Airtel Opera Mini Handler Tricks ⭕ Free Internet Unlimited Jan FEB | 2019

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Airtel Opera Mini Handler Tricks ⭕ (2017)

Um…What is the combination of “Airtel” and “Opera Mini Handler”? few of guys are thinking 💭 this right now. Don’t give pressure on your brain my buddies, I’m here to explain the whole story in deep. Actually, these all kinds of stuff 🎁 are revolving around “FREE INTERNET”, you can use free internet on your smartphone if you are having an Airtel sim and Opera Mini Handler apk in your smartphone. Just stick like a glue to this post to enjoy “FREE INTERNET”.

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Well,  most of my buddies are already using this kind of tricks and save money  from expensive recharges in Airtel, actually I am also using this trick from a long time ⏳ ago. Because it is the best way to save a couple of money in our pocket. I will give you genuinely working Airtel Opera Mini handler trick. It comes with the ultra lightning speed of downloading and browsing/surfing up to 1 Mbps very easily.  Moreover, you can share this trick to impress your friends, especially to girls 😉

Free Internet Tricks ✨ :

So what’s new in Techkyuniverse Special Magic Tricks✨? Frankly saying guys I also have not any special trick in this post, but I’ll try to say or give something more which make us different from others. I think I got what to post in this special section. All free internet tricks at one place 🏢. See below to feel special to be here:

However, there are some chances that this trick may not work in your region. Don’t be sad, I have lots of Airtel tricks to use on Android device. There are also some of the uc handler tricks to use free internet. All you need to do is just keep eye on it and take all the steps carefully. There are some of the users 👥 who don’t know about opera mini handler. Because they were using only opera mini for browsing, let me tell them what is it? but before going to it first we have to clear the doubt on “What is opera mini and Opera mini handler”?

Opera Mini Handler? ⭕

Opera Mini handler has lots of network customization options, in which you can able to do different settings than⚙ normal browsers. That affects proxy, frontquery, http headers and a lot more things. If you know a couple of advanced things then you can able to customize Opera mini handler according to your need.

Airtel Opera Mini Handler Requirements ⚙:

Before we move to the advanced customization settings ⚙, I want to ensure requirements of Airtel Opera mini handler, If anyone of the requirement didn’t match then you can’t be able to use free internet with opera mini handler.

  • Android Phone (Important)
  • Airtel SIM.
  • 0 balance in that sim
  • Opera mini handler Apk

Features for Airtel Opera Mini Handler Features 😕

  • 3G Speed (for 3g speed you will need a 3G supported phone)
  • Flawlessly working in 0 balance.
  • It does support Download.
  • Working in almost all states.
  • 100 Mb per day for downloading

Airtel Opera Mini Handler Settings (How to use Airtel Opera Mini Handler)

Now, be careful while reading these steps because if you did anything wrong then you can’t be able to use free internet.

  • First of all download Opera Mini Handler by clicking on blue button given below.
  • Install that, opera mini handler it will ask you for child lock 👶 and the lock code is
  • After entering the lock code it will show a big customization menu. Now, you will have to do settings ⚙ like this,

set Proxy Type as : HOST [or] HTTP
set Proxy Server as :


Proxy type: Real Host

Put in proxy server



Primary Server:

secondary server:


Proxy type: realhost

  • Do any of the above settings, there are lots of settings separated by OR option. All you need to do is just find these options and change them. Rest of the other settings should be the default, you don’t need to change any of the settings other than these ones.
  • After doing these settings just touch on save.

That’s it, you have successfully customized opera mini handler for using free internet in airtel.

Few Opera Mini Handler Precautions Should Be Taken

We should know precautions before using anything, we all know that, that’s why I’ll give you some precautions regarding this post, have a look, guys!

  • Don’t download too much big file at single time
  • Don’t use more than 100 mb per day
  • Don’t use it in sensitive case (Money transfer or something like that)

TechkyUniverse Words 💬:

This Airtel Opera Mini ⭕ Handler trick for free internet is very effective, hell easy to understand and implement. If you just follow and implement the counted steps, no one can stop ✋🏻 you to use free internet. So now what? As usual, if you facing any little or huge problem regarding this trick while implementing in your smartphone, the smallest step you have to take is just type your problem or query 💬 in comment box 📮. Dominic Toretto promises you to reach at you as soon as possible with genuine and satisfying answer. ALWAYS REMEMBER FRIENDS 😃

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Goodbye, Take Care Guys 😊!

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