Check 📝 Aadhar Card Status Online: (UIDAI Name Phone Number) FEB | 2019

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Everything is online now, you can do almost anything online, just name it and you will find an app for that or a website for that app. Just wait for few years and see what else you can do online. Government 😴 is now understanding this digital India scenario and they are also shifting their work online. In today’s time, you can do plenty of government works online. One of it, I’m going to describe you.

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So basically, today I’m going to tell you how can you check Aadhar card status online 🌍, be with me to know, how to do this.

Aadhar Card Interesting Facts 😯

Before jumping to main content lets do some time pass with interesting things if you wish you can directly jump to main content but you will miss the chance of being amazed 😨. In this section, I’ll tell you interesting facts about Aadhar card. You must know few of them and you may not know few of them.

  •  Aadhar card has a 12 digit unique identification number which stores your information in a demographic and biometric manner with your photograph 🖼.
  • If you noticed, Aadhar card’s 12 digit number never starts with 0 and 1. The last digit of Aadhar card number is a check sum digit.
  • Still, in many places, Aadhar card is not mandatory and in many places Aadhar card is mandatory.
  • Your Aadhar card hasn’t any expiry date, it is valid till your death.
  • You can make Aadhar card as identity proof absolutely free.
  • You can use Aadhar card in every proof needed procedure.

I wish you may like above Aadhar card facts, so let’s go to know how to check Aadhar card status.

How To 🤔 Check 📝 Aadhar Card Status Online

So, let’s start our journey to know how to check Aadhar card status online without wasting a single second of yours.

Requirements To Check Aadhar card Status

We need some stuff, friends, before implementing this method. Here is the list of stuffs we need.

  • A happy face 😃 (i know it’s difficult to do but you can do it)
  • You need your 14 digit enrolment number on Aadhar acknowledgment slip
  • That’s it

Check Aadhar Card Status

  • First of all click on the blue button is given below 👇 to open UIDAI website.
  • After opening a new tab on your mobile phone or computer, you will see few option like:
    • Enrolment ID (EID and Date/Time)
    • Enter Security Code
  • Simply, look at that slip and fill the options without doing any mistake. Like in Enrolment ID section fill the 14 digit EID number and in Date/Time section, fill with correct date and time (including seconds).
  • The final step is, click on Check Status option and you are done, friends.

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