2017 🕵 Aircel USSD Codes 📃: How to Check 3G & 4G Balance🌏, Data Net Usage | Packs, Plans, Offers

2017 🕵 Aircel USSD Codes 📃: How to Check 3G & 4G Balance🌏, Data Net Usage | Packs, Plans, Offers

2017 🕵 Aircel USSD Codes 📃: How to Check 3G & 4G Balance🌏, Data Net Usage | Packs, Plans, Offers

My first sim was Aircel 😀, I still remember 🤔 before 8 or 9 years back I used to use Pocket Internet 🌏 of Aircel to use internet 🌏. They had come in 4 variants like Pocket Internet of Rs.5 that used to 50 mb for one day 😍, Pocket Internet of Rs.14 that used to give 100 mb per for 3 and many more like that. I personally have special feelings 😍 with Aircel and sometimes I miss those days 😅. I want to ask you guys 😉 “Do you remember these things about Aircel if yes then please share with me in comment box 📮”. So now come to the point 😎 for what we are here. So my champions 😎 today I’ll give working and genuine ussd codes 📃 of Aircel and if you are having vodafone sim 😀 then I have also many interesting ussd codes 📃 for vodafone ussd codes list. So stay connected with me 😎.

Just search 🔎 your desire ussd codes in the whole list 📃 and enjoy Aircel. I update 😎 these ussd codes 📃 almost every week by contacting 📞 to Aircel customer care 👥 directly so you can bookmark 📑 this page to stay updated. Just like if you want to check the main Balance or internet 🌏 then you don’t need to go to nearest retailer shop 🏬. With the help of those Aircel USSD Codes you can able to check 🔎 Aircel Balance check. You can even check Aircel Net 🌏 balance check also. You don’t have to worry about it😉.

Recommended: Idea USSD Codes (Net Balance Check) (Own Number) (Loan MB)

Recommended: Airtel USSD Codes (Net Balance Check) (Own Number) (Loan MB)

What are USSD Codes 📃?

I will tell you this in simple language 😊, Let me tell you its full form first USSD :- “Unstructured Supplementary Service Data”. It is just a full form if don’t understand it then ignore it 😅. A USSD Code 📃 will help you to get information about your phone’s 📱 balance, with the help of USSD codes 📃 you can able to use lots of services that are provided by your Network operator 🗼. Isn’t that hard to get 😲? It is very easy to understand.😎😉

Need of Aircel USSD Codes 📃:

With the help of these USSD Codes, you can easily find 🔎 all the balance related information without calling 📞 to customer care 👤. Now, Aircel is going to increase the list of its own USSD Codes 📃 to provide more cool offers and many other details related to your number 📞, like, 2G Internet 🌏 Data Balance, 3G Internet Data Balance, Free SMS 💬 Balance, Activation ✅ and Deactivation 🚫 services, Data packs, Night🌚 packs including Data and voice calls 📞, Menu offer, GPRS data settings ⚙, unlimited offers 😍, free talk time 📞 recharge offers, recharge offers and other services etc 😊. You can subscribe those offers without calling 📞 to customer care 👤.

List 📃 of ALL Aircel USSD Codes 📃 (Aircel Main Balance 📞Check 📝)

Each USSD Codes 📃 of Aircel are different from each other 🤔 and they work differently. So, I had categorise them with a specific use 🎮. At last, all you need to do is just search 🔎 your desired section and find your USSD codes 📃. Because there are more than 50 (5⃣0⃣) USSD Codes 📃. so I ‘ve just categorised them in such manner 😎 so it will save your time to find 🔎 out your desired USSD Codes 📃.

(In 30 Sec.) Simplest Way 👌 to Know Your Number:

We are family 👥 and we always want good for our family at any cost or any situation because we love ❤️️ and care for each other! We also a family now so I have to think good for you any cost, that’s why I’m adding this segment here because I want to see you satisfied 😊 for what you are looking. Without stretching too much I’m going to tell you the easiest way to know 😉:

I’m helping you, right? So I also deserve some credits 😅! Download this app and enter “2ZNQZGUM” in the referal code option to give me a tip of Rs. 10… (That’s  little bit I deserve! Isn’t it? 😊)

  • Your Number
  • Your Talktime and Data Balance
  • You will get balance of Rs. 10 instantly
  • Just install this app to know your number, balance and much more secrets are waiting for you.
  • Just Open True Balance App (On Home screen you will see your Internet and talktime balance)
  • Now click on 3 horizontal lines that are on upper left side and click on your network name
  • Next step is, go to SIM Settings option
  • Final step is to click on first option called “Phone number” to know your number.

