Airtel Phone Launched 🚀 At Rs. 1399, Airtel Phone Features 2019

I was thinking Airtel will launch it on Diwali 💡 but I think Airtel won’t want to waste time or don’t want to miss any chance to beat Jio. This has become face to face war now. So, friends, finally not so awaiting Airtel 4g phone has been launched. Today Airtel launched their first mobile phone at Rs. 1399. Want to know more or planning to buy airtel 4g phone, don’t blink your eyes 👀 (yeeee, you can if it starts hurting).

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So, basically today I’m going to tell 🗣 you about Airtel 4g phone that has launched today. In this article, I’ll tell you about Airtel phone features, Airtel phone launched, How to buy this phone and Airtel plans for Airtel 4g phone.

Airtel Phone Launched 🚀

Congratulations! Airtel, congratulation for launching and taking one more step in your success. I’m really happy that Airtel launched its phone and it should definitely do this, it will stop 🖐 Jio to do its willfulness. By the way, today (11 October 2017) is the day when Airtel launched its first 4G phone and Airtel is looking forward to it.

Airtel Phone ↔ Karbonn A40 Phone 

Before you say me mad or before you starting giving pressure to your mind, I want to clarify that. Actually, Airtel has done a handshake with Karbonn, Both 👥 have decided that mobile (Karbonn phone) be yours, plans be mine (Airtel plans). If you are going to buy Airtel smartphone, actually you are buying a Karbonn phone.

Airtel Phone Details 📝

So, friends, if you are one of them who are waiting for Airtel smartphones and want to know its price range. Read this segment to know. Actually, Airtel cum Karbonn A40 phone is of Rs. 2800. So, if you buy this airtel 4G phone at Rs. 2800 then after that you will get a cashback of Rs. 1500 in Airtel payments bank (I’ll explain it later) so effectively airtel phone will be of Rs. 1399.

Airtel 169 Plan 🤔

Airtel also launched a new plan (voice calls and data) especially for their phone like Jio’s 156 plan for Jio phone. In Airtel 169 plan, you will get 500 MB data with unlimited calling

Buy Airtel Phone (Get CashBack 💰 of Rs. 1500)

Airtel 4g phone upcoming owners if you are planning to buy Airtel smartphone then follow these simple steps given below.

  • First of all, you need to buy Karbonn A40 mobile phone.
  • After that, you need to make a recharge of Rs. 169 per month for 18 months (for 1.5 years). So, if you calculate on the calculator then you will see something like this:
  • Rs. 169*18 months = 3042
  • After making a recharge for 18 months you will get cashback of Rs. 500 in your Airtel payment bank.
  • After that, you again have to make a recharge of Rs. 169 for 18 months to get Rs. 1000 as cashback in your Airtel payment bank.
  • Didn’t understand? Read “Bottom line” to understand the whole scenario to get cashback of Rs. 1500 in your Airtel payment bank.

Bottom Line: So, the bottom line is you need to make a recharge of Rs. 169 for 36 months to get a cashback of Rs. 1500 in your Airtel payment bank 🏦.

Karbonn A40 Phone Specifications ⚙

We talked enough on Airtel phone topic, time to check Karbonn A40 Phone specifications. Let’s check whether this phone worth to buy or not 😉.

Karbonn A40



Display 📱4.0 inches of Display
Camera 📸2 MP of rear camera, 2MP front camera
Internal Storage 8 GB
Android OS7.0 (Nougat)
Processor1.3 GHz
Resolution480×800 pixels
Battery Capacity1400 mAh

Airtel Phone Terms And Conditions *

Please don’t buy any kind of kinds of stuff without reading its terms and conditions, Airtel has also given few terms and conditions regarding its phone, I’m giving you below 👇. Please read it carefully if you planning to buy Airtel smartphone.

Airtel 4G Phone Cashback Terms And Conditions

  • You will get a cashback of Rs. 1500 in your Airtel payments bank.
  • You need to activate Airtel payments bank on your number before inserting your airtel sim in this phone to get cashback.
  • After doing recharges of Airtel 169 plan you will get a cashback of Rs. 500 in your Airtel payments bank after 18 months.
  • After doing recharges again for next 18 months of Airtel 169 plan you will get a cashback of Rs. 1000 in your Airtel payments bank.

Airtel 169 Plan Terms And Conditions

According to this plan, you will get unlimited calling and 500 MB data per day but calls are not unlimited like Jio. You can only talk for 250 minutes a day, 1750 minutes a week and 7000 minutes a month.

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