How to 🤔 Activate/ Deactivate Do Not Disturb (DND) Services ⚙ for All Network 🗼 Prepaid and Postpaid (Airtel, Vodafone, Tata Docomo, Idea, Aircel, Reliance, Jio, BSNL) 2018

How to 🤔 Activate/ Deactivate Do Not Disturb (DND) Services ⚙ for All Network 🗼 Prepaid and Postpaid (Airtel, Vodafone, Tata Docomo, Idea, Aircel, Reliance, Jio, BSNL) 2018

If I’m sleeping 😴 or doing any important and if my phone rings and it shows a call from customer care or advertisement SMS, believe me, I get very angry 😤 at that time. They really don’t care about our time or privacy they just call and start irritating us 😒. That’s why I have activated Do not Disturb (DND) service in my mobile phone 📱. Now I can watch Doraemon without receiving or being irritated from them. So if you also want to activate this feature in your mobile phone then just don’t close this tab.

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What is DND or Do not Disturb Service 🤔?

DND or its full form is Do Not Disturb. This is an initiative by TRAI 😲 (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) [ remember the full form of “TRAI” 😉, its full form could come in your exams of 2 marks like I received a question “What is full form of DVD 📀” ] to save consumers from unsolicited calls 📞 and SMS. If a person registers his/her mobile number, then it would be illegal for telemarketers to send any sort of unsolicited SMS or calls on those numbers.

How to Start or Activate Do not Disturb (DND) Service ⚙ in your Mobile Phone?

Nothing just nothing you have to do or it’s not a rocket science to learn it. Just stay with Dominic Toretto to learn it in the easiest way. The simplest thing you have to do is just send an SMS 💬 or call 📞 on a number that I’m giving you below in full detail.

All network Magic ✨ Tricks:

Before going to the main post, Dominic Toretto has some cool 😎 tricks that will help you to give some extra help 🤝 regarding this post, I mean let’s have some information regarding this post like things we should remember before activating Do Not Disturb (DND) features on your mobile phone 📱.

  • This service is totally free. They will charge no any amount for this service.
  • All SMS and Message for this number are totally free.
  • It will take at least 7 days to process your request to stop the unwanted messages and phone calls.
  • DND can’t Block your bank SMS alerts, bank communications, online bookings, third party personal calling, and etc 
  • All the best My Friends 😊

How to 🤔 Activate/ Deactivate Do not Disturb (DND) Services ⚙ for All Network 🗼 Prepaid and Postpaid (Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Aircel, Reliance, Jio, BSNL) 2017

So let’s start the fight 🥊 with irritating customers call and SMS without wasting a single second of yours.

Activate/Deactivate Airtel DND (Do Not Disturb)
Activate/Deactivate Vodafone DND (Do Not Disturb)
Activate/Deactivate Idea DND (Do Not Disturb)
Activate/Deactivate Aircel DND (Do Not Disturb)
Activate/Deactivate Reliance DND (Do Not Disturb)
Activate/Deactivate BSNL DND (Do Not Disturb)
Activate/Deactivate Jio DND (Do Not Disturb)

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