TechkyUniverse Special 😍 Magic ✨ Tricks:

Before going to main post, Dominic Toretto has some cool 😎 tricks that will help you to save your priceless time ⏳ because “Time is Money”. This topic will help you to know few basic facilities of Aircel like:

  • Last Data usage
  • Data Balance with Validity
  • Main Account Balance
  • Any Active Service Notification
  • Cool Aircel Offers

Just open your Aircel Data 🌏 for a very short time period ⏳ (only for 3 seconds 🕛) and close the data immediately or Call 📞 anyone 👤 for a very short time period ⏳, um.. (only for 3 seconds 🕛) and cut the call immediately to know all these facilities 😎.


Download Aircel android app to know:

  • My number
  • Best offers for you
  • Data balance
  • Voice call balance and much more….

Daily Use of Aircel USSD Codes (Aircel Balance Check) 📃

So, why we are here or why this topic is so important 🤔? Actually this post I mean ” List 📃 of Aircel USSD” is a lengthy post, it have thousands of words and hundred of Aircel USSD codes 📃, if you start searching 🔎 your desired Aircel USSD codes then you would waste your priceless time ⏳ that’s why I thought 💭 lets make a separate topic mainly focused on Daily use or mostly ussd codes in our life. So here is the list of mainly or mostly used Aircel ussd codes. Enjoy 😎

Aircel USSD Codes FunctionAircel USSD Codes
Aircel Main balance Check Ussd code*125# or SMS BAL to 121 or *127#
Aircel 3G/4G Data Balance Check*126*1# or *126*4#
Aircel 2G Data Balance Check*133# or *111*10#
Aircel ussd code to check SMS Balance and Validity*126*2# or *123#
Aircel ussd code to check Minutes Balance*123#
Aircel USSD Codes Check own Mobile Number*131# or *1#
Aircel USSD Codes balance transfer*122*666#

✔ Officially Verified 🕵 Aircel USSD Codes 📃 3G & 4G Net 🌏 Balance Check 📝| Packs, Plans, Data 2017

Aircel Ussd Codes FunctionAircel Ussd Codes
Aircel Balance Check Ussd code*125# or *127#
Aircel Net Balance Check Code*126*1# or *126*4#
Aircel Loan Ussd Code*414# or SMS LOAN to 55414
Aircel 3g balance check ussd code*123*11# or *111*99#
Aircel Internet balance check ussd code*126*4#
Aircel Balance Transfer code*121*666#
Aircel Number Check (Know Own Number)*131# or *1#
Aircel Data Balance Check ussd code*111*99#
Aircel SMS Balance Check ussd code*123#
Aircel Recharge code*124*Voucher_code#
Aircel Minutes and SMS Balance check*123#
Aircel DND1909
Aircel Calling Balance*111*4#
Aircel Rate Cutter1215 or *122#
Aircel Value added services1214
IMIS No*222# or *2# or *214#
Aircel Free Hello TunesUL to 5800000
Aircel Roaming Recharge*121*2#
Aircel Internet packs*121*4#
Aircel Night packs*121*7#
Aircel SMS packs*121*8#

(Aircel USSD codes 📃) Aircel Balance Check (Aircel Net 🌏 Balance Check)

Aircel Balance Check Ussd code*125# or SMS BAL to 121 or *127#
Aircel Net Balance Check Code*126*1# or *126*4#
Aircel 2g/3g balance check ussd code*123*11# or *111*99#
Aircel Internet balance check ussd code*126*4#
Aircel Data Balance Check ussd code*111*99#
Aircel SMS Balance Check ussd code*123#

(Aircel USSD Codes 📃) Aircel Number 📞 Check

Aircel Number Check (Know Own Number)*131# or *1#

Aircel GPRS Settings ⚙ Ussd Codes 📃

SMS PI or ALL to 54321 to get GPRS settings for your smartphone 📱

Aircel Do not Disturb (DND) Activation ✅ and Deactivation 🚫 Ussd Codes 📃

Call  1909 for activation and deactivation of Do not disturb service in your smartphone 📱

Aircel Balance Transfer 📮 Ussd codes (Aircel Ussd Codes 📃)

Aircel balance transfer ussd codes*121*666# and then choose option

(Aircel ussd codes 📃) Airtel Customer 👤 Care Number

Aircel customer care number121 or 123 or 198 (for any complain)

