Airtel 4G Phone 📱: Launching Date 📆, Price, Specifications Everything You Should Know About Airtel Phone 2018

Airtel 4G Phone 📱: Launching Date 📆, Price, Specifications Everything You Should Know About Airtel Phone 2018

I had never imagined 💭 till few months back or even Airtel itself also will have never imagined that they will put their feet in mobile phone industries 😅. I mean they are telecom companies then why they are launching their mobile phone, its one and only reason is Jio. Airtel is directly competing with jio in every field who knows they might be also planning for Airtel cab.

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So guys today I’ll tell you everything about Airtel mobile phone if you are interested to know about Airtel then be with me.

Update: Airtel Phone Launched At Rs. 1399, Know Everything

Airtel Mobile Phone Price 💰

Airtel is planning to launch its own 4G mobile phone in between Rs. 2,500 – Rs. 2,700 to give a tight very tight competition to Jio, Jio also had launched its mobile phone few days back at a price of Rs. 1500 and it was a huge success (because it is free). So Airtel thought that its the best time to launch their phone and grab some more customers 👥.

Airtel Phone Launch Date 📆

Airtel is planning to launch their 4G mobile phone around Diwali (next month). Rumors are also saying that Airtel can launch new attractive data and voice plan 📞 to grab more and more customer. Airtel is still no.1 telecom company by holding the largest number of customers more than other telecom companies. (I’m also a part of Airtel are you ?)

Airtel Phone Features and Specifications ⚙

After knowing something good/bad news about Airtel new mobile phone lets discuss its features and specifications. Here is the list of features.

  • It will be an Android mobile phone.
  • Airtel mobile phone is coming with dual sim.
  • Its display might be of 4 inches
  • It will have a front camera for taking selfie 🤳 and rear cameras for making videos and taking a picture too.
  • Airtel phone will come with VoLTE calling facility with solid battery life 🔋.
  • Airtel mobile phone will come with 1 GB of RAM.

Airtel Mobile Phone Booking 📝 Date

There is not any confirmation detail when Airtel is going to announce its mobile phone for booking but I think they will soon do it because Diwali is just 1 month to go.

Stay with TechkyUniverse to know every new detail about Airtel mobile phone if you are planning to buy this phone then please share us by commenting in comment box or if you are ignoring it then let us know jokes or negative point about Airtel phone in comments.

More News 📰 About Airtel 4G Phone

I got some fresh news about Airtel 4G phone, according to rumors Airtel is talking to many mobile handset manufacturers regarding to their 1st 4G android phone. They are looking very desperately for their phone that’s why we still don’t know any confirm news about their product but we know they are launching it in Diwali around Rs. 2,500 to 2,700. Wow ! 😲

Airtel VoLTE 📞 Feature

Looks like Airtel is doing what Jio has done. Like Jio Airtel is launching a phone and now they are launching VoLTE feature um let me correct they already have launched in Mumbai state. Soon they will launch it all over India. Airtel is saying it will be free of cost, the company will not charge any extra charge for VoLTE feature.

Better Than Jio VoLTE Feature

Yeah Airtel is smarter. Jio launched its VoLTE feature only for 4G network but here Airtel is preparing this feature for 2G/3G network too. That’s mean if you are not getting proper 4G network 🗼 then you can also use this feature on 3G/2G network, isn’t it great?

Airtel Phone Will Come With VoLTE Feature

Airtel is planning to bring their latest and first 4G Android handset with Airtel VoLTE feature and attractive data plans that means no extra charges for calls.

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    1. Buddy Airtel is going to launch its phone on Diwali and Diwali is just 1 month away from now so soon Airtel will take a decision on its announcement. If you want to know when Airtel is going to announce it, simply be in touch with us. I’ll inform all of mine friends (including you) as I get to know announcement date.
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    1. Good morning brother, I’m extremely sorry for not replying you instantly. Brother, it’s an Android smartphone so you can use all apps on this phone. Its name is “Karbonn A40”.
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    1. Good morning brother, if you want an Airtel phone then please visit your nearest Karbonn or Celkon store and ask them “I want Airtel phone”, and you are done and don’t forget to give me a treat for your new phone.
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  1. I want airtel 4g phone..
    Sir kya A mobile new year 2018 tak shops ma available hai kya???
    Kya A mobile humko new year 2018 ko milsakhta hai kya,,Main mera parents ko gift dena chathi hun..

      1. First of all I’m extremely sorry for not replying you instantly actually I had some really serious personal problem. Buddy, if you want to buy Airtel 4G phone then you can buy it from Airtel online store or from Karbonn store. You will get Airtel offer but don’t forget to to confirm this offer.
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