Airtel Hello Caller Tune Number 🎶: Let The Caller Listen 👂 Your Tune

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Did you know that Airtel was first to launch Airtel Hello tune in India? That time it was not less than a magic trick. I still remember it costs approx 30 rupees for 1 month. Oh, that time was Golden time for me ❤, you will definitely understand what I’m trying to say if you took birth in the 90s and used to watch Shakalaka boom boom, Son pari, Shaktiman and many serials (I’ll make another article on this topic in future).

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So, basically, today in this article 📃 we will discuss Airtel hello tune, Airtel hello tune number, Airtel hello tune free, Airtel hello tunes code, how to set airtel hello tunes, how to set caller tune on Airtel, how to deactivate caller tune in airtel, Airtel hello tunes charges and much more.

Airtel Hello Tune?

We all know that Airtel hello tunes are an Airtel service that allows you to set your favorite songs as hello tune that means if I call 📞 you and you set a song called “Swag se Swagat” then I will listen to that song until you pick up my call.

How To Set Caller Tune On Airtel

So, let’s start our journey 🛩 to know how to set caller tune on Airtel without wasting a single second of yours.

 Airtel Hello Tunes How to set caller tune on Airtel
 To set your favorite song as Airtel hello tunes by SMS Send an SMS SET<space><song code> and send it to 543211
 To set your favorite song as Airtel hello tunes by call Just dial 543211 and follow your desire number as computer says
 By recording your favorite song and use as Airtel hello tunes Dial 543211 and press your desired number as computer says
 Choose your favorite song by airtel ussd code Just dial *678# and select your favorite song.

How To Deactivate Caller Tune in Airtel 

For how to deactivate caller tune in Airtel just follow these steps given below 👇:

 Airtel Hello Tunes How to deactivate caller tune in Airtel
 For how to deactivate caller tune in Airtel by SMS Just send an SMS STOP to 543211
 For how to deactivate caller tune in Airtel by call Just call 543211808 
 For how to deactivate caller tune in Airtel by Airtel ussd code Just dial *678# and deactivate Airtel hello tune

Airtel Hello Tune Number

You can choose hundreds of songs for your airtel hello tunes from Airtel official website 🌏, just follow these steps to do it.

  • First of all click on the blue button 🔵 given below
  • Now a new tab will open that have songs name there
  • Just choose your desired song and you are done
  • Best of luck 😉

Airtel Hello Tunes Charges 👛

Airtel hello tunes charges are as follows:

  • Calling on 543211 are Rs. 3 per minute.
  • Subscription per month is Rs. 36/month
  • Subscription for 90 days is Rs. 15

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