(Aircel USSD Codes 📃) Aircel Loan 👤 Ussd codes

Aircel Loan Ussd Code*414# or SMS LOAN to 55414

(Aircel ussd codes 📃) Aircel Mobile Number 📞 Portability Ussd codes

Aircel mobile number portability ussd codesSMS PORT to 1909

Aircel 3G Internet 🌏 Pack Ussd Codes

PriceBenefitsValidity (days)Aircel Ussd Codes
Rs.1560 MB1*121*015#
Rs. 371 GBAccording to 298*121*37#
Rs. 42125 MB28*121*42#
Rs. 44200 MB7*121*044#
Rs. 78400 MB14*121*078#
Rs. 1471 GB28*121*147#
Rs. 1981.5 GB30*121*198#
Rs. 2982 GB28*121*298#

Note: For activation dial *121*3#

Aircel 2G Internet 🌏 Pack Ussd Codes

PriceBenefitsValidity (days)Aircel Ussd Codes
Rs. 24100 MB28*121*24#
Rs. 581 GB21*121*058#
Rs. 98Unlimited data28*121*98#
Rs. 17Unlimited data3*121*17#
Rs. 29Unlimited data5*121*29#
Rs. 52Unlimited data7*121*52#
Rs. 109Unlimited data25*121*0109#
Rs. 134Unlimited data28*121*1340#
Rs. 199Unlimited data90*121*199#

Note: For activation dial *121*3#

Aircel SMS 💬 Pack Ussd Codes

PriceBenefitsValidity (days)Aircel Ussd Codes
Rs. 911010*121*9#
Rs. 1822528*121*18#
Rs. 3550028*121*35#
Rs. 4980028*121*49#
Rs. 5990028*121*59#
Rs. 89140030*121*89#

Note: For activation dial *121*4#

Aircel Talktime 📞 Pack Ussd Codes

PriceBenefitsValidity (days)
Rs. 26263
Rs. 45455
Rs. 696910
Rs. 150150Lifetime
Rs. 155155Lifetime
Rs. 200200Lifetime
Rs. 10001100Lifetime

Aircel USSD Codes Internet 🌏 Packs

Aircel 3G Data Packs *121*6#
PI 9 – 40MB – 1Day *121*6#*2# and type 1 Then Manually Subscribe
PI 15 – 60MB – 1Day *121*6#*2# and type 2 Then Manually Subscribe
PI 28 – 125MB – 1Day *121*6#*2# and type 3 Then Manually Subscribe
PI 44 – 200MB – 3Days *121*6#*2# and type 4 Then Manually Subscribe
PI 78 – 400MB – 14Days *121*6#*2# and type 5 Then Manually Subscribe
PI 122 – 500MB – 30Days *121*6#*2# and type 6 Then Manually Subscribe
 Aircel SMS Packs *121*7#
 100 Local/National SMS @Rs.3/day *121*7*1#
 100 Local/National SMS @Rs.9  Valadity-10 Din *121*7*2#
90Days Rate Cutter *121*8#
 RC33 – Local A2A Calls @15p/min for 60 days *121*8# and type 1 Then Manually Subscribe
 Local @30p Rs.32 *121*8# and type 2 Then Manually Subscribe
 Roaming @45p Rs.37 *121*8# and type 3 Then Manually Subscribe
 STD @40p Rs.72 *121*8# and type 4 Then Manually Subscribe
 Loc/STD [email protected] *121*8# and type 5 Then Manually Subscribe
Special Night Combo  *121*11#
PI 123 UL Aircel to Aircel call +UL Night Data for 14 night FUP 500MB 12 to5
 Loan Service *121*9# or dial for *414#
Balance Transfer Amount 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 *121*666#

TechkyUniverse Words 💬:

So those were the Aircel ussd codes 📃 for almost every operation you want to do 😀 or I mean you want to know 🤔the services of Aircel. Look 👀 guys nowadays competition are very high 🔺 between these telecom companies 🏢 😑 (you know what I mean 😜?) that’s why these companies 🏢 are adding ➕ or removing ➖ ussd codes 📃 services very quickly 🏃 to keep their customers 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 to them! If you are not getting 😞 your desired ussd codes 📃 or if any ussd code 📃 is not working 😞 then please immediately comment 💬 in comment 📮 box so that I can update it as soon as possible 😎 or if you got your desired ussd code 📃 and its working then please appreciate that 😊, It will make us happy 😊 and we will do more hard work to keep you guys satisfied 😎.  ALWAYS REMEMBER FRIENDS 😃

We Are One Big Happy Family ❤️

Good bye, Take Care Guys 😊!

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