Area 51 Facts And Conspiracy Theories: Do Aliens 👽 Live With Us?

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After watching Koi Mil Gaya movie 🍿 and the scene where Rohit uses his computer to call Jadoo (O, O, O, O… O, O, O, O) I always wonder what if Aliens live in Universe. I mean we live in a tiny blue planet and this universe size is beyond our imagination. So, I think there must be Aliens like Jadoo somewhere in other galaxy or in any star who always says “Doop” “Doop”. So, this is why we are going to discuss Area 51 Facts And Conspiracy Theories. Be with TechkyUniverse to know why Jadoo wants Doop!

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So, basically, today in this article 📃 we will discuss Area 51, Area 51 facts, Area 51 Facts And Conspiracy Theories, Area 51 movie, Area 51 Conspiracy, Area 51 Maps, Area 51 Pictures, Area 51 stories and much more. Raise your hand if you are excited to know about them.

Area 51 ? 🚫

I’ll be straight and clear regarding Area 51 (I don’t feel fear of FBI, CIA or MIB). Actually, Area 51 is a place name situated in Nevada, Los Vegas, USA. It is also known as Sins city. Area 51 is highly classified and highly secured place. Um…there is the United States Air Force facility but I think  🤔they are hiding something underground of Area 51 and almost 80% of people believe that there are Aliens (dead and alive) and UFOs.

Area 51 Facts And Conspiracy Theories 😰

Let’s know something mysterious regarding Area 51 Facts and Area 51 Facts And Conspiracy Theories without wasting a single second of yours. Guys, double check that you are browsing safe because there is a myth that FBI keep eyes on us through the webcam.

  • Area 51 is highly classified and highly secured place and it is placed on dessert. There is a patrolling car which keeps looking around border after a fixed interval of time for unwanted visitors. I can’t digest it. If you found in Area 51 (by chance) they will shot you with phaser gun 🔫.
  • One of the biggest Area 51 facts and conspiracy theories is that Neil Armstrong had never gone to the moon, they just visited Area 51 and filmed a movie. What do you think, guys? Let me know in comment section.
  • In past few decades, many UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) has crashed near Area 51. Seriously many! What is American hiding from Aliens and with 7.3 Billion people or what Aliens want from Area 51?
  • Did you know, NTTR (Nevada Test and Training Range) which is affiliated with Nellis Air Force Base? 🛫According to Air Force, Nevada Test and Training Range are the largest combined air and ground space for military operations in the world. It is of 1.2 million hectares and 12,950 square kilometer). WOW!!!
  • Why military are continuously making high tech weapons, choppers, airplanes (U-2 spy plane), dangerous drones and other technologies. Are they preparing themselves for World War 3 or they are preparing these kinds of stuff to protect us from outer space living beings (Aliens) in Future in a War.
  • They were testing a plane called U-2 spy plane that was used for reconnaissance. They were testing it in August 1955 and guys, they are not stopping, they are still working on a new plane 🛫 called Lockheed A-12 Oxcart and the D-21 Tagboard. That means they are cooking and hiding something.
  • Want to go there but before going there just read this. You can go to the front and back gates of Area 51 but don’t even try to get in after red bold signs ❌ around the base if you did this, they will arrest you for 6 months of prison or can charge a fine of $1,000 (Rs. 63,000) or both.
  • Man, they were testing UFO in Area 51 during the Cold War of the 1970s and 1980s.
  • Did you know Area 51 has a nickname and that nickname is Dreamland?
  • One of the weirdest Area 51 facts is that they have a single cement tennis court 🏓 and a small bowling alley for entertainment. There was no television, Really?
  • Love food? But did you know about Area 51 canteen? In Area 51 mess (Canteen) hall they serve Lobsters and Oysters sometimes. They serve Steak once a week.
  • One of their special aircraft called A-12 Oxcart (as I mentioned above) required special kind of fuel for flying purposes at extreme speeds and heights.
  • A-12 Oxcart can fly at a speed of 2200 miles per hour or 3540.55 kilometers per hour. (If I get this plane, I can reach my home (Bihar) in few minutes.)
  • A-12 Oxcart airplane is made of 90% of titanium. Did you know it was the first titanium plane in the world?

Just one word after reading 📖 or you can say after typing about Area 51 facts and Conspiracy Theories, my current life is worthless I want to work in Area 51 😍.

Area 51 Movie 🎥

Did you know, guys a film has been made on Area 51. I mean in Area 51 movie they tried to show what is inside Area 51. If you didn’t watch Area 51 movie then I’ll highly recommend you to watch 👀 that movie, it has the power to scream. And guess what Area 51 movie is in Hindi. So, just watch it or if you want Area 51 movie link, just tell me in the comment box. I’ll give you its link.

Area 51 Maps 🗺

Here is some Area 51 maps that I found on Google images, they are not confidential, you can also get it from Google by searching Area 51 maps.

You know, guys I have visited Area 51! Don’t you believe me just watch the picture below then you will trust me?

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