Hiii 👋 TU readers, This is Sunny Giri (Dominic Toretto), Yeah! I’m die hard fan of the Fast and Furious franchise. I’m 22 years old. I’m a gamer and loves to play GTA San Andreas almost everyday (its 2017 and still GTA V is a dream for me), well I’m an engineering student and of course, that’s our blog and Ladies and Gentleman introducing my best friend Dhruv Tiwari (DhruvHat). He is 21 years old. He is a SEO expert and doing MBA now, we are technology geeks and we are going to change your view to see this world 🌏.

About Techky Universe 🤔?

1st blog in Universe that comes with (Emojis 😂😄😍😳😅😱😋😴🤡👻😹🎒⛽️🚫❌🇮🇳🍕🍭🥗✈️🚲🛵🐶🦍🦋🐍🔥🌺🌏💧🤘💪🏢🏍🤺 💵💬🎮💰🕘🚶👀☃👹 🏇🎦💣🎄🎃 and Friendly 🤝 👥 behaviour) (Yeah! even Aliens 👽 don’t use emojis😜). Keep Visiting and Sharing, plus Do let us know about our work as Feedback.

TechkyUniverse Journey 🚶: 1 Year

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear TechkyUniverse

Happy Birthday to you 🎂

A journey of good and bad emotions, unexplained experience uncountable fun has completed one year. Yes, my all friends TechkyUniverse has completed it’s one year 😃 (as you can see in the title bar). I’m going to share almost everything that we (Dhruv hat and me) faced and we will tell something more about ourself so stay with me to know some secrets about us and TechkyUniverse.

How TechkyUniverse Get Started 😅?

It’s a short and interesting story. You guys might remember that exactly 1 year back Jio was launched and its welcome offer was running at that time. So me and DhruvHat planned to get a jio sim (not only us, whole India was stood in the queue for it even you too 😂). We really did almost everything to get jio sim. We walked for many miles because we had no money at that time (it’s a different story). I never waked up at 5 am for studies but for jio, I did this and finally got a jio sim (that never get activated).

So on way, Dhruv asked me:

Dhruv: What’s your future plan ?

Me: I told him I want to do a business

Dhruv: Of what kind ?

Me: I don’t know

Dhruv: Then how will you get money for investment

Me: I told i’ll first do job for 2 years and will save few money and then I will invest

Dhruv: (laughed) and tell its totally crap idea. Do one thing you start a blog and if run then you don’t need to do job and you can easily invest in your business.

Me: But I don’t know anything about Blogging.

Dhruv: Don’t worry I’ll help you.


And after getting jio sim we back to our home and I created TechkyUniverse on 12 September 2016. And you know guys my first article was what on, it was on “How to get Jio sim” because that was whole India searching on Google. By the way you all friends might don’t know that Dhruv was admin of Techmaniya.in (That blog whose has changed the whole face of blogging industries). But now he is not the admin of that blog anymore (it’s also an another story), his Partner cheated him by changing password and removed his user account.

TechkyUniverse Bring Us Back Together 👥

We still laugh if we think or talk whenever we meet. We were mad at each other for more than 2 years because on small topic. It was a funny thing at that time and when we start TechkyUniverse we back again together. Anyone has said Its the best thing if your friend becomes your business partner then nothing.

Man 👤 Behind TechkyUniverse

If TechkyUniverse is standing here and going ahead for doing something good in future 🔮, its all because of only one person and that is Dhruv. Dhruv is a real person behind this, if Dhruv wasn’t been part TechkyUniverse, it definitely got lost on internet I would be in any company as a worker. He is the backbone of this blog.

About Admin

Now its time to share some more information about us with our never seen friends.

About Sunny

 NameSunny Giri
 Nickname  Dominic Toretto (Dom)
 Age 22 years
 Favorite movie Fast and Furious Franchise
 Favorite actor Sunny Deol
 Favorite game GTA San Andreas
 Destination Gurgaon, Haryana
 Qualifications Just completed my diploma with 67 % this year and thinking for B.Tech
 First Article How to Get Jio Sim
 Favorite Article Blue Whale Game
 Mobile Phone Sony Xperia C4
 Work platform Lenovo Ideapad 100
 More about me I still watch cartoons, I’m a huge fan of Marvel’s and no doubt Iron man is my favorite superhero and hardcore fan of Hollywood movies. More are coming.

About Dhruv

NameDhruv Tiwari
 Age21 years
 Favorite movieInterstellar, Inception
 Favorite actorBruce Lee
 Favorite gameCounter Strike GO
 DestinationGurgaon, Haryana
 QualificationsDoing MBA
 First ArticleFacebook wapka phishing
 Favorite ArticleHow To Make A WordPress Blog (www.stingtut.com)
 Favorite Website Quora and Youtube
 Mobile Phone Moto G5 Plus
 Work platform HP Pavilion
More about me I’m an introvert, Hell shy guy, I like to play football, cricket, badminton and almost all sports, I like reading topics where I have a deep interest, I’m geek nerd, problem solver, love traveling, I’m a simple boy and love gadgets. More are coming

Time For Celebration 🎊

I already have given the party of this blog to my visible friends now never seen friends are remaining. That’s why I have decided to celebrate with them, I don’t know where you live that’s why we are bringing a Giveaway for you 😊. Participate in it and get a chance to win bookmyshow couple movie tickets. All the best and don’t forget to share how much you like that movie.

TechkyUniverse Words 💬:

So, guys, this was an article on “TechkyUniverse Journey: 1 Year”. I have shared many things with you but if you feel that something is missing or if you want to ask something more about us then friends Please you can Contact us by our Official Mail [email protected], I’m desperately waiting to reply your mails. And if you have any suggestions regarding techkyUniverse then please tell us, we will implement that. ALWAYS REMEMBER FRIENDS 😃

We Are One Big Happy Family ❤️

Goodbye, Take Care Guys 😊!