Airtel 5G Coming Soon 🥁 🔭: Launch Date, Plans, Features Everything You Need To Know About Airtel 5G 🗼JAN | 2019

I don’t know should I be happy 😊 or sad 🙁 to know that Airtel is launching 5G in India? Why happy? Um because we will get the higher speed of internet with many other features. Why sad? Their network quality and internet speed are really bad, I mean they say that they have a 4G network but I never crossed more than 1 Mbps of downloading speed in IDM or in utorrent (custom setting). And I think 🤔 4G is too stronger to provide at least 10 Mbps or above of downloading speed. Am I wrong?

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So basically today we will discuss rumors coming about Airtel 5G in India. Feeling excited? Don’t be because we may never get pure 5G experiences like 4G and 3G.

Airtel Interesting Facts 😯

  • Airtel is the biggest telecom network company in India with having 400 million of customers 👥 (happy and sad, I’m neutral. It been 5 months and I didn’t make recharge on Airtel 😜)
  • Did you know Airtel is the 3rd biggest telecom network company in this world (can’t say about other universe’s earth 😝)
  • Airtel is the first Indian telecom network that has bank facility called Airtel Payment Bank.
  • Airtel is always first to launch every new service like (3G, 4G and maybe 5G)
  • Did you know Airtel is the first company in India to launch Hello Tunes 🎶 feature.
  • I really like Airtel aids just because of Airtel girl (Sasha chettri), she is very cute and her hairstyle makes her cuter 😍 (Don’t tell this to anyone friends, its a secret).

Airtel 5G Details 📃

On Wednesday (13 September 2017) Airtel announced a partnership 🤝 with SK Telecom company. SK Telecom is a telecom operator company as its name saying and it is from South Korea. Airtel and SK Telecom comes together for 5G networks in India.

Airtel 5G Launch Date 📅

Now we know that Airtel and SK Telecom company came together for 5G services in India. Now the question arises when Airtel will launch 5G services? My thought is saying that Airtel can launch 5G service next year, I mean between 2017-2019.

Airtel 5G Speed 🚅

Big question! isn’t it? Now SK Telecom company is giving an internet connection of 500 mbps 😱 in South Korea and it should be given after all SK Telecom company is the biggest telecom network company of South Korea just like Airtel in India. So we can accept 5G speed around it or more than it. Rumors are saying if 5G get launch then it will give a speed in GBs (downloading speed). Just imagine 🤔 friends your kinds of stuff is downloading at a speed of 1 GB. Can’t wait.

Airtel 5G Plans 📝

Now Airtel itself haven’t thought about its plans for 5G services and here I’m telling its plans (am I time traveler or stupid ? 😕). We could think a high price range of Airtel 5G network if Jio won’t in the market now. But Jio is here and if Jio launched its 5G services like its 4G services then Airtel will not survive. That’s why I’m thinking Airtel will plan something different to attract more and more customers for its 5G services so Airtel might keep Airtel 5G plans around 350/- to 400/- GB per month (approx) because now it is providing 1 GB per day @4G at Rs. 399 for 70 days. So Airtel 5G price might revolve around it.

Airtel 5G Features ⚙

Now let’s talk about few interesting and upcoming features of Airtel 5G (few might look genuine and few might look fake)

  • Downloading speed might be around or more than 500 mbps to 1 GBs
  • Better network (still its good)
  • Stronger SIM (now 4G sim is of 128K)
  • The stronger signal so that you can also talk if you are in weird place (like in a deep tunnel, sea or where Bear Grylls used to go or still going).
  • More coming soooooooon 🏃

Airtel 5G Phone ? 🙄

Um sorry if i’m speaking a lot but can it possible if Airtel launches its 5G handset like it is doing this year by launching its 4G VoLTE android phone in Diwali. Of course, it can be possible if Airtel 4G phone will be a hit like Jio then Airtel will definitely launch its Airtel 5G phone in next few years. What will be its specifications? 🤔

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