panther is 97% fresh and IMDb rated black panther movie 739/10.

Black Panther Release Date In India (Black Panther Review India) (Black Panther Release Date 🗓)

So, rumors are saying that Black panther release date in india is going to be on February 16, 2018. That means if you are a marvel fan and don’t want to miss that movie, then you can watch black panther movie 📽 at your nearest cinema hall after Valentine day. See, how much Marvel think about us 😊. They also know that if they put black panther release date around valentine day then black panther fan’s can miss its first day and first show. That why Marvel’s is releasing Black panther on Feb 16, 2018.

Black Panther Movie (What I Know So Far  👀)

First all world were in doubt (including Marvel) that all the heroes and villains are black so may it somewhere give a negative impact on box office collection because rest of the marvel movies earn more than 500 million dollars 💰. But Marvel know how to create suspense and attract people to cinema hall. Few points I’m going to share:

  • They showed advance technology in Wakanda.
  • Marvel didn’t show soul stone in Thor Ragnarok movie.
  • The main reason we loved Black panther most is its background music (if you want that song please comment me I’ll give you its link).
  • In infinity war trailer we watched a huge fight 🥊 sequence in Wakanda so fans are now more excited about Plack panther movie.
  • If you know something more about black panther movie, then please share with me in comment box. Please

Black Panther (Movie) Wallpaper HD

You are here because you are a huge fan of Black panther movie, so this is the best time to share black panther wallpaper with you, just choose your desire black panther wallpaper and decorate your PC or phone. All the best.


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